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Could've been better
wwfhistoryguy7 April 2004
This one was marred by potentially great matches being cut very short.

The opening match was a waste of the Legion of Doom, but I guess the only way they could have been eliminated by Demolition was a double-DQ. Otherwise, Mr. Perfect would have had to put in overtime. Kerry von Erich, the I-C champ, was wasted here. And this was the third ppv in a row where Perfect jobbed. Remember, before that he never lost a match.

The second match was very good, possibly the best of the night. Ted DiBiase and the Undertaker were excellent, while the Jim Neidhart had one of his WWF highlights, pinning the Honky Tonk Man. Koko B. Ware continued his tradition of being the first to put over a new heel (remember the Big Bossman and Yokozuna?). This was a foreshadowing of Bret Hart's singles career, as he came back from two-on-one and almost survived the match. He and DiBiase put on a wrestling clinic, making us forget that the point of the match was DiBiase's boring feud with Dusty Rhodes.

Even though the Visionaries were the first team to have all of its members survive (and only the second since '87 to have four survivors), this match was not a squash. This was the longest match of the night, and Jake did a repeat of his '88 performance when he was left alone against four men and dominated. I think he could have actually pulled off an upset. These days, the match would have ended the other way around.

One of the shortest SS matches ever was also one of its most surprising. Possibly the most underrated wrestler ever, Tito Santana was the inspirational wrestler of the night, putting on war paint and pinning Boris Zukhov, Tanaka, and even the Warlord in the final survival match. It was so strange to see him put over so overwhelmingly, then go right back to his mediocre career. Sgt. Slaughter also did well, getting rid of Volkoff and the Bushwhackers, but that just wasn't a surprise. Tito was.

I think the only point of the survival match was to have Hogan and the Warrior win together at the end.

This show was boring and the matches were too short. The Undertaker's debut was cool, but Tito Santana is the reason I will remember this one.
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Anyone love the idea of watching a Mexican gambol around in a turkey suit?
BobbyUK25 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Here are the matches...

The Warriors (Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado and Legion of Doom) v The Perfect Team (Mr Perfect, Ax, Smash and Crush of Demolition): Ax is the first to go in seconds when Warrior splashes him for the pin (4-3 adv. Warriors). I knew Ax wasn't a healthy man but if he was that unhealthy why bother have him on the card? This would be his last PPV. Eventually, both Legion of Doom and Demolition job out cheaply via double disqualification (2-1 adv. Warriors). Perfect applies the Perfect Plex on Texas Tornado for the pin. He then attempts the same on Warrior but Warrior no-sells it and kicks out. Warrior comes back with a splash to pin Perfect and become the sole survivor.5/10

The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes, Koko B Ware and The Hart Foundation v Million Dollar Team (Ted Dibiase, Mystery Partner and Rhythm and Blues): The mystery partner is The Undertaker and, on his debut, disposes of Koko straight away with The Tombstone (Monsoon manages to say his correct height, weight and finishing move while pretending not to know who he is) making it 4-3 to Dibiase's Team. Niedhart power-slams Honky Tonk Man for the pin (3-3) and Honky's career with the WWF is over. Shortly afterwards, it is Niedhart who falls victim to Dibiase with help from Virgil (3-2 adv. Dibiase's team). Rhodes next after an Undertaker double axe-handle off the top rope but doesn't leave quietly attacking Brother Love. Undertaker goes after Rhodes and gets counted out despite not being the legal man (2-1 adv. Dibiase's Team). Almost straight after, Greg Valentine gets caught in a cradle by Hart trying to put the figure four leg-lock on him. It's just Hart v Dibiase left and after a few minutes of nice wrestling Hart gets his body-cross reversed by Dibiase for the pin. Ted Dibiase is the sole survivor. At least Hart is put to good use.6/10

The Vipers (Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka and The Rockers) v Visionaries (Rick 'Model' Martel, Warlord and Power and Glory): After spending some time in the ring, Marty Jannetty gets power slammed by Warlord as he comes off the top rope for the pin (4-3 adv. Visionaries). Snuka gets pinned in seconds by Martel who reverses his body cross (4-2 adv. Visionaries). Michaels gets caught in the Power Plex and pinned by Roma (4-1 adv. Visionaries). It is now Roberts against four men resembling his Survivor Series effort two years before. Despite hitting Warlord with the DDT, Roberts gets counted out chasing after Martel. The Visionaries are the first team in Survivor Series history to completely survive.4/10

Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan, Big Boss Man and Tugboat) v Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Dino Bravo, Barbarian and Haku): One Boss Man slam eliminates Haku early in the bout (4-3 adv. Hulkamaniacs). Duggan whacks Earthquake with his 2 by 4 to get disqualified (3-3). Bravo commits career suicide shortly afterwards by allowing Hogan to cradle him for the pin (3-2 adv. Hulkamaniacs). Earthquake manages to overcome Boss Man with two elbow drops for the pin shortly afterwards (2-2). Hogan gets beat down and FINALLY Tugboat gets a tag (who knew he was there at this point?), Tugboat wrestles for about 30 seconds before getting counted out with Earthquake. Hogan and Barbarian left. Barbarian puts in some nice offence but inevitably gets caught in the big boot and leg drop for the pin. Hulk Hogan is the sole survivor.4/10

The Alliance (Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana and Bushwhackers) v Mercenaries (Sgt Slaughter, Boris Zhukov and Orient Express): All of the Mercanaries wore camouflage face paint. Lightning quick pins here with Santana pinning Zhukov in his last PPV in seconds (4-3 adv. Alliance). There wasn't even a Bolshevik showdown. Bushwhackers hit Sato with The Battering Ram even though Tanaka was the legal man (4-2 adv. Alliance) and would be his last appearance on WWF PPV as The Orient Express get repackaged. Tanaka follows Sato when Santana stuns him with the flying forearm (4-1 adv. Alliance). Despite Slaughter getting in the ring against four men, he eliminates Volkoff, Butch and Luke in that order with relative ease. Finally, Santana beats Slaughter by disqualification when General Adnan hits him with Iraqi flag. At last some interesting booking even though the match was awful. Santana takes the upset victory as the sole survivor and becomes his last finest hour.3/10

The egg hatches and it's The Gobbledy Gooker - Hector Guerrero in a silly outfit. He dances with Gene Okerlund and gets booed by the crowd while Piper and Monsoon pretend they are enjoying it. The segment inspired the website Wrestlecrap so something good came out of it.

Grand Finale: Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Tito Santana v Warlord, Power and Glory, Rick 'Model' Martel and 'Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase: Just another catalogue of eliminations as Santana pins Warlord in seconds with flying forearm avenging his previous Summerslam defeat (4-3 adv. Dibiase's team). Dibiase stun guns Santana afterwards for the pin (4-2 adv. Dibiase's team). Hogan kicks out of The Power Plex and proceeds to pin Roma after a clothesline, effectively killing off Power and Glory's push (3-2 adv. Dibiase's team). Hogan eliminates Martel by count-out and Dibiase with the leg drop for the pin (2-1 adv. Hogan's team). Hogan finally allows Warrior into the match who quickly disposes of former nemesis Hercules after a splash. Direly predictable though the power play between Hogan and Warrior trying to get the other out of the ring after the match is intriguing to watch in hindsight.2/10

Overall, too many matches and very little time had a detrimental effect as the wrestlers were waiting on a conveyor belt to be pinned and The Grand Finale was merely a way of getting Hogan into the main event. Most of the heels were decimated by Warrior and Hogan which is a poor way to handle a great roster of wrestlers.
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classic moments but overall bad
dave7829 December 2005
the real problem with this time in wrestling was the lack of surprises we new hogan would survive and so would the warrior the WWF seemed only to care about these two characters when there was so much talent about. The debut of the Undertaker and a v good couple of minutes between Bret Hart and Ted DiBese make this match the best by far. I still enjoyed it because it was my first survivor series but looking back it was a waste. In a time when there was only four pay per views a year this is a real letdown. Worth watching to see some classic characters Mr.Perfect ,Demolition ,L.o.d and Kerry Von Erich all in one elimination match but the WWF commitment to trying to make certain people come of looking good ruins the quality of the match the event feels like just another stepping stone for certain wrestlers. If this eventually led to Wrestlemania 7 Hogan vs Warrior 2 and l.o.d vs Demolition it would have been good hype but the WWF seemed to lose its bottle
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Big Movie Fan30 April 2002
The 1990 Survivor Series was truly a classic event. So much happened at the event which was memorable.

For starters, we had the debut of The Undertaker who is still tearing up wrestlers today. The Undertaker was a lot younger and faster than he is today. He was truly invincible. At this event he was the surprise member of The Million Dollar Team and the opposing team just couldn't put a dent in him.

The great things about this and other Survivor Series events is that the writers of these shows put enemies against each other in teams of four. Okay, I know wrestling is just another branch of showbiz but we can at least pretend that the guys all hate each other.

Hulk Hogan captained a team against the Earthquake who was one of the most despicable heels of the time. Earthquake and Hogan had a lot of history and the energy during this match was great. There were four other great Survival matches on the card and then we got to see a Grand Finale where the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Tito Santana faced the devastating Visionaries and the Million Dollar Man.

This video is perfect for wrestling fans who like to see such explosive battles in the ring!
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An interesting twist on the Survivor Series concept
bh_tafe316 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Fourth Annual Survivor Series, and the third different Survivor Series format. The first two Survivor Series featured one twenty man tag team match each, and three five on five elimination tag matches. The next year featured five 4 on 4 elimination tag matches. This year all of the elimination tag matches are building up to the main event where all the good survivors will be put in a team and face off with the evil survivors, with the winners crowned the Ultimate Survivors.

