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  • It's the most exciting time of year at Third Street Elementary-- the end of the School Year! But boredom quickly sets in for protagonist TJ Detweiler, as his friends (the other 5 protagonist children) are headed for Summer Camp. One day, while passing by the school on his bike, he notices a green glow coming from the school's auditorium. This is the work of the insidious ex-principal of Third Street, Phillium Benedict and his gang of ninjas and secret service look-alikes! Benedict is planning to get rid of Summer Vacation using his newly-acquired Tractor Beam, which he stole from the US Military Base in an effort to raise US Test Scores, and it's up to the Recess Gang to stop him! In the end, TJ and the gang, with the help from the other students, Principal Prickly, Ms. Finster and the other teachers, destroy the laser, Benedict and his henchmen are arrested, and the kids (TJ's buddies) decide to spend their Summer with TJ.

    - Written by FREAKAZOID!
  • TJ Detweiler and his five best friends Vince LaSalle, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg and Gus Griswald have finally at long last finished 4th grade at 3rd Street School. But boredom quickly sets in when TJ's friends leave for camp until T.J. uncovers an evil plot to do away with summer vacation! A crazy former principal, Dr. Benedict, is planning to use a laser beam that he stole from the US Military Base to alter the weather and create permanent winter! Naturally, TJ rallies his friends together and they conspire to fight the wicked Dr. Benedict. But it turns out that Dr. Benedict is so strict that he wants to change the orbit of the moon in order to put the nation in a constant freeze, thus putting an end to summer and creating a year-round school year! It's up to only them to save the world for kids all over the world.

    - Written by Anthony Pereyra <hypersonic91@yahoo.com>
  • Now officially finished with 4th grade, TJ and his gang of pals are ready for an amazing summer. Unfortunately for TJ, his friends are all off to summer camp leaving him home all alone. But his loneliness is cut short when he discovers that some weird happenings are going on inside the school. When Mr. Prickly suddenly gets dematerialized, TJ rounds up the whole crew to uncover the truth about the weirdness inside the school. What they discover is a sinister plot to destroy summer vacation by an insidious former principal. Now it's up to TJ, the gang and a few unlikely allies such as Ms Finster to save the world from becoming year-round schooled.

    - Written by Blazer346
  • TJ and his 5 best friends have finally finished 4th grade at 3rd Street School. But just as TJ is about to get his friends involved in typical summer adventures, they all inform him that they're all going to various summer camps. Alone in town, TJ putters around on his bicycle. But passing the school one day, he notices some weird green glow emanating from the building. Further surveillance reveals several mysterious strangers coming and going. TJ tells the police to no avail. He goes to Principal Prickly on the golf course and cajoles him to investigate. But when Mr. Prickly tries to unlock the door to the school, he vanishes, leaving only his golf shoes! TJ's only recourse is to recruit his friends from camp and to try and foil the plans of the mystery men.

    - Written by Tony-B4
  • TJ and company must save summer vacation from disappearing forever.

    - Written by Tony-B4


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