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calling dr depravity

Author: gavcrimson from United Kingdom
15 November 2000

Satan's Lust is part blood and thunder horror movie and part show-case for the X rated antics of Judy Angel, a doe faced, pasty blond iconised as the loopy mother in Mona The Virgin Nymph, a feature often pegged as the first theatrically released X rated adult film. Satan's Lust was shot sometime in the early Seventies under the shadow of the Hollywood Hills, its penny dreadful narrative flirts with topical nods to the Manson murders and Anton LaVey. Judy Angel headlines as Pamela Goodright who along with chemist boyfriend Wayne is investigating the death of her school friend Carla 'Oh Wayne we've just got to find out what happened to Carla'. The shock realisation that Carla couldn't drive a car makes her recent fiery death behind the wheel seem most unlikely. Sure enough Carla has been snuffed out by a loopy Satanist racket led by film producer Manheim Jarkoff, 300 year old Salem witch Edith and their idiot assistant Boris. A casting couch producer (or to be more precise a casting alter producer) Manheim disposes of his employees in perverted black masses that end in mad Boris burning their faces off. 'She shall live no more heh, heh, nor night nor day'. Tracking the murderers down to their Hollywood Hills office (under the apt banner 'Satanic Films') Manheim brushes off Pam and Wayne's claims telling them that Carla was a speedfreak lowlife, but both parties know theres a scam somewhere and later Manheim bellows that they know 'far too much for the safety of the order'. In a plot detour Edith falls for Wayne, beginning her doomed love affair by creeping up on him in the shower in cat form before having her wicked way with him 'What's happening? goddamn witch'. It's a somewhat dubious premise as Wayne is played by a heavy who could pass for a low rent door to door salesmen- fat, balding sweating and moustacheod a guy whose chat up line is 'you just let me be your Daddy' is nothing to hop on your broomstick for lady. As her star status demanded Satan's Lusts most kinky moments are reserved for Judy Angel suffering at the hands of the Devil's men. Attempting a kidnap, Boris jumps on top of a sleeping Pam Goodright whispering vile indignities into her ear. When Pamela tries to confront Manheim he hypnotises her into a private strip-show- you expect him to start frothing at the mouth as he tears through his office to get to his 'little songbird'. Satan's Lust argues its case as a horror film and an X-rated grinder and works as both- its sordid raunch plays well against its maniacal horror stance and vice versa. It's chock full of horrific images- Wayne discovering his latest partner has been turned into a mouldy old skeleton and Pamela succumbing to the titular lust as she is offered to a guy in a joke shop Devil mask. The actors are appropriately unhinged and overblown, Boris is part horror movie imbecile and part hippy gone bad, Edith has the look of a wide eyed Manson follower, her pale waif like figure and perched eyebrows are a perfect incarnation of a salem area witch chick. The apex to Satan's Lust's cast of freaks lies in a tubby bleached blonde guy's turn as Manheim, a performance seemingly pitched at a Dwain Esper/Maniac casting call of forceful, violent overacting. Manheim dressed in a swingers red smoking jacket is your atypical Transylvanian sex fiend - an insane caricature of Bela Lugosi by way of Latin tantrums and endless cackling that fills the sound-track like a ghost train- its somehow both funny and troubling. Satan's Lust emerges as both repulsive and silly but for all the 'ghastly business, ghastly' on display the film has a playful 'Devil may care' atmosphere of a 70's LA swingers party with Satanic chic in full force. The sound-track offers mad monk chanting, absurd classical music, thunderstorms, jazz grind and even an instrumental rendition of Yellow Submarine, it's somehow fitting for the inventive brush with LA sleaze that accompanies it. Satan's Lust is great goofy fun and as any twisted X rated horror film should be its a Devilish delight from start to finish- the climatic scenes serve to remind you of what a joyride you've just been on.

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Laughable satanic porno horror,

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
27 April 2007

This extremely amateurish and hilariously inept porno horror tells the story of Pamela Goodnight and her boyfriend Wayne,who are searching for Carla.Carla was sacrificed by a bunch of goofy looking Satanists including Manheim Jarkhoff played by a veteran actor George "Buck" Flower,his idiot assistant Boris,who was burned at the stake in 1815 and Edith,a 200 year old witch.Unfortunately for blonde Judy Angel she is next for satanic sacrifice...This silly porno offers few mildly arousing sex scenes and some lovely hairy vaginas.The production values are amateurish,the acting is painful to watch and the satanic rituals are more than laughable.The sex scene between Judy Angel and her boyfriend is the hottest bit of the film.I enjoy watching early 70's porno roughies,but "Satan's Lust" is rather weak.4 out of 10.

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Initially tedious satanic sex shocker does reward patient sleaze fiends.

Author: HumanMillipede from United Kingdom
3 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was just about ready to write this one off entirely, it certainly doesn't take much time to get to a near endless parade of ugly and drab hardcore sex and stays in that area for too long. I have watched a lot of these sort of films recently and the lesser ones really do tend to blur into each other. But whilst some of the scenes toward the end do not quite redeem the initial tedium, they do offer a few outrageous exploitation thrills that will never be mistaken for fine cinema, but provided something close to what I want out of an obscure 70s horror porno called with the word Satan in the title.

The recurring flashing image of Satan them self is surprisingly effective, clearly a crude mask but it's convincingly gruesome looking and one of the better literal depictions I've seen. A later sex scene, the first one of the film to actually be mildly titillating is then subverted by the memorable image of a vaginal pencil insertion which eventually turns the unfortunate witch lady doing it into a skeleton. A bizarre and cheap effect, but that's OK with me, it provided a decent laugh. As did the evil cults cack handed attempts to escape the police, which seemed to be taken out of a no budget goofball comedy from an earlier decade rather than any horror film. So no, this isn't a conventionally great film by any means but you'd be a fool to expect one. However, it did offer a handful of weird and fun little moments that stuck out in my mind, which might make it worth a look for fellow undemanding sleaze horror fans.

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