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Rolling Stone
Elegant, funny and unexpectedly touching, this whodunit about a murder aboard the yacht of William Randolph Hearst represents a bracing comeback for Peter Bogdanovich.
Entertainment Weekly
Peter Bogdanovich taps deep into the Hearst mystique, entertainingly reenacting a historic scandal.
Chicago Sun-Times
The film is darkly atmospheric, with Herrmann quietly suggesting the sadness and obsession beneath Hearst's forced avuncular chortles. Dunst is as good, in her way, as Dorothy Comingore in "Citizen Kane" in showing a woman who is more loyal and affectionate than her lover deserves.
Bogdanovich takes a tale of old Hollywood and infuses it with velocity and enthusiasm.
Could have been -- and should have been -- richer and more resonant. It's Hollywood Babylon Lite, only TV movie-deep. But at least it's tangy.
Isn't quite good enough to elicit a purr, but it represents better-than-average movie-making that doesn't demand a dumb, distracted audience.
Charlotte Observer
Bogdanovich adds touches to appeal to serious film fans.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The film is better on mood than on message, sharply etching the professional desperation behind the forced gaiety.
The movie leaves us with the image of rich folks frantically dancing the Charleston because if they stop, they'll have nothing. The point is as untrue as it is simplistic.
New York Daily News
Dunst makes Davies the most confident and interesting person aboard the Oneida and makes this voyage almost, but not quite, worth taking.
Wall Street Journal
The script is dead in the water, and most of the misanthropic repartee rings resoundingly false.

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