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How could you rate this movie with 10 stars??
aziz_essa19 January 2018
This movie is absolutely overrated. It's kind of comedy movie I would say. In the most of the violence scenes I have had to laugh a lot. Some of people here would say, if you don't understand Japanese culture you will not understand this movie... this is my second Japanese movie I have ever watched. This movie if I could call it a movie is absolutely crap and timewasting. Very bad acting. it doesn't deserve more than 3 stars.. and 3 stars only for the idea of this film.
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Wouldn't say it's a 7-8.
AnewId4813 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this because someone had mentioned Hunger Games not being original (and nothing is really) and it peaked my interest as I was curious. I went into this thinking it must be good if someone made the connection, but note I still knew it was IT'S OWN THING. So none of this has anything to do with H.G. it's just how I found the movie. Just to start, I saw this was a book and surely the book is better than the movie because surely the movie was like this because of the typical book to movie problem of not enough time to tell the story. The plot is alright, though they didn't go too much into it. Kids are little turds, adults don't like it, let's have them kill each other; in laymen's terms. It started off strong and while overall it was a decent movie I wouldn't recommend spending 2 hours on watching it. It ends pretty much how you think it will, the people you think will win do, and the fights you think will happen do. It's predictable but most movies are. My main problem with the movie is there are just too many characters. I get it's an entire class, but they try to fit too many back stories in. I get that some of them are problems in Japan, but trying to make me feel bad that someone is dying because he never told his crush how he felt? When I did start to feel bad for a character and genuinely felt bad for them, the scene is ruined by the worst death acting I've seen. More than twice, maybe even more than thrice, they'll have a touching moment and then just let their head fall. I got a good laugh each time. I get your head will fall but some of it is unnecessary and out of place. Some of the way people acted out dying was so ridiculous and I couldn't help but laugh. Even in the touching ones, I'd feel and then they'd do the absurd head drop, even if it's not needed (one girl had her head resting on a guy's shoulder but made a point to throw her head forward to emphasize her dying). Aside from the absurd death scenes, they have no respect for realism. SO many characters take at least a dozen if not more machine gun shots and still get back up like they just got punched instead. They'll have two dozen rounds in them but stand back up to try and run or make some plea and it just got to the point where I couldn't take any of it seriously. The blood and effects don't bother me. They're used (mostly) properly and make sense, people are dying of course there's blood. Overall, I couldn't take it too seriously. It's a good movie for some laughs. It's an okay movie otherwise. TLDR, bad acting, too many characters, funny death scenes, okay but predictable.


Also the only time someone reloads is the 'bad' guy and it's after you've wondered for the 5th time if he'll run out of bullets. Is he really the only one to get extra ammo? There's only one other uzi we see and I get they'd maybe give him a lot of ammo but if they're going to give a bunch of kids pistols to kill each other, I'm sure they'd give them ammo. So many people but that dude (except the one time because plot convenience) ran out of ammo. I get it'd get boring but if you're going to have them reload at all give some other people a chance.

Not really a spoiler but I guess somewhat. At the end in the streets there are flags with the tele-tubbies on them. Just something amusing.
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Unbelievably bad. 7.7 rating? Wow... fanboy fail.
mkivtt4 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
You know, lately I've been so fed up with movies. Everything I watch is seemingly a total piece of garbage. Nowadays when I watch something, I scan through probably 50 titles, and check the ratings for each to try and filter out the crap.

So last night I settled on this. With a 7.7 rating, it can't be bad, right? Wrong.

It's boring, it's stupid, the effects are a joke, and the little action there was gives way to a toe-curling melodramatic yawn-fest after an hour.

The story's absolutely pathetic. Why would they go out of their way to dump these kids on an island? Why is their old school teacher in charge of the army (what do they do for other classes in other years, do they find their old school teachers too?) Someone's yelling from a mountain top half a mile away, and everyone can hear them? That same person on the mountain top can spot two people hiding in a forest based on a single gunshot? I don't know who voted this so high, but I'm guessing they are fanboys of everything produced in Japan. There's no rational explanation this piece of crud deserves anything over a four out of ten.
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A breath of fresh air for the horror genre
meathookcinema1 November 2017
A class are transported to an island and its then disclosed that they have to kill each other with the last person left standing the winner.

Brutal (as you'd expect) but also witty, humane and strangely poignant in places. This film is brilliantly acted, directed with style and is beautiful to look. Murder and deception has never looked so good. In fact the 'killing for sport' theme reminded me of one of my favourite films, Turkey Shoot.

