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Rolling Stone
Winds up being faster and funnier than the first time. Chan's acrobatic high jinks play strikingly off of Tucker's wiseass humor.
Boston Globe
It hasn't got a brain in its body, but it's fun to watch.
Miami Herald
Action and comedy are more impressive here than in the first film.
Entertainment Weekly
Coarser, more hectic, more cheaply written sequel.
Except for its muddier than necessary photography, there aren't any surprises, which probably won't matter to the target audience.
New York Daily News
The co-stars genuinely like each other, and their pleasure is infectious.
This sequel succeeds as a slightly convoluted, paint-by-the-numbers buddy/action comedy with fast, funny banter and well-choreographed fight scenes.
Feels out of shape and self-satisfied, as if it knew it didn't have to try very hard.
It's a fact that becomes riotously evident in the reel of outtakes that caps the picture and incites wonder about why no one thought to give us 90 minutes of those instead.
Philadelphia Inquirer
If there's going to be a "Rush Hour 3," the filmmakers need more of the Ziyi/Sanchez women warriors to punch up the sagging cross-cultural buddy humor of the Chan-Tucker partnership.
Wall Street Journal
The movie is counterfeit too, a coarse imitation of a stylish star vehicle for stars who deserve the real thing.
Chicago Sun-Times
Tucker's scenes finally wear us down. How can a movie allow him to be so obnoxious and make no acknowledgment that his behavior is aberrant?

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