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319 out of 545 people found the following review useful:


Author: Emma from Sweden
1 March 2005

A lot of people have come up to me and said "How can you love Quentin that much, he is just too extreme!" or "Oh come on, Kill Bill is just SO not realistic.." Yes. No.

Mr. Quentin Tarantino is rather extreme, yes, and it's lovely! And No. Kill Bill is not realistic, but it's not meant to be realistic! Just like... Lord of the Rings, that's not realistic either! But because it has clear unreal elements, like wizards, it's acceptable?

You don't go to see Kill Bill, or any other Q.T-film to see "Stepmom", in the same way you don't go to a Marilyn Manson concert hoping that they will play some Spice Girls..

Kill Bill, both volume 1 and 2, is absolutely gorgeous! The art direction is beautiful! The camera angles are perfect... just Gorgeous! The lighting, the sound, the dialogs... and of course, the details! No one works with small details the way Quentin does. I must also say that the soundtrack is brilliant and the whole film is just so well casted! Uma Thurman is perfect in the leading role, Darryl Hannah has never been this good before, ever! And Chiaki Kuriyama, even though she has a quite small role, is excellent, even better than she is in "Battle Royale". David Carradine is painfully perfect, Michael Madsen is ALWAYS excellent, but never as good as when he works with Tarantino. I must also say that Sonny Chiba was great. I've never been a big fan of Vivica A Fox until now, and I used to think that Lucy Liu was just your average actor but she turned out to be fierce. Pretty much everyone who is in this film is ten times better than they've ever been.

But above all things, Kill Bill is artistic, beautiful... Perfect colors, perfect everything... gotta love it.

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233 out of 400 people found the following review useful:

Instant classic, but not for all audiences.

Author: The_Angry_Critic from Kunsan, South Korea
6 March 2005

I know it's a couple years late, but I had to write a review for some of the few people that haven't seen one of my favorite and refreshing I've seen over the last few years. Kill Bill Vol. 1 is yet another quality film of Tarantino's short, but distinguished list.

Kill Bill involves a nameless woman (Uma Thurman) who is slowing seeking revenge on her former hit squad the Viper Squad and her boss Bill (David Caradine.) Her former hit squad wronged her by gunning down her closest friends and family during her wedding and putting her into a coma while being pregnant. A few years later she awakens in a hospital, without child, and tries to track down each member of the squad. As the story progresses (through this film and the sequel), you find out who she really, why Bill wanted her dead and the fate of her daughter.

The movie is really a combination of Tarantino's love for the 70's over-dramatized Kung-Fu movie era and story of revenge with rich dialog. Yes, this movie is violent, but in a cheesy way. This created some controversy and really had audiences stirred up, failing to realize it was supposed to be over the top without no sense of realism. Like I said, it was supposed to be a tribute more so than a gruesome action flick. With all cheesiness aside, I can understand how some people could feel a little woozy after seeing someone lose an arm and having 4 gallons of Kool-Aid red blood shoot out of the body like a whale's blow hole. What really makes this movie is Tarantino ability to make bad to mediocre actors seem like good ones, a smart and hilarious dialog and a good storyline. Of course, this is what he does in pretty much in all of his movies.

There are various plot holes in the story, but we are really meant to ignore them unlike most movies. Just like the gory scenes, come to grips to the fact that the most of the implausibilities are there just to fill in the gaps of the movie. The movie also features a couple of classic Tarantino showdowns, including an unforgettable one with the Japanese infamous crime lord, O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Lui.) Once again, Tarantino puts his imagination at work again in his story telling by using some of his old techniques like jumping timelines and some new ones like adding Japanese animation for character backgrounds.

I wouldn't really recommend this film to someone who is really not from the Pulp Fiction era. This film is really just homage to flicks that frequently appear on Sunday Samurai Showcase, revenge and Tarantino's continuous fascination with Uma Thurman. This film contains extreme violence and sometimes strange dialog coupled with some pretty good acting and directing. If you're not a fan of Tarantino's films, you should pass on this one because it is doesn't stray to far from his other stuff. If you like his other works, this is a must see due to its originality and quality. And, if you just don't like Tarantino himself, and find him annoying like everybody else, I don't blame you but it's still worth your while seeing.