And thats all I'm going to say. To say anything more would ruin the film completely. See it.
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Book was heaps better
Horror Icon16 October 2017
"You just have to fight for yourself; no one's going to save you. That's just life, right?"

The original novel of 'Battle Royale' is amongst my favourite books, so I obviously had high expectations for the movie. Like anyone who's read a book before watching its adaptation, I was disappointed. The movie is entirely different to its source material - 90% of scenes were left out, and some additional plot points were added. The deep look into every character's life and personality - which was the reason why the book was so good - was almost entirely absent in the movie. Where in the book you could sympathise and become emotionally attached to all characters (including the villains), the movie was so rushed I could barely keep track of what was happening. The novel explored deep themes about humanity, violence and fear. This was pretty much absent in the film. It's fair to say this is like any adaptation ever, so I tried to review the movie as if I'd never read it before, thus the 8/10 star rating. The movie might not be too great, but the book is a masterpiece.
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The Hunt
sol-8 September 2017
Subjected to a government sanctioned program in which they have to hunt and kill each other, a group of high school students reevaluate their lives in this controversial thriller from Japan. Sometimes cited as a horror movie, 'Battle Royale' is actually more of a black comedy with an insanely peppy instructional video plus a demented deadpan performance by Takeshi Kitano as a former teacher who takes discipline to a whole new level while running the program. This black comedy edge is, however, not always present with the film taking some unwise dips into melodrama as teens recall crushes and friendships. With over forty students in the class, very few are fleshed out in depth either, which makes it difficult to get emotionally invested, and while the killing methods vary, there remains something repetitive in just watching countless teenagers die. The film additionally concludes with too many loose threads for its own good. For all its shortcomings though, the film still resonates in the mind long after it is over and with the way the teens are cheered on and encouraged to kill one another, it is easy to see the film as a metaphor for a society that encourages young people to be ruthless in pursuit of their dreams. Kitano also has one surefire memorable final scene and his energetic acting keeps the film chugging along even if he only appears sporadically.
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Who gives this movie a good rating....?!
Bill Papageorgopoulos24 August 2017
I mean WHO!This movie looked to me as The power rangers that i LOVED at 8 years of age to find out how poor was the acting and the ''effects'' when i grew up..So i actually found this movie as the no.1 (LOL) most favorite movie in Quentin Tarantino's list.Then i found some good ratings so i gave it a shot....The movie is trying hard to make some drama or glorious scenes but its not good..Really poor acting ...I dunno just bad film
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A so-so exploitation movie
martinrking15 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers

  • Anime-style gun battles: people get shot dozens of times and suffer no ill effects, except the one bullet delivered after a "cool" or "gut-punching" line of dialogue.

  • Due to the sheer amount of crushes there is hyper-inflation in the value of romance in this movie. In other words, if everyone is love with everyone else then there is actually zero meaningful romance in the movie.

  • Interesting characters die quickly while boring characters survive. Interesting characters never fight against interesting characters, its always Boring vs Interesting. Imagine if Sickle Girl had to confront the heroes, or if Bleach Haired Guy had any characterization other than deadly guy who teleports around the island. You never think to yourself, "Oh no, two characters I'm rooting for are fighting each other!"

  • Just pick two or three relationships with backstories! There's no point in squeezing an entire backstory between two characters in 90 seconds before they kill each other! Forget half of these stories! Take Track Suit Girl, build up the story -- ending with her stabbing her attempted rapist in the dick -- and make it bigger!

  • The acting is awful. Every time a character does their death soliloquy and pantomimes dying it was laughable, especially Beat Takeshi! Who is supposed to be good!

  • The use of classical music is the definition of pretentious: it shoots for deep meaning and falls flat on its stupid face. If its supposed to be a humorous juxtaposition then - no, this movie totally lacks humour and is entirely self-serious.

