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Los Angeles Times
His is a triumph of pure filmmaking, a pitiless, unrelenting, no-excuses war movie so thoroughly convincing it's frequently difficult to believe it is a staged re-creation.
Absolutely harrowing, shocking in its sudden revelatory immediacy, and very, very well done, Black Hawk Down is one of the best depictions of the outright lunacy inherent to battle I have ever seen.
Miami Herald
An overwhelmingly tactile experience. Scott brings you so close into the action, the grit and smoke and blood seem to spill off the screen and into your head.
One hell of a ride. For better or for worse, it will leave you stunned and reeling.
Baltimore Sun
Black Hawk Down, in the end, is a docudrama. But it's sensationally well done, and it opens up a battlefield that needed to be documented.
L.A. Weekly
In the end, neither the appealing cast -- nor the force of Scott's stunning imagery is enough to make us understand why these men died.
No doubt captures some of the horror and the chaos of the actual situation, but it makes for a loud, often confusing, and always bloody two and a half hours.
Goes down like stiff medicine, leaving one feeling exhausted relief when it's finally over.
Sitting through the accomplished but meaningless Black Hawk Down is like being trapped in an action film version of "Groundhog Day," condemned to sit through the same carnage over and over.
Wall Street Journal
Functions mainly as an action extravaganza, and a numbingly depersonalized one at that.

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