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Nothing if not a celebration of our willingness to be gulled by life's charming strangers.
Chicago Sun-Times
This is not a major Spielberg film, although it is an effortlessly watchable one.
Entertainment Weekly
The film's charm ends up worn out by the very perfection of Frank's con. We look at this teen wizard of rotating identity, and we realize we know everything about him except who he is.
San Francisco Chronicle
What lingers in the memory is the impression of having experienced a frolic, a ride through the park on a bright winter day.
Philadelphia Inquirer
In the end (and it's a happy end, to be sure), Catch Me if You Can is as crisp and trim as a new suit. Well, a new old suit - say, circa the 1960s.
New York Daily News
A pleasant romp through the land of Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.
Chicago Tribune
Brilliant performances by DiCaprio as Frank Jr. and Christopher Walken as his fallen father - and an enjoyable one by Tom Hanks.
Spielberg's directing is a tad less tricky than usual, but he doesn't have much talent for psychological suspense, which is the heart of the story. DiCaprio underplays nicely and Walken is superb as the con artist's downtrodden dad.
For all his genre-hopping and shape-shifting Spielberg seems to have become too big to tell small stories, which is one reason why the film sputters on one too many false endings.
Wall Street Journal
Finally seems like a bit of a con in its own right, but a marvelously smooth one.
Catch offers mild fun but never as much as its animated '60s-retro opening credits portend. They're the cutest of the year.
What begins brightly gets bogged down over 140 minutes. A film that took off like a hare on speed ends like a winded tortoise.

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