  • There is no meaning in the movie. A statement on older generations abusing and destroying the futures of their children, this movie is not. This movie is about screaming and arterial spray. (In the book, Japan is a dystopian country ruled by a totalitarian government. The winner of the Battle Royale receives an income and an apartment for life. These two details give the work enough meaning to push it past the threshold from "exploitation film" to "John Carpenter-level commentary")

  • As an exploitation film there are no memorable heroes or villains, just a couple of cool deaths, no stand out special FX, a lame-duck twist (Beat Takeshi was stabbed in the butt and that's when he decided to become... a lame dude...). IIRC the book's climatic battle is with characters lobbing grenades at each other while in a car chase. Probably outside this movie's budget :(
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Mediocre & Over-hyped for Many Reasons
Tweetienator7 August 2017
After so much praise I watched Battle Royal - and well, I am one of the ones who just don't get it: cheap production, at top mediocre acting, and well, a not so clever and inventive idea as many people claim.

Many viewers claim that Hunger Games is a kind of copycat of Battle Royal but let us get this straight:

The movie originates on the novel Battle Royale by Japanese writer Koushun Takami - written in 1996. But I can remember two stories (!) of almighty Stephen King - The Long Walk from 1979 and The Running Man from 1982 (dystopian societies, ppl fighting for their lives in a game). Or what about movies like The Blood of Heroes (1989), Rollerball (1979) or Deathsport (1978) and and and. You want teens!? What about Solarbabies from 1986!? It is easy to see that the material of Takami isn't that original at all. Also, if I remember my history lessons right, there is something like gladiators in the times of the Roman Empire... If someone claims that Hunger Games is a copy-cat of Battle Royal every vampire movie after Nosferatu from 1922 is a copy-cat too;)

Battle Royal is imo in no way (a) original as many claim and (b) all in all a poor to mediocre executed movie. A movie like Fight Club or Clockwork Orange is rightfully considered as a masterpiece or cult - original stories, excellent acting, excellent directing, excellent camera- work and setting and and and, but Battle Royal!? Objective and subjective it got none of that. Battle Royal a masterpiece!? Nah. If you wanna watch some original sci-fi I recommend you to watch Zardoz (Sean Connery) from 1974. Last but not least, Hunger Games is in every way the better movie (or let's say version) of the theme "dystopian society and gladiators". Alone the performance of Jennifer Lawrence beats everything in Battle Royal - the acting of most actors in Battle Royal is just terrible bad. And to the gore level, well if I wanna see gory stuff there are lots of flicks which are way more gory as Battle Royal is. I guess Battle Royal is imo mainly overpraised by juvenile Manga-fans and Cosplayers and fanboys of Asian pop-culture-Kitsch (that kind of folks who think these Asian cos-or-whatever-they-are-called bands really play rock'n'roll - and no, they don't).

Last note: in a certain kind of way the movie is "clever" constructed as many men in Japan have certain fantasies about schoolgirls in short skirts - many Mangas are prove of this "notion" ;)
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The acclaim for this movie is unfathomable for me.
EBJ25 July 2017
'BATTLE ROYALE' was directed by Kinji Fukashaku and stars Tatsuya Fujiwara, Aki Maeda and Taro Yamomato. ​42 9th graders are sent to a deserted island. They are given a map, food, and various weapons. An explosive collar is fitted around their neck. If they break a rule, the collar explodes. Their mission: kill each other and be the last one standing. The last survivor is allowed to leave the island. If there is more than one survivor, the collars explode and kill them all.

I don't dislike this movie because I had to read subtitles. I'm not that childish. I just don't understand the acclaim this movie has received. Perhaps three solid performances and definitely a solid premise but, aside from that, I see little else to praise in this movie. Non of the characters are particularly interesting or likable and the plot is nonsensical and stupid.

Expanding on that point, don't tell me I dislike this movie because I didn't understand the plot. It may have some Japanese cultural relevance that I am unaware of but until I find that out, I'm pretty damn sure I got the plot. And it is a stupid plot at that. I conceded the fact that the premise is interesting but the ridiculous plot and relationships between that characters they built around that is awful.

The entire film hinges on the romance between Shuya(Fujiwara)and Noriko(Maeda) but I just didn't buy their romance. The simple fact I didn't like or empathise with either character did not help this movie either. Both Fujiwara and Maeda gave mediocre performances at best and where outshone both in performance and character by their co-stars.

Taro Yamamoto gives one of the only good performances as Kawada, an ally to the two leads. Masanobu Ando gives the other decent performance as the antagonist in the arena. Arguments could be made for Takeshi Kitano also giving a solid performance but you see so little from him and get so little of his character that, at least for me, the jury is still out on him. These THREE people are the only thing that even remotely saves this movie for me.

