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What a cute and hilarious game!

Author: noobsaibot757 from United States
1 March 2006

When I first bought this game at Blockbuster for only $6, I wasn't expecting much, but when I played it, I was totally blown away. This game is so wacky and original, it's a refreshing change from some of the more serious and dark war games out there. The basic idea is, there are two to four teams of pigs who take turns attacking each other with human weapons. The fact that you take turns attacking, of course, offers endless strategies. The voice overs are great, and they actually change depending on which country you chose. There's Russia, Germany, France,Japan, and of course, U.S.A. And they aren't just pigs in appearance. They actually grunt and snort between attacks, and they squeal when they get injured There are literally hundreds of lines that can be heard coming from the pigs when they attack, when their turns come around, and when they die. For example, the Russian pig Husky will sometimes say "This potato is for you!" just before dropping a mortar shell on another pig's head. The weapons have a nice variety, too. They range from everyday weapons like the sniper rifle or flamethrower, to some more original weaponry like "madness gas", which makes any pig it comes into contact with run around in a craze. There are also several air attack weapons which allow you to attack any pig from any location, instead of just those that are in your plain sight. There are also vehicles you can use, like tanks; attack bunkers; and huge, manually operated cannons. Four people can play the game with one controller so you don't need an expensive multi-tap to turn your friends into bacon. The one player mode offers a nice challenge, too, and it will take some strategy to defeat the computer players. For a nice, family-friendly blast fest, find this rare game and pop it into your Playstation 1 or 2.

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Hogs of War

Author: mr-mallard from United Kingdom
11 April 2008

A great 'turns' game. Similar appeal and approach to Worms in 3D and with pigs, tanks and bombs.... And like Worms, it has a lasting appeal. Chioce either an accumulative mission game which has an excellent "boot camp". This takes you through 'how to use the weapons' and means it doesn't take long to get the hang of what you need to do to operate such things as throwing grenades, cluster bombs, aiming rocket launcher's. When you've finished the missions the fun still remains as then you can play the CPU or other player 2 'till your heart's content. You could play the CPU/players part first, there no need to do one to get to the other, just the way i went with it (accumulative missions first). Simply a great game that shows that it's content/game-play that wins the day over resolution - I personally think it looks great.

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Summarise this: Amazing PS1 game, one of a kind, the best PS1 game ever.

Author: Fear_Street from United Kingdom
6 December 2006

Think Worms for PS1, but with pigs or hogs as they are labelled and you can play on your own against the computer or with friends round etc. The game has many levels and all are very different, some colourful, most bland if I may say, I mean this is a PS1 game, don't mistake it for something out of this world! There is an option to generate levels (make your own) and you can include tank like vehicles etc. 1 player is quite hard at times and if you lose a fair few times obviously losing pigs in levels, soon you will have no pigs, thus causing the game to start again. There are many different teams to choose from, like Chinese, British, American, Russian etc. Tommy Trotters ( British ) are my favourite and are just pure genius. I feel it is better than Worms, however some mates would disagree with me, some agree with me. It is original, funny as the pigs say some really random things and Rik Mayall (genius actor from The Young Ones, Bottom, Guest House Paradiso...) does a voice over for it. In a sentence, you will enjoy Hogs of war. Its remembered and loved. In my own sentence: I Heart Hogs of War.

Play it, with mates, its even better!

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