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The Weekend Warrior 1/27/17: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, A Dog’s Purpose, Gold

Welcome back to the Weekend Warrior, your weekly look at the new movies hitting theaters this weekend, as well as other cool events and things to check out.

This Past Weekend:

As per my Thursday update, M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller Split ended up winning the weekend but with way more than anyone, including myself, predicted, with more than $40 million for its opening weekend. That’s pretty impressive, and his first movie to open at that level since 2010’s The Last Airbender. Meanwhile, Vin Diesel’s sequel xXx: The Return of Xander Cage ended up making around where I predicted, taking second place with $20.1 million, not a great sign for the continuation of that franchise. Michael Keaton’s The Founder ended up right around where I predicted with $3.4 million, ending up just outside the Top 10. Hidden Figures, La La Land and Sing continued to do well with minimal drop-offs.

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First Look: Matthew McConaughey & Edgar Ramirez In Stephen Gaghan’s ‘Gold’

It’s kind of been a minute since we’ve heard from writer/director Stephen Gaghan. The filmmaker made his name as a screenwriter, rocketing into the scene in 2000 when he won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Steven Soderbergh’s “Traffic.” He directed a film shortly thereafter (2002’s “Abandon”), but it wasn’t until 2006’s “Syriana,” nominated for two Oscars, with a Best Supporting Actor win for George Clooney, that Gaghan broke out as a writer/director that everyone was clamoring to work with. Several projects ensued, but none came to fruition; 2006 remains the last time Gaghan directed a feature-length movie (though two TV movies did come in the interim). So now he’s finally back with “Gold,” a drama about an unlikely pair who venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold. Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez star and EW has the first look. Once looked
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Alex Garland of 'Ex Machina' follows others who took a writing-to-directing leap

  • Hitfix
Alex Garland of 'Ex Machina' follows others who took a writing-to-directing leap
Alex Garland, screenwriter of “28 Days Later,” “Sunshine” and “Never Let Me Go,” makes an impressive directorial debut with cerebral sci-fi thriller “Ex Machina” (in theaters today), but Garland waves off the achievement of leaping to directing as “just next in a continuum.” “The truth was that there was no epiphany moment about directing, because I just don’t dignify the directing role the way we’re supposed to,” the British filmmaker told The Dissolve. “There are a few people — like Woody Allen, he’s an auteur, and I’m cool with that. But for me, directing is about collaboration.” Whether directing is a logical next step or a hard-sought achievement for screenwriters, it’s often done by telling studios, “Hey, here’s my next screenplay. You can have it as long as I get to direct.” Preston Sturges — at the time the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood — is noted for
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High Society | 2014 Tiff Review

Is There More to this Coming-of-Age Parable Than Meets the Eye?

One of the key specificities about the production of Julie Lopes Curval’s latest exploration of female social development, High Society, is the fact that she utilized a team comprised almost entirely of women to influence the creative and technical contingents. It’s a decision that has pointed intentions in itself, suggesting a conscious decision to evade male influence and authority within the context of a story that’s ostensibly and subtle female coming-of-age parable. It also clarifies any ambiguity surrounding interpretation of a text that, while effective, doesn’t quite spell out its position on gender relations.

The plot, in itself, isn’t particularly revolutionary or original in any way. It’s like a humbler, less literal, version of Stephen Gaghan’s forgettable thriller, Abandon, in its positioning of a young, determined female protagonist—Alice (Ana Girardot)—in
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Tom Cruise: Why I Didn't See Suri for 100 Days

Tom Cruise: Why I Didn't See Suri for 100 Days
A court battle has put Tom Cruise in the hot seat, forcing him to answer questions about his time away from daughter Suri and his ex-wife Katie Holmes's departure from Scientology. In a deposition taken in Los Angeles on Sept. 9 (a transcript of which was filed publicly), Cruise was questioned by Elizabeth McNamara, the lawyer for Bauer Publishing, which Cruise is suing for $50 million over an In Touch cover story claiming he "abandoned" Suri after his June 2012 divorce from Holmes. Cruise acknowledged that he didn't see Suri, 7½, in person for more than 100 days, from Aug. 4, 2012, when they wrapped up
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Charlie Hunnam's Former Costar Gabriel Mann Says "He's Perfect" for Fifty Shades of Grey

