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15 Jun. 1957
The Man Who Changed Faces
Jim Bishop tells how, during World War Two, a Norwiegian underground fighter switched places with a Nazi officer with the aid of plastic surgery.
27 Jul. 1957
Santa Claus in a Jeep
Ralph Bellamy plays a UN officer determined to help peasants in the Greek countryside with relief aid after the war.But a partisan leader, who once fought the Nazis, now controls the people with terror, and wants no part of the UN help.
3 Aug. 1957
The Millionth Frenchman
A public relations scheme to honour the millionth repatriated French soldier from Prisoner of War camps runs into some comedic snags when the man selected won't go without his unsavoury comrade.
10 Aug. 1957
The George Polk Story
A lady reporter covers the murder of CBS newsman during the 1947 Greek civil war, but she's unexpectedly accused of complicity in it.
17 Aug. 1957
The Littlest Sergeant
A comic story of how a Polish orphan boy is adopted by an American sergeant while fighting in Germany. After the war, the boy must stay behind until he's processed, but in the mean time makes lots of trouble.
24 Aug. 1957
The Unknown Man
Stevadores unloading a ship in London discover a weak stowaway suffering from lack of food and water, but the captain of the communist Polish ship has him hauled away. The free Polish embassy works hard through a holiday weekend to have him freed, enlisting help from high judges and prime minister Churchill.
31 Aug. 1957
Tatiana, the Czar's Daughter
An American reporter relates how the Czar's daughter, who escaped her family's murder, now incognito as a nurse, is sought by soviet agents who would prevent her from collecting a hidden inheritance.
7 Sep. 1957
Two Against the Kremlin
An American correspondent with a Russian wife and children faces increased hostility in Moscow during Stalin's reign, and try desperately to secure a way out of the country.

 Season 1 

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