Strike It Rich with Matthew McConaughey In Gold Blu-ray Giveaway

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Strike It Rich with Matthew McConaughey In Gold Blu-ray Giveaway
Matthew McConaughey is striking it rich with the true story film adaptation of ‘Gold,’ which showcases how dreams and greed often fuel each other. The adventure drama, which focuses on a gold prospector’s desperate attempt to achieve success, no matter the cost, is set to bring the American dream home. The film, which now available […]

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Spice World: The Movie at 20

Simon Brew Apr 6, 2017

It's 20 years since the Spice Girls headed to the big screen for their solo movie. And we've taken a look back...

I don’t think Spice World: The Movie is as good as Inception.

This winter marks the 20th birthday of a film that many had sneered at before its release, and many continue to sneer at now. Boasting a hard-won 3.4/10 score on IMDb, Spice World: The Movie pops up from time to time in lists slamming films involving pop stars, or, if it’s lucky, it appears on the ‘guilty pleasure’ carousel. For added fun, the late Roger Ebert had it as one of the films that he most hated. Yikes.

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, personally, and have written about that before. Nor do I agree with Roger. For I do enjoy Spice World: The Movie for what it is: a daft, breezy,
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Robert Downey Jr. Will Take ‘The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle’

If you’re wondering what happens when you go from being the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind “Traffic” to the filmmaker responsible for the critically manhandled box-office flop “Gold,” look no further than Stephen Gaghan. The man once carrying the brand for prestige drama is going to make a Doctor Dolittle movie.

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THR reveals that Robert Downey Jr.

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The Copper-Alloyed ‘Gold’ With Matthew McConaughey Can’t Strike It Rich [Review]

Transformations are everything in cinema, and recognizable physical changes often yield major results. Think of an actor so committed to their role they’ll starve themselves (Christian Bale, Matt Damon) or pack on the pounds (Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron) in order to disappear into a part. The drastic alterations (sometimes know as Oscar bait performances in cynical circles) shock and usually compel the viewer to sit up and lean in closer.

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The 10 Best Criterion Collection DVDs and Blu-rays of 2016

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The 10 Best Criterion Collection DVDs and Blu-rays of 2016
While everyone else is busy asking if the movies are dying or not, the Criterion Collection — year after year — is quietly devoting themselves to making sure that the medium will live forever.

Widely accepted as the gold standard of DVD, Blu-Ray, and beyond (2016 saw the company expand their grasp on the world of home video with the launch of FilmStruck, a streaming platform that’s largely dedicated to their roster of films and the cinephiles who can’t live without them), Criterion operates in a gilded bubble of their own design — it doesn’t matter if physical media is on the decline, people who swore off buying DVDs years ago still find themselves stockpiling those beautifully packaged Criterion editions like they’re building a library of precious volumes, like their homes would be glaringly incomplete without them.

The Best of 2016: IndieWire’s Year in Review Bible

2016 was business
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Reliving the joys of an 80s TV Christmas

Jenny Morrill Dec 20, 2016

Russ Abbot, Bullseye, Noel Edmonds and a film we all watched in the same room. Christmas TV was more exciting in the 80s...

Cast your mind back to when Christmas Day wasn't about Doctor Who followed by sticking something on Netflix until it was time to go watch the annual fist fight outside the pub.

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In the 80s, Christmas was about seeing which fantastic fare the TV had decided to bless us with. Of course, the more prepared among us knew this well in advance, having eagerly pored over the Radio Times/TV Times to check that Jimmy Cricket's Family Laugh 'n' Waz would be shown. There it was – right after Reflections On The Eucharist With The Reverend Paul Leyland.
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Matthew McConaughey Wants To Strike It Rich In First Trailer For ‘Gold’

Matthew McConaughey is having a rough year. His rebellion drama “Free State Of Jones” didn’t do much at the box office, and the critically slammed “The Sea Of Trees” is coming off its lackluster Cannes debut and headed into cinemas. But he’s going to end 2016 on a potential high note with “Gold,” a promising awards […]

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'I wish I'd had your balls': the star of My Mad Fat Diary meets its writer

My Mad Fat Diary is based on Rae Earl's darkly funny self-harm memoir. So what happened when she met her screen self? Some fighting talk about diets, death threats and Sydney Youngblood

Sharon Rooney is looking baffled and a little scared. Only hours after first meeting the person whose troubled late teens she portrays in E4's warm and acerbic comedy-drama My Mad Fat Diary, the same woman is bellowing the tinny funk of 1989 toe-tapper If Only I Could at her. "You don't know Sydney Youngblood?" cries Rae Earl, incredulously. "Do you know Ride on Time by Black Box?" The caterwauling a-cappella rendition of Italian house that follows is as cacophonous as it is inevitable. Rae Earl is 42. The 24-year-old sitting beside her rolls her eyes.

