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Age of Hope
The dawn of the 20th century brought optimism and an acceleration in the pace of change in technology, society, and culture.
Killing Fields
Depicts the brutal slaughter of World War I.
Red Flag
Chronicles the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the continuing impact of communism on the world.
People Power
Communist rule crumbles as the Cold War ends and the Berlin Wall falls.
Sporting Fever
A new obsession with spectator sports sparks intense regional and national loyalties.
On the Line
Mass production alters the lives of both workers and consumers as master craftsmen are replaced by the assembly line and the labor movement gains strength.
Economic depression triggers unemployment on a global scale. In 1929, the New York Stock Exchange crashes. As banks fail and industry withers, the Great Depression shatters economies and communities around the world.
8 Nov. 1995
Master Race
Following World War I, old prejudices refuse to die and nationalist passions begin to rise. Fascism and militarism spread. By the late 1930s, the world faces a choice of avoiding war at all costs or taking up arms to resist aggression.
Master Race
Nazism overtakes German society and persecution of Gypsies and Jews begins. Across Eastern Europe, countries are invaded and concentration camps organized to carry out the "final solution.
Total War
Throughout Europe and Asia during World War II, millions more civilians than soldiers die as war devastates countries around the world.
Brave New World
A "cold" war embroils the United States and the Soviet Union as the tension between these two superpowers accelerates despite the initial hopes for world peace after the ending of World War II.
Freedom Now
Colonial rule is overthrown in Asia and Africa, first by Mohandas Gandhi in India, and later in Ghana, Kenya, Algeria, and Mozambique.
Boom Time
The U.S. Marshall Plan provides not only food but also modern machinery and investment capital to help rebuild Europe after World War II-and to encourage resistance to Communism. In prosperous postwar America, consumerism and confidence escalate until the price of oil quadruples in 1973.
Young Blood
The generation born at the end of World War II, indulged by parents who had lived through two world wars and a depression, were the first teenagers in history to have money to spend and lots of leisure time. Increasingly, they rejected their parents' authority and values and, realizing the strength of their numbers, tried to change the world through demonstrations, drugs, and civil causes.
Traces the rise of atomic power from the first atomic explosion in 1945 to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan at the close of World War II and the ensuing Cold War race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. to possess ever more powerful nuclear weapons. Nuclear power is touted as a safe, clean energy source until Three Mile Island and Chernobyl lead people to think otherwise.
Endangered Planet
The discovery of mercury poisoning in Japan's Minamata Bay leads to a critical look at industrial corporations, runoff, and waste management and helps spark the environmental movement. Picking up momentum with the first pictures of Earth from the Apollo missions, people around the world demonstrate against DDT, oil spills, whaling, deforestation, toxic waste, nuclear power, and pollution.
Great Leap
Chairman Mao's Great Leap Forward redefines Chinese society.
Asia Rising
Japan's and Korea's postwar rise to economic prominence signals a new Asian economy.
Skin Deep
Racial oppression is challenged in the United States and South Africa.
Half the People
Women fight for equal rights.
Picture Power
Television unexpectedly transforms society, culture, and politics.
Living Longer
Medical advances further the fight against disease.
God Fights Back
Religious fundamentalism flourishes in both the East and the West.
Fast Forward
New technologies connect the world while age-old rivalries threaten the new world order.

 Season 1 

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