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The A.V. Club
Out of that clever setup, Changing Lanes pulls both the promised taut suspense and a much deeper film: an ethics thriller.
Rarely have I seen a film so willing to champion the fallibility of the human heart.
Miami Herald
Loses its nerve in the final minutes, relying on a series of contrivances to arrive at an unconvincingly pat, happy ending. The story begged for a darker, more biting resolution.
Seething, searing tragedy of unmannerliness.
Chicago Tribune
A thrilling ride but also a thoughtful one, it's a movie that does manage to do more good than bad by the end of the day.
Baltimore Sun
For all its pretensions, Changing Lanes, ultimately, is about nothing more profound than one foul day.
Charlotte Observer
It's watchable from start to finish, despite lapses in common sense, and it boasts a terrific cast of over-40 actors.
Rolling Stone
What these guys do for revenge during one hellish day in the Big Apple makes the panic room look like Barney's toy box. The film itself goes off the deep end way before the end credits.
New Times (L.A.)
If you can roll with these moments, the rest of the film pays off, but even with a relatively happy ending (one that, given the characters in question, may not last), it's a heck of a downer for date night.
New York Daily News
Gets too caught up in its escalating violence and strained-to-bursting moral subtexts. It's the blood of souls drenching the screen, and it's a hideous sight to behold.

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