Charlie Hunnam's Former Costar Gabriel Mann Says
More stamps of approval! Yet another costar has come forward to express unwavering support for Charlie Hunnam's new role as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Revenge star Gabriel Mann, who played alongside Hunnam in the 2002 film Abandon, has come forward to say that the hunky actor was the "perfect choice" for the highly anticipated film. "Charlie is the nicest and best guy in the world," Mann told E! News. "I think he is just perfect for the role. If I can't play it, then I am really psyched Charlie is doing it!" And when asked about the recent backlash surrounding the casting news, Mann thinks that the fans will be extremely happy with...
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Charlie Hunnam Is Christian Grey In "50 Shades"

One hour after announcing the casting of Dakota Johnson as the female lead, author E.L. James used her Twitter account to announce the male lead role in the upcoming film adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" at Universal Pictures and Focus Features.

33-year-old Charlie Hunnam is set to play billionaire Christian Grey in the film which explores his meeting with virgin college student Anastasia Steele (Johnson), and the relationship they develop which is steeped in bondage, S&M, domination and submission

Hunnam is best known for his leading role of Jax on FX's "Sons of Anarchy," and most recently starred as the lead in Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim".

Hunnam first came to prominence in the original UK "Queer as Folk" and went on to roles in "Nicholas Nickleby," "Children of Men," "Abandon," "Cold Mountain" and the sitcom "Undeclared".
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Robert de Niro Joins Candy Store

Robert de Niro Joins Candy Store
The Stephen Gaghan directed crime thriller Candy Store has added Robert De Niro to the cast.

Jason Clarke and Omar Sy headline this story revolving around the Brooklyn underworld. When a former covert ops agent discovers that the organization he has been fighting his whole career has set up shop in his backyard, he joins a former cop to stop a threat that could throw the entire city of New York into danger.

Robert De Niro is set to play the former cop, with Stephen Gaghan (Syriana; Alfie) co-writing the screenplay alongside Shannon Burke. The two previously collaborated on the thriller Abandon.

Lionsgate is distributing the film in the U.S., with shooting to begin soon.

Candy Store comes to theaters in 2014 and stars Jason Clarke, Omar Sy, Robert De Niro. The film is directed by Stephen Gaghan.
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Brad Pitt & Denzel Washington Circling ‘Traffic’ Writer’s Crime Thriller ‘Candy Store’

Stephen Gaghan is the Oscar-winning screenwriter responsible for penning Steven Soderbergh’s Drug War drama Traffic, as well as the true story-inspired oil industry drama-thriller Syrianna (which he also directed). Gaghan developed the pilot for an La crime series titled S.I.L.A. last year, but his next major undertaking looks to be the feature-length crime-thriller, Candy Store.

The filmmaker began his career squeezing new life out of pulpy material, with his writing work on the television series New York Undercover and American Gothic, as well as the Katie Holmes thriller Abandon (Gaghan also directed the latter). Candy Store reads as a marriage between Gaghan’s crime genre exercises and his more recent politically-charged efforts, judging by insider descriptions.

Lionsgate is planning to back Candy Store, but the project is only in the preliminary stages of development right now. ...

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Stephen Gaghan Will Take You To The ‘Candy Store’ And Maybe Pitt & Washington Will Take A Lick

Academy Award winning screenwriter Stephen Gaghan, the man behind Traffic (2000), Havoc (2005), Rules Of Engagement (2000) and M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming After Earth, is set to direct Candy Store for Lionsgate. Gaghan previously directed Abandon (2002) and Syriana (2005). Candy Store will be a crime thriller and Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt are in very early talks to star. The film sees a deep-cover agent begin work as a beat cop in Brooklyn, but soon finds that a global organization he has been fighting is operating in his new backyard.

Gaghan puts a lot of personality into his scripts and is often able to juggle multiple characters and complex plots. Sometimes it works better than others as the adaptations of his screenplays are often helmed by directors that can’t balance the two. Syriana was very interesting so I’m sure Gaghan has a better grasp on his own scripts than others.

