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Easily one of the worst movies ever

Author: Golden_Brown
31 March 2005

Being a bit of a fan of Sasha Mitchell, I was overjoyed to pick this up for as little as £1. Shame it turned out to be £20 too much.

The plot of the movie is basically a really watered down version of Jean Claude Van Damme's Cyborg, about a post-nuke world where three heroes, Mitchell, Costas Mandylor(of Fist of the North Star fame) and a woman I've never heard of called Kathleen Kinmont actually fight Fender from Cyborg, now called Lucifer, but played by the same actor in a worse costume. Lucifer's little brother is the dorkiest attempt at a villain ever, and the movie is quite frankly a nightmare, with the only things redeeming it for me being the fact that Sasha still works, and that future Terminatrix Kristanna Loken has a small role(far too small).

The action is dull, the characters dumb, and the story rehashed from a hardly classic 80s Van Damme vehicle, the worst of it is, the movie has the cheek to not even do this in a funny way, it's just plain crap. Avoid this, and any other movies directed by Art Camacho.

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Beyond hilarious

Author: mattydukes from Connecticut USA
30 June 2005

Far from being an action movie, this film had me on the floor laughing! Even a Soap Opera director would have called the acting over the top. The dialog was simply ridiculous. Some of the scenes look like they were shot in the dark and then from a different angle like they were shot during the day. I think the director was on some serious meds when he made this one (prob. anti-depressants). Why do they keep returning to the same lake? Why do they shoot a 16-bullet handgun 30 times? And what is the reason for the steroid robot? They also used a small box the size of a deck of cards as an explosive and made the comment "this thing will make the Patriot Missle look like a firecracker", WTF? Again, they must have been seriously hittin the pillbox for a script of this content. If you want some good laughs be sure to check this one out.

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Gangland a wonderful place

Author: celticchops from U.S. of A. before the plague and WW3 that is to happen in 2010
31 March 2006

Wow, never has one movie blown me away than this one. Headlined by superstar action hero Sasha Mitchell "Gangland" will keep you at the edge of your seat and keep you guessing "who actually thought this could work and why is there only one reporter for the entire United States to bring you coverage?" The dialogue was amazing and the flashbacks chilling. This movie teaches valuable life lessons, such as when surrounding people who are not Ganglanders and you are armed with a gun, it is best to punch and kick the person or club the person with the gun, not shoot them if you want to kill them. Also, contrary to popular belief, checking a person for a pulse by putting your two fingers on their neck or wrist does not work. The effective way is to take somebody's shirt off and rub their breasts with you hands in a massage-like motion. Thank you Ice-T for showing us the error of our ways. If you love Sasha Mitchell, and who couldn't, then get ready for an ultimate slugfest where the only help to save the world is the man who coined the term "danaburger" into a national phenomenon. Excellent movie, especially for its porn-like dialogue that kept you entranced the entire way. This quote alone lets you know that only the best writers were working on this film:

Jerad: It must've taken a lot of balls to kill a little girl. Damian: It'll take a lot less balls to kill you!

Go out and see this movie now, and prepare for the plague of Ganglanding in 4 years.

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Oh god, my eyes!

Author: Meredith Tanner ( from United States
4 September 2005

This movie is hilariously awful. Everyone who had anything to do with it should be ashamed of themselves. Ashamed! (Especially Ice-T, who doesn't just embarrass himself, but actually disgraces his entire bloodline.)

You got your bad acting. You got your ridiculous costumes. You got your gratuitous (and I mean really, really gratuitous) boobs. You got your completely incoherent script. You got your totally random mutant Frankenstein's monster type thing. In one scene, our heroes load up on firepower; in the next, they have to fight bad guys hand to hand; two minutes later, they're armed and dangerous again. The plot hangs together about as tightly as a group of divas forced to share a dressing room. And my god, the exposition!

You got your tragic heroes, of course. A guy whose wife and daughter were murdered by the bad guys and spends a lot of time brooding about it. Another guy whose brother is murdered before his eyes by the bad guys in one of the early scenes and spends about five minutes throwing a tantrum before apparently forgetting all about it in the heady rush of beating dudes up. And I especially like how these two stumble across the female lead just lying there under a tree. They roll her over, she wakes up, and what do you know, it turns out the bad guys killed her sister! Coincidence... or conspiracy?

