Murder by Numbers (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

murder school
high school high school student
marijuana police
janitor forensics
investigation monkey bite
animal bite friendship
friend blood
hugging burning evidence
reference to matlock kiss
ocean kissing
grabbing someone's neck kneeling
coastline coast
intimidation following someone
court secret room
videotaped sex teenage sex
video recording punched in the face
bloody nose broken clock
hanging from a balcony thrown off a balcony
falling over a cliff cliff
handgun pistol
revolver shot in the arm
ford mustang digital video
childhood memory hidden room
abusive father lawn sprinkler
rubber boots garage
animal attack monkey
sex scene sepia
flashback chest scar
female police officer police partner
policewoman sociopath
killer child love triangle
teenage girl teenage boy
three word title video camera
murder conspiracy alibi
study group disposing of a dead body
goggles rubber gloves
overalls murder disguised as suicide
faked suicide gun shaped lighter
shot to death shot in the head
planting evidence hit with a hammer
female tied up tied to a bed
body wrapped in plastic dead body in a car trunk
body in a trunk questioned by police
held at gunpoint photograph
corpse haunted by the past
framed for murder dead body
photoshop doughnut
abandoned house derelict house
slut reference to friedrich nietzsche
nietzsche homosexual subtext
homoeroticism gay subtext
friedrich nietzsche strong female character
strangled to death fall to death
suicide pact evidence collection
stabbed to death thrill killing
ritual killing sex video
footprint boots
dork gym
homicide investigation finger cut off
geek philosophy
test dark past
female to male foot in crotch title based on song
psychopath teenager
psycho thriller police detective
mind game absinthe
nosebleed murderer duo
california photographer
lawyer gunshot wound
gunfire fight
confession of crime classroom
bite scene of the crime
interrogation ring
strangulation evidence
clock judo
fbi vomit
houseboat baboon
murder investigation leopold loeb case
hammer perfect murder scheme
greenhouse photography
balcony hospital
hair plastic
sea severed finger
female detective dead boy
falling from height forensic evidence
garbage friendship between boys
parole hearing martial arts

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