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43 out of 43 people found the following review useful:

Cinema has rarely been this exciting!

Author: gogoschka-1 from wherever good films play
28 October 2015

Having seen Tarantino's 3 previous films, going into the cinema, my expectations for 'Kill Bill' were already over the roof. However, regardless of my high hopes for quality entertainment, I was not prepared for this film. I was dumbfounded. I was blown away. I had quite simply never seen anything even remotely like it.

In 'Kill Bill', the revenge plot serves only as a larger story arc, thus allowing Tarantino to play with as many different genres as he likes, and boy - what a mix he dishes out! With complete disregard for the conventions of filmmaking, he paints an expressionistic masterpiece in his own unique style, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Cinema rarely gets this exciting. With 'Kill Bill', Tarantino proved once and for all that all the hype around his persona is justified: he IS the most daring, original - and entertaining! - filmmaker of his generation. Simply amazing: 10 stars out of 10.

Lesser-Known Masterpieces:

Favorite Low-Budget And B-Movies:

All-Time Favorite Films:

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178 out of 325 people found the following review useful:

This movie was brilliant!

Author: Rooster99 from Paris, France
14 March 2005

Man, what a film. As a fan of 70's martial arts movies, it was great to see all of the references. I also thought the use of B&W throughout was extremely effective. The cartoon sequences seemed a bit much, but did fit in with the overall feel of the film. I have seen many people posting about the sheer amount of blood and guts, but you have to remember this was Tarantino's homage to Bruce Lee-era action pictures. In those movies, the stories were very similar epics of revenge, and they never had much of a budget for good "gore" effects. It was more or less "throw some fake blood on the guy who just got killed" type of effects, which were duplicated accurately by some of the deaths in this movie. The plot also followed closely the plot of most 70's Kung Fu movies; something despicable happens to the weak hero (whole village razed, family slaughtered, etc..) and the hero goes away for years to learn the secrets of a particular style of Kung Fu. All of these movies contained the "secret move" which the master normally does not teach, except of course, in this rare instance. That move, as depicted in Kill Bill Vol. 2, is always used on the evil leader of the clan whom had brought death and chaos to the hero.

Kill Bill was a terrific modern take on those movies which were always set in ancient China. I was very impressed with Uma Thurman's swordplay, at no point did I feel that it looked scripted or fake. Even when fighting against more than 50 Crazy 8's, it replicated admirably the incredibly one-sided fights from some of the best martial arts movies made 30 years ago.

All in all, a great and original film! R.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

What a Piece of Crap!!! Can I have my 2 hours back, please?

Author: ratfree from Calgary, Canada
7 November 2003

Artistic? Gimme a break. What a load of crap! What's artistic about copying martial arts movies and adding vivid color, an attractive lead blond babe and drum upon drum of tomato juice?

Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs were both great movies. They were still too violent in my opinion, but the movies were still outstanding. This movie is utter crap! There is no story, there is no point besides vengeance and it is mired in meaningless violence, dismemberment, bloodshed and death.

If it weren't for how attractive all the women were in this movie and the good cinematography I would have left. I almost did and I never leave movies. I'm always hoping that there will have been some compelling reason to have stayed by the time I get to the end. When I reached the end of Kill Bill I was just so relieved it was done with and I could leave. I can't think of anything compelling enough to recommend this movie to anyone.


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11 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

The biggest load of self absorbed nonsense and possibly the most stolen ideas in one movie.

Author: w_harwood from London, England
7 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Quentin Tarantino has made some great movies, most of which are highly over rated. So this fits the bill perfectly, ho ho ho. Virtually every scene has the usual cheese soaked dialogue, the macho one liners, the stereotypical characters; including my favourite - the Japanese school girl assassin! Oh the sheer mundane, cheesy crap of it makes me want to hurl. I'm really not sure what Tarantino was on when he made this but it surely must have been hallucinogenic and must have caused brain damage. This movie sucked. The absolutely comic amount of severed limbs, heads and fountains of blood were like something out of a bad B movie horror from the mid 80s. Virtually every character has been lifted, no scratch that, STOLEN from anime movies. It's like a bad kung fu movie - oh wait it IS a bad kung fu movie.