You may argue that I am being way too harsh on the movie considering I like both the premise and up to three of the performances were good and I would usually be inclined to agree. That said, when a movie fails to deliver on what it set out to do, I cannot give it pity points. This movie is supposed to be a sci-fi, but I would say nothing in it is particularly amazing or spectacular. It is also a thriller but I was never on the edge of my seat. It's not supposed to be an action movie but even that aspect of it was terrible. Attempts at comedy backfired. I cannot in good conscience recommend this movie. Mild entertainment at certain points saves it from complete disaster. And violence is not my concern. I was fine with it. It is everything else this movie offers up.

I don't recommend you see this movie. I'll rate it a very disappointing(for me) 2 Efficient Dog Collars out of 10!
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The Real Hunger Games
kastenmeier-andreas22 July 2017
Do you like to see how the hunger games would really look and feel like, then watch the origin of the idea of young kids fighting to death while being watched on television. If you have problems with the basic concept of the movie, which simply is that a school class is sent to an island to kill each other off, then avoid this movie. If you're interested now than what are you waiting for? Some kids are persuaded by the price of life for the sole survivor and some try to form a union. One of the most interesting things to see in this movie are the different ways the kids cope with their situation. Also you never know which person might betray the other or who is having an advantage in a confrontation.

Simply an interesting concept and watch. A Japanese classic from the early 2000's.
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The movie is okay
zachxabels13 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is okay. But why only okay? Firstly, let's start with the idea. Set in the begging of the 2000's, the movie back then must have been a really big thing - interesting and unique. If I have to compare it to nowadays, it reminds me of "The Hunger Games". Funny, huh? I really liked the thought behind, though, I can't lie, it appeals to me. On the other hand, it annoyed me how you can shoot someone 10 times in a roll and he will be still fighting you back or saying last words. Dramatic. Or how everybody (almost) talked about crushes. Teens. But I found it funny how during the scenes you could hear entertaining classical music. All in all, I was expecting more brutality and to be amazed but it was just meh, okay. The end saved it a bit. Might have been better.
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A masterpiece.
OneEightNine Media29 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A masterpiece. Seriously. The acting, story, pacing, tone, score, action, setting and everything about it. I just learned today that all the actors did their own stunts. Maybe that helped to play a role in creating this cinematic magic to life. Unfortunately most people know about those stupid Hunger Games copycat films but not this gem. Try as they may, Hollywood will never get close to replicating Battle Royale. Yeah, this film has tons of action and blood but it isn't about any of those things. It is about raw humanity. An unthinkable situation revivals the true natures hidden deep down in the darkest etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah this film is one of the greatest films ever made. I prefer the theatrical cut over the director's cut because it leaves a little more to the imagination when it comes to the origin stories but the director's cut is worth watching after you've seen the original version.
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Not a masterpiece but indeed worth a watch
Rahyar Taghipoor30 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So I finally watched BR after all this time and I feel that the hipsters are really at it with this one. This movie hardly is a masterpiece 10 out of 10 title, it is above average at best. The best thing with BR is not its over the top cheesy action scenes but the very story it portrays about the younger generation lost and an aging nation that as I am writing this review is having a higher mortality rates than birth rates. Japan is a polite country, with a culture based on politeness and this culture is constantly at clash with the western values and the influence it has on its youth. This has led to a gap that is separating the youth of the past two decades from the older people of the nation, to add to this Japan has also turned into the land of virgins with many young people skipping the whole procreation act and the relationship etc altogether. So you can imagine that the actual story the movie is telling you is not about the disrespectful teens towards their elders but this divide in place that is sending the Japanese society towards some really dangerous spirals. No this movie is not about how teenagers would act if they got their hands on guns as some reviews claim. This isn't either some knock on the kind of entertainment the Japanese people enjoy (comics, games, anime, baseball etc) as yet some other reviews claim. This is pointing the finger at both sides. This is why this movie is important in some sense.

However as mentioned before this is not a masterpiece and there are some reasons behind it. For example the acting is pretty shoddy and just weird. The story seems to actually skip the realities of such a situation. I was honestly very surprised that rape was barely a part of story. The fact that there are that many teenagers without any boundaries gives any of these teens with their crazy hormones the complete power and reason to do commit rape. While I don't say all of them would commit such a heinous act but there would be an inevitable incident. Something that I enjoyed was all the weird moments when a waltz was played throughout the movie. It was just completely weird and yet good enough to make me laugh. The greatest achievement of telling the story of youngsters growing up in a harsh Asian society and the struggle of aging nation is what saves this movie gracefully. Not a masterpiece but indeed worth a watch.
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Made more than a decade before The Hunger Games
Parker Lewis5 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you like politically correct, family friendly fare, then please move and watch The Hunger Games. Otherwise, brace yourself for Battle Royale, a top Japanese movie from 2000 that has to be one of the best movies in modern history.

