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Alternate Versions

When Carter walks into the room where Lee has Tan at gun point, in the TV version, he asks, "What happened to Reign?" while in the theater production, he says "Goddamn!, who killed Reign?"
The DVD includes several deleted scenes:
  • a bit of banter between Carter and Lee before they enter the nightclub.

  • Carter talks to Captain Diel (Philip Baker Hall) over the phone and gets berated for doing police work in Hong Kong.

  • When Carter is wandering through the marketplace and asking for the massage parlor, he mistakenly asks an old man in Cantonese if he can spank his daughter with a ping-pong paddle.

  • Carter talks his way in to the yacht party by claiming to be the band's lead singer.

  • On the flight back to L.A., Carter loudly sings along to Stevie Wonder's "Superstition".

  • An extended version of the scene in which Carter and Lee try to get rid of the "bomb" at the hotel.

  • The original version of the scene in the truck. In this version, Carter and Lee are not tied up and they find the counterfeit money in large wooden boxes.

  • At the Red Dragon casino, Carter pulls Steven Reign aside and they exchange sarcastic remarks.

  • Different takes of Chris Tucker's ad-libbed speech to Hu Li after their fight.

  • Different takes of Chris Tucker ad-libbing the name of his "good friend" in San Juan.

  • Different takes of Jeremy Piven ad-libbing during his cameo.

The televised version aired on Fox, 6 May 2005 included alternate footage to replace questionable language. The new footage included:
  • 1) James Carter saying "Yeah, this is my titty - I mean, yeah, this is my city"; the alternate footage changes it to "Yeah, that's right."

  • 2) Ricky Tan's line "I hate that fortune cookie shit" was changed to "Where did you get that? In a fortune cookie?" This shot is noticeably changed from the original - it features an even tighter close-up of John Lone's face to the point where the film grain is very evident.

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