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Alternate Versions

The Special Version includes the following:
  • Redone opening titles

  • Redone sound effects

  • Added CGI blood to make the shootouts more graphic Also, many shots were added, deleted, reedited, and extended for pacing and clarity purposes, including the following:

  • A longer basketball sequence

  • Added reaction shots of the kids in the classroom to Kitano's "Do you know this law" question, and after Kuninobu's death.

  • A flashback shot of Mizuho and Inada and Kaori Minami to remind us of who they were when we see their bodies.

  • Closer shots of Takiguchi and Hatagami's corpses

  • An additional shot of Nanahara weeping at the top of the lighthouse

  • Additional shots of postcards from Mimura's uncle

  • Kitano shutting down power to the computers and ordering the soldiers to reboot after the Third Man attack

  • A scene with Mitsuko as a 9-year-old coming home to find a pedophile in her house.

  • An additional shot of Mimura triggering the explosives on the truck

  • Requiems that show the real flashbacks, and we hear the dialog during Noriko's dream.

The German version was supposed to be released uncut with a SPIO/JK approval (that basically states that the film doesn't violate the law (§131, glorification of violence)), a FSK rating was out of the question due to the excessive violence. But due to various circumstances at the time (political climate, the 2002 shooting at a school in Erfurt), the approval was denied. To release the film at all, German distributor Kinowelt had to cut the film. This cut version still only had the SPIO/JK approval and no FSK rating. Among the cut scenes were the following:
  • Kitano killing Fujiyoshi with his knife

  • Kitano killing Nobu by activating the collar

  • All notes telling the viewer who was killed and how many survivors were left were deleted

  • Mitsuko killing Megumi with a sickle

  • Much of Kitanos comments, such as "It's tough when friends die on you, but hang in there!"

  • Kiriyama killing the two girls with the MP was shortened

  • View of Kitano's picture was shortened

  • Nanahara saying "She took the knife that Nobu use to stab Kitano from the desk." In 2004 the film was re-released by Marketing Film, this time it was uncut.

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