And of course, there's also a scientist whose family is being held prisoner by the bad guys. Because I guess they ran out of fake blood or something.

You will laugh uncontrollably at -- well, pretty much everything, actually. "Lucifer," the big bad guy? Top-notch comedy. Seriously. You'll love his minion, too. This movie is so preposterous, even stupid ignorant people will find mistakes to laugh at. I won't ruin it for you, but just wait till you hear what Alexis says about the syringe of her sister's blood.

I will, however, ask if anybody -- anybody -- can explain to me why there was whalesong playing in the Death Valley scene. Anyone? Bueller?

I laughed so hard I got a headache. I think I would rather chew off my own arm than watch this movie again.

I give it two thumbs up the ass. Highly, highly recommended.

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A Pathetic Movie

Author: TBelton1 from United States
9 July 2003

Lets see, where do I begin. ah yes, this has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune to view. The plot was beyond stupid and the story became more and more twisted and confused as the movie progressed. Vincent Klyn's tragic performance as Lucifer was simply pathetic, and a very pale comparison to his portrayal of the pirate leader Fender in the movie Cyborg. The two leading actors Sasha Mitchell and Costas Mandylor were both wasted in this movie; and both I'm sorry to say were looking pretty shabby in regards to their respective physical shapes. Both of them seemed over the hill, and both were sporting beer guts, hardly what you would expect in two kickboxing heroes. I won't even go into the business about the giant blond genetically engineered gangmember on steroids; as I'm still trying to figure out why his character was introduced??? Anyway, for all those fortunate enough to have missed seeing this movie up till now let me extend some simple advice...don't see it. The only good thing this dvd had going for it was the special features, which included cast biographies and interviews.

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Author: gridoon2016
11 March 2008

"Gangland" is a mindless post-apocalyptic action flick - but is it knowingly mindless? Generally it takes itself a bit too seriously, but there are times when it seems to be in on the joke (like the scene where a TV reporter is on the streets talking about the riots and the street gangs start chasing him, or the scene where a previously helpless blonde babe and the middle-aged doctor Tim Thomerson suddenly become kung-fu masters and take out a couple of guards!). The fighting - which of course is the No 1 matter of importance in a movie like this - is fair, though sometimes you can see the moves not making contact. Nevertheless, both Costas Mandylor and Sasha Mitchell have the necessary kickboxing background for their roles, and Kathleen Kinmont proves that she could still do action. Acting-wise, Mandylor fares best by keeping it low-key (at times he seems to be trying for a Stallone imitation), while Vincent Klyn fares worst by overplaying. I do have to give the film credit, though, for delivering at least one genuine shock (no need to say more, you'll understand if you see it). (**)

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brilliantly horrible

Author: David Yost (dmy5b) from United States
22 January 2005

This film is a must see for those viewers who can appreciate the merit of a poorly made action flick. The acting, directing, and script are all pitifully weak, which lends a certain charm. If you are interested in a story that is moving, compelling, and insightful, this is not the film for you. This is the perfect movie to watch on a boring Saturday night, drinking beer with your friends. It requires little attention to follow the story and has humorously predictably lines and follies at a very regular pace. The setting seems to have been dreamed up in a matter of minutes, ignoring anachronisms, inconsistencies and improbabilities in the process. The characters are hackneyed caricatures of a century-long history of film heroes and villains, with choice names including Lucifer and Hellian. All in all, this movie is fodder for innumerable drinking games and laughs. Check it out.

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Avoid at all costs

Author: bluelaser-1 from New York, US
12 May 2003

I don't understand how someone can consciencely recommend this movie. It is one of the worst films that I have seen in years. I go into every movie openminded, but after just 5 minutes I knew was what to come.

The storyline of this movie is simple (if not overdone). Nuclear war, chaos, weak falling gov't. Moving gangs go around as a corrupt and makeshift "law" force tries to stop them. While this is going on there is an ebola outbreak ravaging cities and a psychotic leader trying to control the cure.