It's a roller coaster ride and quite moving in many respects. Yes it's violent and it's not for everyone, but you wonder how we would react if such a scheme really was in place.

The production values are impressive, and the story is fast-paced. All credit to the talented director and of course the producers: Kenta Fukasaku, Kinji Fukasaku, Kimio Kataoka, Chie Kobayashi, Toshio Nabeshima, and Masumi Okada.
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rsmcat3 November 2016
I usually come to IMDb and check a movies grade before watching it, to see if it is worth my time. A friend recommended this movies, and before giving it a try, I came to IMDb. Usually anything above 7 here is worth my time. NOT THIS TIME. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. From 20 minutes in you will be telling yourself every five minutes: it will get better, it will have some logic, it will have a turning point, it will start making sense, it will have some hidden moral lesson .... it will.... it will. Except it does not. Everything is completely predictable. No surprises. Terrible actors (and I love Asian actors), terrible plot. Clearly this was the inspiration for hunger games, and thats all the movie is worth watching for. Do not waste your time. To me its unbelievable this movie being over 7 on IMDb. Its one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen it all. Not because of the violence, but because its horrible, has horrible actors, plot, development of characters, and its totally predictable. The script holds no surprises, no turning points, no moral behind it. In two words: total crap.
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Worth a watch!
ashild-blovvig30 October 2016
This movie was pretty funny, actually, and it's very overloaded, but it's entertaining.

The movie's "weak points" (although they don't have to be) is it's script with over-the-top drama, funny lines (especially the "last words lines" some of the characters have) and stereotypical characters (Silent Bad Guy With The Hair; Main Male Character With A Tragic Past But A Strong Sense Of Justice) and the sublime over-acting. This is not my first Japanese movie (and not the first Japanese action movie either), and this acting would definitely be considered bad, but equally hilarious and even sometimes engaging and entertaining. The only actor I can think of that is not too bad is Takeshi Kitano, in his role as the teacher.

The characters are not very strong, there are some weird plot holes it seems, there is A LOT of screaming of dialogue. It does portray briefly Japan's obsession with "cute" things (like the Info Video Girl), which I think in this context really shows how creepy and weird that can be. It also can bring some of the thoughts to Japan's problem with the increasing senior population and problems with keeping its students in school.

I don't think this movie should be taken too seriously, but just enjoyed for the fun of movie watching. I don't know if the director took it seriously, but this is definitely worth a watch and you should be able to laugh about it.

Take drinking games every time somebody starts screaming dialogue, don't hit their targets (although it should've been VERY easy), somebody says some weird/sentimental last words before dying, The Bad Guy is being very typical Bad Guy, a character reveals something about themselves without anyone asking or when there's a very dramatic close-up of the actor's face and their expression of terror/sentimentality/incredible sadness.
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More than something to compare other movies to
daekar23104 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"But tramps like us, baby, we were born to run." -Bruce Sprinsteen

Many people throw comparisons around when talking about Battle Royale. The Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies, and The Running Man just to name a few. But to compare it to any of these is just not a fair comparison.

Battle Royale is more than a film about 42 kids slaughtering one another under an oppressive government's hand or the slow turning of friends against one another. It is a story about two young people falling in love and desperately trying to survive despite overwhelming odds. In a world where adults have learned that they cannot trust young people, they create the Battle Royale Act in order to maintain control. The BR Act entails that a class of school age children are randomly selected to fight to the death until only one remains or else everyone dies. It would be the bad luck of the protagonists Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa to be in the class selected for this year's Battle Royale. As their classmates systematically kill one another, Shuya and Noriko try to find a peaceful resolution without having to kill any of their friends. But, at every turn, their efforts turn out to be in vain as treachery and deceit work their way through their classmates hearts. Shuya and Noriko turn out being somewhat successful and survive the game with another contestant who volunteered for this years game, Shogo Kawada.