Do not watch this, it is a waste of your time. If you want to see a good Tarrantino movie do not look to this one, if you want to see a good anime movie do not go here, if you want to see a decent kung fu movie simply watch a Bruce Lee movie - since most of the ideas were blatantly taken from these things anyway.

Now onto the 'quirky' direction in Kill Bill. First off - anime mixed in with real actors is not a new idea so that's one more idea that QT robbed. Then we get the oh so original 'black and white' moment where an entire fight scene, one which contained so many fountains of blood they should have been swimming at the end, suddenly losses colour then for no apparent reason comes back? I mean really Mr Tarantino what was the point? You used to make decent movies but frankly I think in this one you were just seeing how many dumb ideas you could put into a movie without people noticing. Do yourself a favour QT and go back to the drawing board. Mr Tarantino has proved himself far, far better than this and frankly it is a waste of a perfectly good budget to produce something this awful.

So why did I give it a 3 and not a 0? Well there were a few good moments, the plot was relatively interesting, the soundtrack went from great to annoying and, lets face it, you've got to give it a couple of points simply for the sheer amount of blood and violence for no reason other than the director had got a load of fake blood on the cheap.

If you like this movie you need your head examining since it is by far the worst movie I have seen all year.

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89 out of 175 people found the following review useful:

Style rules substance

Author: Wix_Moran
24 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Do I think this movie is absolutely brilliant? Yes. Do I think this is the all time greatest movie ever, or even a top 50? Nope. I find the dichotomy between people who hate this movie and those that think it's the greatest film ever made is interesting. Even more interesting is the apparent split between fans of Volumes 1 and 2. Like the thread says, I think most of it's a matter of those who prefer style to substance. For my past, Volume 1 destroys Volume 2, but I concede that everyone has their own tastes and experiences and that no one pinion has any more weight than the other. Two scenes in particular really make this movie brilliant in my opinion, and both are fairly subtle in their portrayal but fascinating by their tone and the cinematic elements that come together to carry them off:

1.) The scene where Oren and the Crazy 88 enter the House of the Blue Leaves. Absolutely magical. The score, the pacing, the atmosphere....simply magnificent. The slow motion pull away and the obvious hierarchy of characters, Lucy Liu was absolutely made for that part and that part was made for that scene. The beautiful and menacing Gogo Yubari and the goofy 88s trailing behind. You can also feel the tension the owners feel at having such esteemed guests but one's who admittedly exude as much fear as they do respect. Add to this the nameless, faceless people dancing who are oblivious to the regality (and lethality) of Oren's entourage.

2.) Oren is called out by Kiddo who subsequently whacks off Sophie's arm in a highly symbolic gesture. Words can't describe how moving that scene is. The score is superb and the timing is nothing short of perfect. I especially love the way the crowd pauses after the arm they're all stunned or still convincing themselves it rally happened...then all rush out screaming. Kiddo makes a slow, deliberate plod through the panicked crowd, a march to destiny filmed from several perspectives that combine holistically to give the segment a life of it's own.

One aspect of this movie that puzzles me is the emphasis it's critics make of the gore. For my part the gore was so outlandish it's hard for me to see how anyone could take it seriously, and that was part of the appeal. Buckets of blood spraying 15 feet in the air is so beyond the realm of reality how could you possibly take it seriously? For my part it was borderline comical and really brought out the flavor of the scenes, rather than being their focus. And regardless of what you think of Tarrentino as a director, the man is bar none the best at matching musical scores to a scene in the business. A few other noteworthy scenes...

*The end-fight between Oren and Kiddo....marvelous stuff. The backdrop of the snow and the water, the smooth silence interrupted by the fountain, again, a great accompanying score. Fine piece of film craftsmanship.

*Kiddo's overhead film shot while walking to the bathroom of the House of the Blue Leaves. Simply amazing. 5,6,7,8s performing live is just quirky yet proper enough to really add some depth and the unique filming make this a scene to behold.

