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Plot Keywords

student island
game battle
class death
teacher food
weapon japanese
japan unemployment
map water
school fight
violence punishment
transfer student lottery
classmate capture
necklace survivor
millennium survival
bus school class
social commentary fight the system
army exploding head
shotgun fight to the death
most dangerous game game of death
jungle spear
pistol character killed to soundtrack
auf dem wasser zu singen radetzky march
breakdown of modern family generation gap
young action hero gallows humor
dark humor ambiguous ending
moral ambuguity death by poison
alcoholic female gladiator
suicide attempt makeover
contestant child in peril
trap killer dog
volunteer television
gladiator president
spear throwing arena
propaganda minefield
hallucination gin
tanqueray alcoholic mother
alcoholic teenager patriotism
nationalism desperation
explosive collar two word title
shot in the head killed with a sword
stylized violence sword fight
katana gun fu
brawl combat
axe fight hero
blood blood splatter
semiautomatic pistol held at gunpoint
mexican standoff showdown
gunfight pump action shotgun
hand to hand combat disarming someone
kendo knife fight
genocide brutality
one against many martial arts
tragic event tragedy
fugitive bullied student obtains gun
soldier revolver
uzi satire
mute candle
binoculars child suicide
lovebird popsicle
building on fire iron neck collar
marching gossip
young love decapitated head with a grenade in its mouth
japanese horror film anesthesia
takano shrine gash in the face
hand grenade accident
lighthouse sickle
machine gun pimp
roommate helmet
girls' toilet boat
headband loudspeaker
pesticide bicycle
bushido blade hanging
poison megaphone
bandage friendship
bad breath revenge
nightmare controversy
ticking clock running
kicking backpack
dream blood vomiting
cookie guilt
basketball restaurant
slitting the throat of a child photography
prince hanged girl
friend computer
mirror cat
photographer curling eyelashes
retreat mushroom
reference to god castration
bullhorn bleeding
guitar bunk bed
hanged boy fire
pain killer despair
doctor cell phone
postcard hunger
molotov cocktail laptop computer
wristwatch sensor
bulletproof vest polaroid
train microphone
sleeping pills truck
jealousy crossbow
jeep escape
anti conformity burned out car
disembowelment camera
axe gunshot
monitoring device umbrella
rice shooting
class trip femme fatale
cigarette lighter rain
virgin luck
insomnia dying
flashlight pursuit
mother daughter relationship crying
cafe blindness
computer virus exploding car
lying in wait baseball
tears cheating
kitchen promise
crotch bandage flask
megalomaniac cigarette smoking
tunnel calesthenics
waitress drugs
sex scene loneliness
sleeping tampon
trust fisherman
propane tank death by hanging
telephone call tv reporter
clique waiter
compass double suicide
princess girls' bathroom
knife sea
drawing drugged
necklace bomb suicide
drug use vomit
roll call cave
bloody body of a child facial scar
surrealism washing hair
photograph corpse
foster home gas mask
mother son relationship 3 dimensional
memory love
helicopter alternate version
3 d cult film
wanted for murder voice over inner thoughts
uncle nephew relationship teacher student relationship
switchblade suicide of father
suicide by jumping off a cliff suicide by jumping from a lighthouse
suicide by hanging storytelling
stabbed in the crotch shootout
self survival prologue
painting obscene finger gesture
massacre leg cut
last man standing knife thrown into skull
kidnapping kicking a dead body
jumping out a window jumping off a cliff
jumping from a lighthouse japanese soldier
japanese parliament hit on the head
head blown off gun held to head
game playing game of survival
flashback father son relationship
father daughter relationship dead child
dead body cruelty
cliff classroom
chase breaking a glass window
boycotting school bomb
axe in skull animated sequence
dystopia teenage girl
teenage boy good versus evil
anti hero stabbed in the neck
self sacrifice tragic villain
unrequited love mass murderer
epic wiping out entire class
child shot in the forehead mass child killing
mass murder murder of a child
child murders a child stabbed in the face
stabbed in the back shot to death
shot in the neck shot in the leg
shot in the back shot in the arm
gore gun
knife through the neck stun gun
fascism wound
beach murder
severed head explosion
maniac desolate island
teen suicide decapitation
throat slitting sword
poisoning school uniform
stabbing body count
death of mother death of father
based on novel title spoken by character

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