Battle Royale is also a technical victory. From camera work, to lighting, to acting, to sfx. The most impressive part of the entire film, to me, is the spot on soundtrack, recorded by the wonderful Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. The only issues I have with any technical aspects are that, at points, the acting can seem overdone and cheesy and that the sfx, at points, are very obviously cg'd in.

I still gave the film a 10 star rating because I have a dog in this fight and I consider Battle Royale to be a classic. Especially since this is the film that introduced me to the weird, magical world of J-horror. And, just in case you were wondering, the Springsteen quote at the beginning is not random. The quote comes from the book where is it repeated periodically.

Overall, I highly recommend this film. Especially if you are interested in J-horror or just looking to get into the genre.
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Sam Mitchell4 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't a little hesitant while reading the synopsis of this film but I can't find a justified reason to give it anything but ten stars. Pure excellence from the first shot; a crowd of reporters trying to squeeze information out of the winner of the game, a small girl covered in blood and bruises with a lingering smirk on her face. The plot of this film is simple; be the last student to survive. Each student is given a backpack full of food, water, a map, a compass and a randomly selected weapon. These weapons range from militia-type sniper rifles to everyday objects like a pot lid. Every single classmate had their own part in the making of this story. This film is shot in such a way that you end up sympathizing for more than just a select few main characters. It leaves you feeling an overall sense of loss for this ninth grade class. Overall, this film is a look at the different types of individuals and how they would respond to being put in this scenario. Among these, you have the resilient main heroes, the assassins out for themselves, the ones who choose to take their own lives instead of play the game, and the ones who are determined to live out the rest of their lives obvious to reality. Battle Royale is brilliantly composed, full of fantastic characters, and has an overall creative plot line.
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Who can you trust?
SlyGuy214 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've always been interested with films like this, where you can't trust people you thought you could count on. Movies like both versions of "The Thing" are two that come to mind. I've also been fascinated by dystopian future literature, or stories about society having to start over because of a huge disaster. Thankfully, this movie has bits and pieces of all of those. First, I don't have a problem with movies being in different languages, cuz I can read subtitles, but if I have the choice, I go with English dubs. But I was able to follow what was going on, and given the choice, I'd actually choose the original audio for this. The movie's brutal, tense, and sad, it also has I few comedy elements to it. All of those things add up to an interesting "What if" scenario, but also a cautionary tale of government control. There were only two things I didn't like about it. One, the effects. The practical effects are great, but a lot of people get shot and there are no bullet holes, it just takes me out of it because it's obvious they didn't get shot. The second thing was the ending where Takeshi Kitano gets up from being shot, answers the phone, and then dies. I'm guessing it's there for a final laugh, but compared to everything else being serious, it just felt random and weird. Despite those two things however, I would definitely see this movie again, in fact, I might have to track down the sequel and give that a shot as well.
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Shame on Hollywood, and Shame on you, Suzanne Collins!!!
muzaffar_nazarov24 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Best Japanese and one of the best movies of 2000's worldwide I've ever watched...No exaggeration at all. 'Hunger Games' (book and movie) was literally copied from this movie (book). Shame on you, Suzanne Collins, for copying and simply not accepting this fact. Although I watched 'Hunger Games' first, and 'Hunger Games' was produced 12 years later, Battle Royale is still much better in content, acting and cinematography! So far, I've watched more than 1800 movies (in my movie database I rated more than 1800 movies) from all around the world, and now admit that this movie is real classic which must be in collection of each movie fan.
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Perhaps the inspiration for 'The Hunger Games'
dpeterson-8369612 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I happened to stumble across this movie on Netflix. When I read the summary I thought it would be a Japanese rip off of the Hunger Games until I saw the copyright date.

This movie frustrated the hell out of me. The premise is workable, the cinematography is well done and the acting is very good, but the script ranges from confusing to downright nonsense.

Here come the spoilers: 1) When the kids wake up, they have no idea what's happening to them, as if they've never heard of this "Battle Royale" thing. Yet the movie opens with a shot of a news reporter announcing the winner to what is presumably a national audience. And it obviously isn't the first time this event has happened, because they include TWO previous winners in the group. It makes no sense that the group of students are ignorant of what's about to happen.

