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Chicago Sun-Times
Bullock does a good job here of working against her natural likability, creating a character you'd like to like, and could like, if she weren't so sad, strange and turned in upon herself.
The result is two or three cuts above genre standard.
The outline of Murder by Numbers may be familiar, but the filmmakers and Bullock do an expert job of filling in the colors.
Baltimore Sun
The story may be about cold-blooded murder, but Bullock's pulsating performance is about the getting of wisdom.
Philadelphia Inquirer
When Bullock is on screen, Murder by Numbers is as far away as a sleepwalker's gaze. But when Schroeder focuses on the teenagers, the film is wide awake, eye-to-eye with adolescent angst and anomie.
New York Post
In effect gives you two movies for the price of one. The better one doesn't star Sandra Bullock.
Entertainment Weekly
Even though Bullock engages in a climactic scene of blue-screen peril, she essentially cedes the match to the kids. In this mediocre murder case, their presence is the only thing that's really killer.
A near miss, a respectable but uninspired thriller that's intelligent and considered in its details, but ultimately weak in its impact.
New York Daily News
Ultimately, Murder by Numbers has been reduced to a tease, giving us a hint -- mostly through the fine performances of Gosling, who creates a charismatic sociopath, and Pitt, who's character seems genuinely troubled -- of the kind of relevant social drama it might have been.
Rolling Stone
A sappy big-screen version of TV's "CSI."
Wall Street Journal
The shallow-seated problem with Murder by Numbers is that it's serious and doggedly intricate but not much fun.

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