Their personalities are as distinct as their upbringings. "I wish I'd had your balls when I was in my teens," says Rooney to Earl,
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Michael Barrymore planning TV comeback in acting role

Michael Barrymore has revealed plans for a TV comeback.

The comedian has not starred in a regular TV show since the aftermath of the death of Stuart Lubbock in his pool back in 2001. He has since had brief stints in shows such as Celebrity Big Brother.

The 61-year-old revealed to The Mirror that he has accepted an offer to take on a dramatic role in an upcoming drama.

He said: "I was offered something yesterday. It is actually for an acting part. I think the role will surprise people. It's dark. When I read the script I was excited and got a good feeling about it. Acting's my comfort zone.

"That's what I grew up doing, but comedy took over."

Barrymore - who previously revealed that he has been working in a local garden centre - added that he currently makes most of his money through repeats of his old
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Michael Barrymore charged with cocaine possession

Michael Barrymore has been caught in possession of cocaine after a car crash in west London. The Strike It Rich entertainer and another man were arrested after police found the illegal Class A substance inside his Citroen DS3 vehicle. Scotland Yard say that Barrymore has also been charged with being drunk and disorderly. Police have confirmed that the arrest followed an incident that occurred in Acton at 4.30am on Tuesday morning. Officers discovered the scene while on a routine patrol at (more)
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'Celebrity Coach Trip' lineup revealed: Barrymore, Wagner confirmed

Celebrity Coach Trip's second series lineup has been announced in full by Channel 4. Ten celebrities will join tour guide Brendan Sheerin for a two-week expedition around the Mediterranean. Top of the cast list is former entertainer Michael Barrymore, who sets off with friend and Strike It Rich producer Maurice Leonard. On the journey, Barrymore reportedly falls off a horse and, partly as a result of his painkillers, apparently has a foul-mouthed confrontation with a French waiter. Among the four other original couples are Big Brother 8 duo Brian Belo with Spencer Smith and Katie Price's make-up artist Gary Cockerill alongside Phil (more)
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Michael Barrymore calls 'Coach Trip' waiter a 'c***'

Michael Barrymore was asked to leave a restaurant after launching a foul-mouthed verbal attack during the filming of Celebrity Coach Trip. According to The Mirror, the former Strike It Rich host squared up to a French waiter before calling him a "c***". "He was necking wine and becoming louder and louder. When a waiter looked at him, Michael lost it and started shouting and swearing, calling the poor chap a 'c***'," a source claimed. "Glasses got smashed. Michael tried to goad him into throwing (more)
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Barrymore 'falls off horse' on 'Coach Trip'

Michael Barrymore has had an accident while filming Channel 4 reality show Celebrity Coach Trip, say reports. The former Strike It Rich presenter fell off a horse during one of the daily activities on the teatime series. According to The Sun, Barrymore spent a day recovering in a hotel in France after suffering bruising and a chipped tooth. The TV star has also apparently booked himself in for an Mri scan. Barrymore will be among the (more)
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Michael Barrymore for 'Celebrity Coach Trip'

Michael Barrymore is among the celebrities taking part in series two of Celebrity Coach Trip. The former Strike It Rich presenter has signed up to join tour guide Brendan Sheerin on the "holiday of a lifetime". Following the huge success of the first celebrity run last year, which regularly pulled in over 2 million viewers, Channel 4 has commissioned two further series. The broadcaster has also given the green light to series seven and series eight of the non-celebrity format. Channel 4's head of daytime Helen Warner said: "I'm so proud of the success of the Coach Trip (more)
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Michael Barrymore 'dating blonde woman'

Michael Barrymore has reportedly found love with a mystery blonde woman. According to The Sun, the former Strike It Lucky star revealed the news while filming a forthcoming episode of Come Dine With Me featuring ex-gameshow hosts. The 58-year-old came out as gay in 1995 during a national radio interview. However, while appearing on Come Dine, he apparently told fellow contestant Anthea Redfern that he was planning to host a "going back in" party. After being asked to clarify what he meant, he replied: (more)
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Laugh Lines: from Bob Martin to Extras

If Extras reminded me of the mostly forgotten Michael Barrymore sitcom, it may be because they were inspired by the same source...

Three years ago I interviewed Stephen Merchant and asked him if he had ever seen the 2000/2001 Michael Barrymore sitcom Bob Martin, set in the world of light entertainment quiz shows and featuring weekly special guests playing versions of themselves. Merchant politely said that he knew it but did not really remember it. Which was interesting, because when I first saw the Gervais/Merchant sitcom Extras in 2005, it was the first thing I thought of.

Both were sitcoms which took real celebrities and plonked them in the middle of fictional comedic situations. Both played on the desperation and vanity of stars in a world where pecking order is paramount and the best table at the Ivy is everything. The only real difference was the calibre of celebrity the creators could attract.
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