Now from that summary this movie may sound interesting. It goes WAY downhill. My first quirk is with the acting/story. This is low budget movie, ok, but this is disgusting. No one in the movie has heard of the concept of taking cover. That means when your being shot at you move to a position to hide from bullets. You don't stand in the open and fire like Rambo. Trust me, it looks ridiculous and it goes on throughout the whole film. Then there is the fact that the protagonists only fight with pistols and proceed to kickbox. Yes, what a sound technique. 3 strangers team up and randomly mow down people and kick box them. Did I mention that all 3 of them lost a loved one. Well that surely calls for vengeance. The acting is horrible. My god, cover your ears and eyes horrible. I swear to god that half the gangmembers sound like pirates. YARR YARR YARR HAHAH YARR. Then there is their leader who somehow has a bioresearch labratory (in some fictional lair in the US) and he has also bioengineered a super soldier. This is good, he is a deluded king that must think he is royalty. He has a sword and nights people, he wanders about his palace giving orders and not really doing much when they aren't accomplished.

I'm going to stop here, because there are so many things to criticize that I can't even organize it all properly. I suggest you steer clear of this movie. I like the genre but this is a stinker if I've ever seen one. I suggest "28 Days Later", "Dawn of the Dead", or anything else if you want a good post-apocalpytic flic. I highly highly recommend 28 days later. The film is excellent and was filmed on a small budget. Makes you think what could have been done with the money wasted on gangland.

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Good plot, executed badly

Author: Richard Latanville from Canada
25 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Objectively speaking; reading mountains worth of negative flack from the public, they hail Gangland the worse movie of all time. Back the truck up! Plan 9 from outer space is the worse. Gangland is a mere B movie pales in jurisdiction to Plan 9 a Z movie. Plan 9 is worse because for bad effects, like you can see the lines that holds up planets and what not. So comparing Gangland this movie is a step up.

Gangland has a decent plot, a post-apocalyptic world after nuclear fallout (sort of like Detroit today lol)which lead to a plague outbreak, and a doctor found a cure. He has to bring the cure to Phoenix but Gangland (gang) captures him and forces him to develop it for Lucifer (Leader of Gangland). Jared, Derek and Alexis sought out to save the doctor and kill Lucifer and bring the doctor to Phoenix.

But they didn't execute the movie too well, they could elaborate on the war and how the plague was set in by it. They added another Gangland made of muscle, he added zilch to it, for being pumped up of super steroids and DNA from the best soldiers, the monster doesn't hit as well. Stuff like being whipped for hours, Jared doesn't have lacerations on him, amazing! And the movie finished fast with a "Cliffhanger" feeling to it, but there is no sequel to it.

Conclusion: My favorite actor Sasha Mitchell in this movie. Nice to see his Cody Lambert persona in it. The protagonist weren't too bad, the antagonist stunk. This movie isn't too bad at all, but it is a B movie, what do you expect? Cody Lambert in a knight armor on a white horse saving the day?

Acting: 5/10 Plot 7/10 Execution: 2/10 Fighting: 4/10 MY Total: 18/40 = 45% which puts it 4/10 , 45% on a Metacritic scale would make this film bad.

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Cyborg ripoff that isn't that bad!

Author: TheHardTarget6 from United States
28 April 2007

It is a total ripoff of cyborg. A deadly flesh eating virus is destroying mankind while ganglanders (in place of Cannibalistic Flesh Pirates from Cyborg) terrorize and run the streets. The scientist who can cure the disease gets kidnapped and forced to develop the serum for an evil gang leader named Lucifer (Vincent Klyn-Fender from Cyborg, Klyn is way cooler and badass in Cyborg then he is in this crapper). The main hero has emotional flashbacks of his family being killed.

It just felt like a total ripoff of Cyborg. which isn't all that bad because Cyborg is a rare martial arts classic.

Some of the highlights in the film are SASHA MITCHELL, who looks ripped and kicks some serious butt! Ice T and Coolio are in for only 5 minutes and it is fun to watch Vincent Klyn play a baddie again. Worth watching if you like Cyborg or low-budget martial arts.

The fight scenes are average. Except Mitchell still does some cool stuff.

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