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MPAA Rated R for language, sexuality and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • In a couple of scenes we see Alyssa take off her clothes (we see them drop to the floor at her feet) and join a Sam in a shower (we see their bare shoulders); once they begin to kiss and he ejaculates.
  • Josh and Colleen have sex (he's on top of her thrusting. We see the comforter of the bed going up and down rhythmically.); they are interrupted and we see her running out of the room nude from the back and Josh struggles to put on his clothes.
  • George and Robin kiss passionately and fall back onto a bed but are interrupted before anything else happens.
  • Sam and Alyssa kiss.
  • Colleen yells on the phone "You're driving me crazy. I want you in my bed right now."
  • Alyssa climbs into bed with George and kisses him as an experiment.
  • Josh and Sam talk about one of them going to join a man in a car to perform sexual acts: we see the young man later as he gets out of the car with his pants around his ankles and his boxer shorts exposed.
  • Sam showers and we see his silhouette through a fogged glass shower door and his bare chest when he opens the door (this happens a few times).
  • George showers outdoors and we see his bare buttocks before he wraps a towel around his waist.
  • Colleen tries on a bra and panties and looks in a mirror.
  • George walks out of his house to a cliff in his underwear and urinates over the edge (we hear the trickle); Alyssa watches the man with interest.
  • Sam gets out of bed and wears only his jockey shorts.
  • Robin kisses George's face to wake him.
  • A Nurse touches George'a head and face tenderly and when he tries to touch her back she pulls away.
  • George touches Robin's face and she snaps her teeth at him (he comments later that she bit him).

Violence & Gore

  • Sam (Hayden Christensen) "hangs" himself with a belt from his closet rod and huffs some propellant while masturbating (auto-erotic asphyxiation). He passes out, the closet rod breaks, and he falls to the floor.
  • A horror movie on a TV shows a woman screaming and being slashed by a man with knives on his hand.
  • A man talks about a car accident caused by his father who was driving drunk; during the accident his mother and the driver of the other car were killed, and a young girl was injured.
  • A man talks about putting a gun to his father's head and wanting to kill him (the gun is a BB gun).
  • A young man falls off a roof and crashes into a table splintering it (we hear later that he has several broken bones).
  • A man collapses and falls hard to the ground on his back, a man collapses again and lands hard on his face, and a man has several attacks of debilitating pain.
  • A woman finds a man unconscious and is fearful that he's dead.
  • A man throws his son back on a bed and shakes him by the shoulders while yelling at him.
  • A young man yells abusively at his mother and father, a young man grabs a man by the shirt and yells at him.
  • A young man kicks his car in frustration.
  • George (Kevin Kline) throws a tray of bread against a wall.
  • A man kicks something and a young man slams a window.
  • A man yells threats at a dog and chases him in his car and on foot several times.
  • A man jumps off a high cliff into the ocean below, and a young man does the same thing.
  • A woman remarks that she hates her son, and a young man tells his mother and father that he hates them.
  • A young man talks about needing to have a bowel movement. There are many scenes of demolition while a man tears down an old house.
  • A man crushes architectural models in an office building with a stick (people run and scream in fear), and one of the models is being held by another man who yells while the model splinters.
  • A man threatens to remove his son's piercing with a claw hammer.


  • 19 F-words, 1 obscene hand gesture, 11 scatological terms, 2 sexual references, 5 anatomical terms, several other crass words, 9 religious exclamations.
  • Sam is mostly the one who is foul mouthing a lot. Everyone else (including George and Robin) swears little to none.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Sam (Hayden Christensen) uses marijuana and huffs aerosols. He also took some prescription medication twice at different times. Later, he stated he took Vicodin.
  • Josh is seen smoking in a couple scenes.
  • Sam is seen briefly smoking a cigarette (but later George took it out by force) He is also seen smoking in one of the deleted scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Sam (Hayden Christensen) hangs himself with a belt from his closet rod in an attempt to "get high." He passes out, the closet rod breaks, and he falls to the floor.
  • A series of events where George got diagnosed with cancer. (*Spoiler* Towards the end, he revealed it to Sam that it was the real reason he wanted him (Sam) for the summer.)

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