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Season: unknown
Year: 1989

Unknown Season


10 September 1989
Lonely young Marie and her father live on a plantation just before the Civil War. Their placid lives are invaded when they rescue a mysterious woman from a carriage wreck, and soon bodies start turning up with holes in their necks...

Roy Dotrice ... Leo

Roddy McDowall ... Inspector Amos

Ione Skye ... Marie

Meg Tilly ... Carmilla
Armelia McQueen ... Miss Hodgett
John Doolittle ... Doctor
Lisa Marie Russell ... Servant Girl

Linda Hunt ... Narrator (Quoting Poe for the Nightmare Classics Intro) (voice)

The Eyes of the Panther

26 November 1989
A crusty Old West hermit relates the story of the love of his life, Irene. Before her birth, Irene's family was visited by a mysterious panther, which has followed them through the years, and interferes in the security of her marriage and future.

C. Thomas Howell ... Jenner Brading

Daphne Zuniga ... Irene Marlowe

John Stockwell ... Malcolm Barrington
Jeb Brown
Ruth de Sosa

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

29 October 1989

The Turn of the Screw

12 August 1989
A governess is hired to look after two neglected children, who show signs of having been corrupted by the insidious influence of the groom Peter Quint. Quint, although hanged for murder, still makes an appearance among the shadows of the manor house along with Miss Jessel, a previous governess who took her own life.

Amy Irving ... The Governess

David Hemmings ... Mister Harley

Micole Mercurio ... Mrs. Gross
Olaf Pooley ... John the Gardner
Cameron Milzer ... Miss Jessel
Irina Cashen ... Flora

Linda Hunt ... The Voice
Bret Culpepper ... Wyck the Groom

Balthazar Getty ... Miles

Michael Harris ... Quint

Johnny Mask ... Head Waiter (uncredited)

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