2) What is with the group of girls that think they're going to ride it out together in the old lighthouse (I think it was a lighthouse). They were warned that everyone would be killed at the end of 72 hours if there was more than one of them left alive. During "orientation", they saw one of their classmates stabbed in the head and killed, they didn't take that seriously? 3) There is a scene where one of the girls goes out jogging on the trails (unarmed) and a boy rides his bike next to her (also unarmed), teasing and making veiled sexual comments. This after both of them have already witnessed at least one murder, and possibly committing one or more themselves. Just another day at the park, nobody's going to try to kill me while I'm working out... la la la 4) The premise itself is just silly. The government is forcing 14 year olds to murder each other because the younger generation doesn't show enough respect for its elders. Really? That's the best idea you can come up with? I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
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Very bloody movie of Japanese teenagers killing each other with the hope one will survive
TxMike24 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I found this movie on Netflix streaming. I looked it up for only one reason, some movie fans call "Hunger Games" a "rip-off" of "Battle Royale." I wanted to see for myself.

Set in approximate modern times, Japanese teenagers are becoming more and more uncooperative, are skipping classes when they want, are disrespectful in the classroom, and we even see one of the kids slash a teacher in the hallway.

The adults are fed up with this and an act is passed, essentially an entire class is chosen randomly (they don't explain how) and taken to a remote place, given an assortment of weapons, and are told they have 3 days to kill the others, only one will survive. They wear special tracking bracelets around their necks and will explode if tampered with. Or, if they fail to meet the 3-day deadline all will explode, killing all students who remain alive.

The same teacher who had been cut in the hallway by the student is administering this event, supported by a number of military men with weapons. When explaining the process a couple of students get disrespectful and are killed right there, terrifying the others.

The whole thing is very bloody, and I suppose it works only as a type of dark comedy parody, because I'm sure teachers often fantasize about killing a few of their most disruptive students.

Is this a good movie? No, not in my opinion. Maybe it plays better to Japanese audiences. Is "Hunger Games" a "rip-off" of this movie? No, not by a long shot. I can see that it may have inspired some of the competition in "H.G." but the overall themes are so different that they really have only one thing in common - putting together a group of teenagers and telling them only one is allowed to survive.

But I am glad I took the time to see it, a very strange movie.
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The Hunger Games, but With Violence
NDbportmanfan3 June 2016
Battle Royale takes place in a near fictional future of Japan and is seen as a police state called the Republic of Greater East Asia. The population but most notably the younger population is not for this brand of governing and frequently rebels against authority. After enough instances the government devised a law that would force a junior high class (randomly selected out of 50) to participate in a fight to the death. This would be aired on television to scare the masses into obeying.

Unlike the Hunger Games who primarily focuses on one member we see the stories of multiple players unfold, as well as their backstories. The plot is still focused on Shuya Nanahara more than not, as we see him trying to protect his friend from harm and find a way off the island without dying. This is extra tough as each player has a bomb strapped to his or her neck to make sure they don't do anything smart. You really do start to feel for the characters as the movie progresses as it does feel like junior high students were just put on an island to die (character development was really good).

The story paces nicely as there is no feel of a rush to get to the conclusion and we understand the motivations of most of the 42 survivors. As well as their relationships with fellow classmates. Action sequences are pretty intense at times, which makes the N-15 rating all that more necessary. If you are a fan of bloody action films or just someone who saw Hunger Games and walked away feeling that they focused too much on the inter workings and the spectacle of the games then give this a try.
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Impossible To Take Seriously On Any Level.
Eradan27 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Battle Royale is crude violence-porn masquerading as clumsy satire. The satiric aspect of BR (which an amazing number of fanboys take seriously) is ridiculous. This movie is set in the near-future in modern Japan. Only a complete fool could think anything like this is remotely possible. The heavy-handedness of BR's satire is bizarre in the context of the absurd premise.

With three exceptions, the characters are effeminate boys and brittle, fluffy females who are utterly unbelievable as juvenile offenders. These silly little poseurs wouldn't stand out in any suburban high school in the US and would be eaten alive in any inner-city school. The exceptions are a clichéd "thrill killer" type named Kiriyama, an angsty stereotype named Kawada, and Mitsuko who as written is a somewhat believable female psychopath. Frankly, she seems to have come from a completely different movie.

So much for the themes and the characters, as for the plot, Battle Royale is the kind of bad action movie that features stupid people doing stupid things over and over and being (sometimes) saved from the consequences by ridiculous plot twists. Characters are shot repeatedly and then immediately get up and start moving around again or, in the case of femme boytoy, Shuya Nanahara, survive after getting a sucking chest wound bandaged by a pretty girl. It's all impossible to take seriously on any level.
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