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San Francisco Chronicle
Contains an incest story line that's disturbing but shouldn't scare people away. Nair handles the subject with such grace and sensitivity that it becomes just another element in this complex celebration of family.
New York Post
Sheer delight. An ensemble comedy-drama that recalls Robert Altman's best work.
Entertainment Weekly
The old-world-meets-new mesh is incarnated in the movie's soundtrack, a joyful effusion of disco Bollywood that, by the end of Monsoon Wedding, sent my spirit soaring out of the theater.
Wall Street Journal
Nair's movie, far from being paste, is a string of small, exquisite gems.
Chicago Sun-Times
One of those joyous films that leaps over national boundaries and celebrates universal human nature.
Some of the movie's best scenes -- knockouts, in fact -- involve musical interludes.
Delighted me like few films I've seen recently. It's a sexy, sweet, sumptuously entertaining movie about the huge and wildly eventful wedding reception.
The film's bountiful warmth and gusto do their work. By the end, we feel part of the family, too.
Rolling Stone
Aims for pure joy and achieves it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A feast for the eyes and ears as its story is a banquet for the heart.
New York Daily News
With its colorful embroidery, Monsoon Wedding feels pleasurably grounded in a reality about which most Westerners haven't a clue. This may be their only engraved invitation.

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