Rush Hour 2 (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

vacation hong kong
triad gang
boat partner
counterfeiting bomb
police counterfeiter
sewer explosion
secret service detective
china counterfeit money
casino money
police shootout asian
machine gun uzi
pistol hand to hand combat
disarming someone black bra and panties
black comedy two man army
blood splatter blood
character repeating someone else's dialogue semiautomatic pistol
showdown martial arts master
martial artist foot chase
ambush policewoman
tough girl female villain
wu shu kung fu
chase murder of father
knife spear
desert eagle maverick cop
tough cop gunfight
shootout stylized violence
violence fistfight
brawl opening action scene
tough guy action hero
hero high heels
pantsuit legs
sword loyalty
roulette wheel dance
costume speech
dragon dance statue
wall safe latina
black market panties
bra inter cultural
stabbed to death surveillance
stretch limousine shot to death
chinese undercover cop
airplane chinese junk
stewardess music band
airport dancing
assassin singer
harbor fire
police officer disguise
police station traffic jam
buttocks nudity
watching tv bamboo
gangster singing
nightclub part of trilogy
undressing face slap
bare chested male villainess
video surveillance video camera
underground tied up
threatened with a knife tattoo
tattooed lady tape over mouth
talking while driving subtitled scene
stabbed in the chest second part
reference to michael jackson crushed by a car
laptop computer knocked out with a gun butt
kicked in the head kicked in the stomach
jumping through a window jumping from height
impersonating a police officer immigrant
hit in the face held at gunpoint
gun girl in bra and panties
female in bra and panties elevator
deception crashing through glass
breaking a window bomb in mouth
body in a dumpster blood on mouth
bamboo cane tight dress
english subtitles in original suicide
suicide bomber shot in the chest
punched in the face police officer killed
knife throwing kicked in the face
falling from height faked death
exploding building public nudity
male rear nudity male nudity
bare butt metrosexual
car california
2000s hitwoman
female killer gay
las vegas nevada gambling
smuggling yacht
u.s. embassy massage
blockbuster sequel
greed undercover agent
translation revolving door
bribery karate
revenge massage parlor
racial slur timebomb
lying chicken
bloopers during credits counterfeiting operation
spiral staircase product placement
stereotype chinese mafia
trust buddy
organized crime odd couple
buddy cop interracial relationship
karaoke gangsta grip
los angeles california undercover
body landing on a car money laundering
martial arts number in title

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