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Kline is one of the rare major actors not afraid to look like hell. And given his character's plight, his willingness to get physically unpleasant matches the emotion he brings to the part.
This movie lets you feel something. Like George's house, if not his life, it's built well and full of heart.
Works as a heart-warming, involving experience.
Chicago Sun-Times
Because it is slick and classy and good to look at, and the actors are well within their range of competence, you can enjoy the movie on a made-for-TV level, but you wish it had been smarter and tougher.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Elevated beyond its cutesy contrivances and mawkishness by some extraordinarily good performances.
Miami Herald
Makes for a compelling comedy-drama about family ties. It's only when the cancer takes center stage that the movie feels like a wash.
New York Post
An overwrought, ramshackle weepie that really doesn't deserve Kline's Oscar-caliber work.
Kline, in particular, has the spark and know-how to overcome some awfully belabored writing and situations.
Wall Street Journal
Mark Andrus's script is built on soggy sandstone, and Irwin Winkler's bulldozer direction keeps unearthing toxic epiphanies. That's not to say the movie isn't occasionally moving, as well as exasperating.
Rolling Stone
Christensen is the only jolt of excitement in this turgid soap opera.
New York Daily News
Kline will break your heart, while the rest of the movie will just make you sick.
Entertainment Weekly
No worse than any disease-of-the-week TV movie, and no more moralistic than any Lifetime drama. But it's no better, either, and it ought to be.

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