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Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington may make trip to 'Candy Store'

  • Hitfix
Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington may make trip to 'Candy Store'
Oscar-winning writer-director Stephen Gaghan ("Traffic," "Syriana") is attracting some big names for his next film, "The Candy Store." Oscar winner Denzel Washington and Oscar nominee Brad Pitt are both in early talks to appear in the film. Jamie Foxx is also allegedly interested in the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although the plot is so far being kept under wraps, "Candy Store" is a thriller which offers substantial roles for its two male leads.  Gaghan picked up an Academy Award for best adapted screenplay for 2000's drug war drama "Traffic," directed by Steven Soderbergh. He made his directorial debut with "Abandon,"...
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Sons Of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam: Emmys?

  • Boomtron
Charlie Hunnam, Jax in FX’s Sons of Anarchy, is going to take an award show by storm. He’ll do it in his time and on his terms, though. The Emmys can come to him.

Or, as he put it in a recent interview, “Fuck the Emmys.”

The Samcro Vice President says this with more than the confidence of youth on his side. He has a sterling silver filmography – a chain of high-value supporting parts in award-rich films.

The odds that such roles will keep coming when you look close enough to detect a trend. Hunnam plays characters that step from the shadows to steal the spotlight: Subtle psychos, sociopaths, suicides – Charlie may strike audiences as standard-issue Hollywood handsome at first glance, but by a couple scenes in, he’s channeling low-volume, high-voltage crazy.

Trace that lineage through his film credits and you figure an award statue is only a matter of time.
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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark delayed again

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Remember that remake of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, starring Katie Holmes, that was supposed to be coming out to theaters at the beginning of the year? We here at Big Daddy Horror Reviews do. Then the film got bumped into the summer time, August 12th, to be exact. Well, the release date for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark has been moved yet again!

Following news that Final Destination 5 was also going to be coming out on August 12th, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark has been pushed to August 26th. Maybe it's all good and well. Katie Holmes looked like Jackie O, but didn't fare so well with critics in the TV miniseries The Kennedy's. However, she has always shined in thriller and horror type roles. Abandon or Disturbing Behavior anyone? So Don't Be Afraid of the Dark could be another
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Celebrity Moms: Katie Holmes confessions to Ellen about Suri scandal?

Celebrity Moms: Katie Holmes confessions to Ellen about Suri scandal [Apr. 1] Celebrity mom, actress Katie Holmes had an interesting experience with her daughter Suri at an ice-cream shop in New York City. Katie is known for her work as an actress in the television show Dawson’s Creek with actor James Vander Beek and Oscar Award nominee Michelle Williams. Holmes has also performed in movies such as Abandon (2002) with actor Benjamin Bratt, where she held her first leading role, and Batman Begins (2005) alongside actor Christian Bale. During a very entertaining visit, Katie Holmes discussed the ice cream shop incident with talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, on Ellen’s television talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen, in her funny Ellen way helped Katie make light of the situation. Finding gummies in the shape of man parts might be somewhat disconcerting to find in an ice cream shop that caters
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New title card for Brandon Slagle's "Vivid" along with over 15 new images

A cast of indie horror veterans including Rachel Grubb, Devanny Pinn, Keith Kraft, Brandon Slagle, Deneen Melody, Bill Oberst Jr, Barry Ratcliffe, Al Snow, Brian Renner, Tara Cardinal, Katrina Cheri and Tawny Amber Young star in the indie horror, rocker bad boy Brandon Slagle's first feature length film as director, Vivid.

Slagle who also served as writer and producer on the sci-fi, action, drama hybrid 15 Till Midnight, takes viewers on another mind bender with "Vivid" as as a group of individuals selected due to various neurosis are unwillingly brought into an experiment by a murderous sociopath who believes he has committed all atrocity he can on this plane of existence. The next step is to mentally step into the body of other people and live out their lives and fantasies - literally experiencing what it is like to be another person - both in life and at the brink and ultimately finality of death.
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The Mystery of Katie Holmes

  • Pajiba
While channel surfing the other day, I happened to stop on a movie that was disarmingly familiar. I knew for certain that I'd never seen, or even heard of the film, but still, there was a comforting deja vu to the proceedings. For whatever reason, this lame movie--Abandon (2002) starring Katie Holmes -- was pulling emotional responses out of me that the film, on its own, hadn't earned. It took me ten minutes or so, but soon enough I figured out that the movie was shot in Montreal, on the campus of McGill University, where I studied some years ago.