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11 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

I am stunned

Author: jonbg from United Kingdom
16 February 2006

That there are so many sheep out there whose goodwill towards Tarantino extends towards giving this film anything other than a firm thumbs down.

What a mess. A genuinely embarrassing effort with terrible characters, wooden performances and no plot to speak of all covered up with glossy production design and ludicrous fight sequences. Most critics agree it is his worst film by a country mile.

I am prepared that the whole thing should be redeemed by Kill Bill 2. But this on its own, Kill Bill 1 is rated so highly on IMDb that it makes the Top 250 above films such as Butch Cassidy, Life of Brian, Annie Hall to name just three. That is because there are a lot of complete idiots out there.

Hopefully this will go towards redressing the balance

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12 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Look at me I'm a ninja

Author: mikael-damonk from United States
19 December 2006

This movie was directed by that guy who likes to kill things. so he killed things. in Asia. so it's automatically cooler, right? oh and let's put in uma thurman. because we need a butch actress to make it big. over-budget and overused unimpressive special effects? check. no real dialogue? of course let's keep the mystery because we have asians and you can't communicate. samurai swords? cuz what's hotter(read: scarier) than an 8 ft amazon of a woman wielding a samurai sword. Lets abandon cinematic value for more fight scenes. GREAT IDEA!!! I can just see Quentin 'I want blood and chicks with swords, that's it' He is a genius. Undoubtedly. Because he knows that no matter how bad the actual movie is, geeks will flock in mass to hot chicks with weapons. Review written ignoring the opinions I hold that Uma is neither hot, nor Asian enough to wield a samurai sword.

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12 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

A Little Overrated?

Author: eldakim from United States
30 May 2006

OK, I'm not trolling this movie, but I sure did feel that this movie was horrible in my own personal opinion. Sure, it did have some wonderful aspects and unique stances in its own ways, but all in all, not my kind of movie.

This is supposedly a homage to Japanese action movies, which I seriously dislike (again, just my opinion). I have seen some Japanese action movies, which was all just violence, blood, screams with an entirely peculiar story. I'm not trying to be racist here, but I do feel that Japanese movies lack a sense of dramaticism or storyline that actually makes someone think. Rather, it's just endless bloodshed with a story that's out of the line. Well, Quentin Tarantino (one of my least favorite directors) is paying homage to that. Not so much to pay homage to.

I saw this movie through the DVD. I've seen the rave reviews it received and even trusted Ebert and Roeper's review, and I decided to see what all the craze was about. Once I pop it in, it begins with a noirish sense of black and white mood. As the film progresses, it combines Japanese anime and real filming, which I thought was pretty interesting and amazing at the same time. It was though-provoking and very classy, and I enjoyed that part. But then, it just got into endless violence and fake blood actions. One by one, Uma Thurman hacks away at the bad guys and they lose their limbs and body parts, screaming in the most comedic ways. Instead of feeling a sense of sadness for those who died, I actually laughed and pointed at the baddies. Story was pretty simple. It was just a story about a woman who wants revenge against those who betrayed her, in which she made an enemy's list. She goes on a rampage, slicing anyone in her path.

I kid you not, Uma Thurman surprisingly freaked me out when she played "The Bride." Who in the right mind would want to meet a woman who can slice you up in any second? She was clever and skilled, and she practically killed anyone in her way, even innocent bystanders. I actually felt scared by the seriousness of her character and was frightened by the actress herself. Very well in acting, I have to admit. All were professionally done.

Alright, the only parts in the movie that actually got my nerve was the simple corniness of the film. The bad-guys were honestly horrible actors and they just screamed in the most funniest ways. The cartoony feel was purposely made by QT in order to make it feel as if it was a comic book, but I didn't feel that premise going on. Instead I felt a movie with just the cheesiest amount of blood ever. I was obviously disgusted at how much this movie showed blood. It was simply a gorefest rather than a movie itself.

I believed this film did have its awesome moments, but all in all, it was just average, and I couldn't see the reason why it was so raved about. But once again, all in all, that's my opinion, not yours.

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