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Very engrossing and interesting.

Author: Liana (shadow_empress) from Canada
29 October 2002

When The Zack Files first aired, back in 2000, it did not intrigue me at all, so I'd avoided it; however, one day, I was flipping through channels and thought, "Wow. This show is good, but what is it?" It turned out to be just what I'd been avoiding. I've been watching it on YTV ever since.

This is a very interesting show about three best friends, Zack Greenburg, Spencer Sharpe, and Cameron "Cam" Dunlevey. Zack seems to be attracted to the paranormal, therefore he and his friends must try to solve all of the "Zack Files." Each time, something different goes wrong, creating the plot. It thickens, though, as the boys are attracted, and trying to logically explain things, as well, to Gwen, while alonside there is Vernon ("Vermin"), who is a pesky little guy who tries to spoil Zack's unusual secret.

A very cute show for, probably, ages 9-16. Give it a try; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...

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A generally enjoying teen thriller show

Author: coverme6 from Allentown, PA
11 February 2002

ABC Family's one-hour show THE ZACK FILES works as a sci-fi thriller whose aim is for kids too old for material such as GOOSEBUMPS, but too young for violent and adult-oriented programs like THE X-FILES. I'm an 18-year old guy, and in my case, I'm in the gray zone, aren't I? Anyway, I found THE ZACK FILES to be quite an interesting show. Though at first I thought "Terrific, here's another kid show disguised as science fiction." But as soon as I began watching more episodes, I soon found myself a bit hooked. The most interesting aspect I consider about THE ZACK FILES are the cleverly plotted, if not totally logical, storylines. 3 kids by the names of Cam, Spense, and Zack encounter

strange happenings that spit at the face of reality, and somehow, the trio manages to fix up whatever the occurences have messed! The

acting by the stars are good, especially by Robert Clarke, aka Zack. Upon first watching this show, I couldn't help but think that Clarke seemed like a Frankie Muniz-wannabe, but he pretty much held on his own as Zack Greenberg.

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Heh heh heh...

Author: Chris Reese (The Diabolical Dr Cold) from Allentown, PA
22 February 2002

Boy, oh boy. The Zack Files. I have to say, it's actually a pretty interesting show (my favorite episode being the time Zack gets turned into a girl.) The Zack Files is a good example of a watered down and more humorous kids version of the X-Files. I always found it weird that all the weird stuff happens to Zack and never to Cam, Spence, or Gwen. Bad luck, I guess. The Zack Files is pretty interesting to say the least. Sometimes his antics are just hilarious. Unfortunately, most of the time I end up missing the first half of the show due to a long ride home from school. No biggie. Everything still works out. For all those who want freaky sci-fi style stuff, but don't want the more adult X-Files, The Zack Files are for you!

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It's a nice lil' show

Author: BadAngel_182 from PA
22 June 2001

I really like this show, good acting for young teens, ya' know? Robert Clark who plays the spunky Zack Greenburg has become one of my fave kid actors. I'd really like to see Clark in many other projects, in my opinion, he is the next River Phoenix, just without a sad end. But back to the show, it has good plots, good acting, good sets. It is cool for any age, so if you like the X-files with a bit of spunk and silliness, this is a show to watch, whether you are a kid or an elderly person.

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Really good

Author: strwbrryblnd from United States
22 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Zack Files is really good. When I was a kid i read the books, and last year I came upon it on showtime on demand and i have watched it every week since. I especially like the episode "Zack and White," in which Zack is a rebel in a black and white world and Ray from RFR is Orwell. It's fun to watch now in a sped up way because the boys go through puberty at some midpoint and it's interesting. I especially love jake epstein because now he is very cute. The zack files is a very good show for any kid ages 10-14. The acting is really good. Some episodes I was upset because they did not do the same thing as the book. Such as the invisible ink episode, where Zack becomes invisible and uses it to help Cam, but in the book, Zack finds that when he drinks invisible ink, he becomes invisible except when under bright lights. Vernon cheats in an ice cream contest and Zack pretends to be his conscience. I guess that it a spoiler for the book if you haven't read it.

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One of the Three Top Sci-Fi Kids Shows

Author: Seth_Net from Libby, MT
25 February 2002

I have seen a bunch of Sci-Fi Kids Shows, I have seen some very weird shows but this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I watch when I can. The Acting is real awesome. Robert Clake does a great job as Zack and his co-stars are real cool. My favorite episode I would have to say was Zack Girl. It was weird how a can of deodorant did that. Well some stuff unbelive. Wormhole though a dryer. Now that crazy but real cool. If you like this show. Then just look around there are other show that are on the same level.

It's One of My Faviote Series. Even though I have not seen every episode yet but watch a good amount of them to like this show. I first saw it on Fox and turn the TV think it was like X-Files, but then I started watch on Fox agian that on Fox Family and Now on ABC Family.

I really like watch the Episode Zack Girl. It was real cool. I wonder if other shows have done something like that.

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It's the best!

Author: dramastar951 from Washington, U.S
30 November 2001

I am probably one of the BIGGEST fans of the Zack Files! The shows are hilerious and the special effects are pretty cool as well! The three guys that play Zack, Spencer, and Cam are A LOT of fun to watch! All three of them have great acting careers ahead of them! I am always in anticaption of the new episodes when they come! I hope the Zack Files are on for a LONG time! Where would this world be without a good clean show with three very cute boys and the paranormal!

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The X - Files for Teenagers

Author: Wayland from England
9 November 2001

Highly enjoyable series about a twelve year old kid (Zack) who becomes involved in regular paranormal incidents such as being sucked into other dimensions and talking with his conscience. To Zack the paranormal is almost second nature and he seems unfazed by the crazy goings on he gets wound up in.

Great storylines and commendable acting make this a very likeable parody of the X -Files for teenagers.

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My favourite show

Author: funkylemonlime from Canada
4 July 2007

A couple of years ago, I first saw this show, and I have to say I fell in love with it. I loved Zack's wacky adventures, Spence's technical talk and Cam's girl obsessions. It was honestly an amazing show. The paranormal just made it interesting and great.

So, anyways. Today I was just hunting through IMDb and I realized something. Michael Seater (the kid who plays Derek) went to a school I know well, and was Spencer! Looking at this I noticed how much they look alike and was shocked I never noticed before.

So, we know that Spencer has gone far, and is still in show biz today. But, what ever happened to Zack, Cam, Gwen, Vernon... I heard that Cam was in Degrassi and I was a little surprised. I mean, everyone has grown up so much! Does anyone notice this? And I also found out this was filmed in Canada!

Man, this has been a crazy day.

Anyways. The show was amazing and I think I'm going to buy the seasons, if I can find them. -sigh- I miss it.

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It's awesome

Author: ( from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
18 July 2001

I love the show in fact it's one of my favorites. Maybe this is just because I have major crush on Jake Epstein & Robert Clarke but anyway (hehe) it's great for pre-teens & young teens ( such as 11-14). Well check it out sometime!

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