Honestly, I felt like I was 18 again, and each time I saw a part of the city (disguised to look like a generic Us metropolis) that I used to hang out in, it was like I'd been transported back to the emotional landscape of my 18-year-old self. What this means
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Traffic's Steve Gaghan To Write And Direct A Thriller

Steve Gaghan isn.t very consistent. On one hand, he wrote the complex scripts behind Traffic and Syriana. On the other hand, he wrote and directed that really lame movie with Katie Holmes, Abandon. So while hearing his name can pique interest, it doesn.t necessarily bring excitement for a new project. That new project, according to THR, will be an action thriller about an undercover operative who become a Brooklyn beat cop in order to take down a global organization. Gaghan will write and direct. Lionsgate will distribute. This premise sounds a little too 007 for me. The words .global organization. and .deep cover operative. aren.t usually in movies that are, well, good. Instead, this sounds like Gaghan trying to make his version of The Bourne Identity or the new Bond flicks. That.s great and all, but I.d much rather see another talk and plot heavy movie
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Lionsgate picks up rights to Gaghan pic

Lionsgate has acquired worldwide distribution rights to the next film from writer-director Stephen Gaghan.

Gaghan, who last wrote and directed the political drama "Syriana," will direct and produce the untitled action thriller about an elite deep cover operative who becomes a Brooklyn beat cop and fights a global organization. Gaghan is co-writing the screenplay with Shannon Burke.

Lionsgate executive Wolfgang Hammer brought the project to the studio and will oversee with production president Alli Shearmur. Allyn Stewart and Kipp Nelson will exec produce.

"Joe (Drake, co-coo and Lionsgate motion picture group president), Alli and Wolfgang believe in putting the filmmaker at the center of the process," Gaghan said, "and they've built a next-generation business model that allows filmmakers to participate as true partners in the economic value they're generating."

The Wme-repped Gaghan won an Oscar for his screenplay for "Traffic." He also wrote and directed "Abandon" and worked on the scripts for "Rules of Engagement,
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Lionsgate Getting Into the Stephen Gaghan Business

Lionsgate made the announcement today they would be buying the rights for the upcoming film written and directed by Stephen Gaghan. For those of you who do not know, Gaghan is the man behind such high-profile drama as ‘Traffic’ and ‘Syriana.’ Gaghan will direct and producer the new film and is co-writing the screenplay with Shannon Burke.

The new thriller has this as an official synopsis:

All global activities are local somewhere… an elite, highly trained, deep cover operative loses everything, ultimately disappearing into Brooklyn, where he must start over. He washes up as a beat cop, only to discover the global organization he was dedicated to fighting is also operating in his new backyard.

Alli Shearmur, President of Motion Picture Production for Lionsgate, had this to say about the collaboration:

We are very excited to be in business with Stephen Gaghan, a master storyteller who has raised the bar
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'Twilight' and 'New Moon' star Rachelle Lefevre: what has been, and what will be

No, the sun has not set for Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Rachelle Lefevre. Lefevre, whose replacement in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse by Bryce Dallas Howard caused a bit of an uproar yesterday, has a lot to look forward to - and it appears Twilight fans will be following her career very closely. Obviously, Lefevre will appear in Barney's Version. Barney's Version ... Rachelle Lefevre will also appear in Casino Jack, with Barry Pepper Kevin Spacey ... Lefevre's film The Pool Boys is set to be released ... She began her work in films about ten years ago in 1999's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. ... Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, Life In The Balance, Dead Awake, Abandon, Deception, Hatley High .. television shows, including Big Wolf On Campus, Life On A Stick, Bones, Veronica Mars, Four Kings, What About Brian, How I Met Your Mother, The Closer, CSI: NY, Swingtown, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,
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