The night started off with WWE Champion The Ultimate Warrior, the great NWA Tag Team the Road Warriors, now renamed the Legion of Doom Hawk and Animal and Intercontinental Champion Kerry Von Erich defeating Mr Perfect and Demolition Crush, Ax and Smash. It came down to Mr Perfect vs The Warrior and Kerry Von Erich. Perfect was able to pin Von Erich, but fell to the Ultimate Warrior. Earlier Demolition and the LOD had got in a brawl outside the ring and all of them had been disqualified.

WWE Legend The Undertaker made his debut in the next match, representing Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Team, consisting of DiBiase, Undertaker, and Rhythm and Blues Greg Valentine and the Honky Tonk Man as they defeated the Dream Team of Dusty Rhodes, Koko B Ware and the Hart Foundation Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. It came down to Hart and DiBiase with DiBiase hitting a flying cross body to be the sole survivor. This match was part of the rivalry between Dusty Rhdes and Ted DiBiase. DiBiase had brought the services of Rhodes' woman Sapphire at Summerslam.

Next up saw the first shut out in Survivor Series history as the evil Visionaries Rick Martel, Warlord, and Power and Glory Paul Roma and Hercules defeated The Vipers Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka and the Rockers Shawn Micheals and Marty Janetty.

At the moment it looks like we'll be seeing the Ultimate Warrior taking on five men in the main event. But there are still two matches to come. Can some of the good guys stand up and even out the score?

Hulk Hogan went some of the way toward evening up the main event as he survived the next match. The Hulkamaiacs: Hulk Hogan, Jim Duggan, Tugboat and The Big Boss Man defeated the Natural Disasters Earthquake, Haku, Dino Bravo and the Barbarian. This was an even contest which ended with Hogan pinning Barbarian following a leg drop.

Our final qualifying match for the main event was won by the Alliance: Tito Santana, Nikolai Volkoff and Butch and Luke the Bushwackers, who defeated The Mercenaries Sgt Slaughter, Boris Zhukov and the Orient Express. Santana was the sole survivor after Slaughter's evil Iraqi friend Sgt Adnan hit Santana and Slaughter was disqualified. What's going on with this story? Why is the super patriotic Slaughter siding with Iraq and wrestling with foreigners? Someone needs to put him into his place.

So here comes our main event as the good guys Hulk Hogan, The Ulltimate Warrior and Tito Santana defeated the Bad Guys Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel, The Warlord, Paul Roma and Hercules with Hogan and the Warrior the survivors. This was a short match, ending after Hogan had pinned DiBiase following a leg drop and the Warrior pinned Hercules following a body splash.

An interesting idea that worked reasonably well here. Needed some sort of tie between the good teams and evil teams rather than simply being good and evil. A fun night, but really didn't leave us anticipating the next year's story lines as the previous three had.
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Another one of the best WWF events ever
NukeIt214 February 2002
This event was great, and had some of the greatest gimmicks here. In the opening match we have Mr Perfect (with Bobby Heenan) and Demolition (Ax, Smash and Crush with Mr Fuji) vs. Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado, and Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal). This was during the time that Ax was on his way out and Crush was on his way in, when Demolition was a 3 man team. I thought that was pretty cool.

Then we have Dusty Rhodes, Hart Foundation and Koko B Ware vs Million Dollar Man (with Virgil), Rhythm and Blues (Honky Tonk Man and black-haired Greg Valentine with Jimmy Hart) and the Undertaker (with Brother Love). This is the event where the Undertaker was introduced to the WWF and this is his first match ever. Here, Brother Love is he chubby manager/boss, before Paul Bearer.

The next match is Jake the Snake, the Rockers and Jimmy Snuka vs. Rick Martel, Power and Glory (with Slick) and the Warlord (with Slick).

Then we have Hulk Hogan, Tugboat, Big Boss Man and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart), Dino Bravo (with Jimmy Hart), Haku (with Bobby Heenan), and Barbarian (with Bobby Heenan). Rick Rude (who had a world title shot at Summerslam just 3 months earlier) was scheduled to be on Earthquake's team, but he quit the WWF before this event took place. He was replaced by Haku, another Heenan family member. This is during a period where the entire Heenan family was feuding with the Big Boss Man.

The next match is Nikolai Volkoff, Bushwackers and Tito Santana vs. Sgt Slaughter (with General Adnan), the Orient Express (Sato and Tanaka with Mr Fuji) and Boris Zukov (replacing Akeem). I am no sure why Slick's man Akeem did not appear at this event, he was a no show at last year's Survivor Series also. Boris Zukov replaces him (I didn't know Zukov was still in the WWF at this time!) Zukov was once managed by Slick, too, so I am not sure why Slick does not appear with him here.

We then have Mean Gene with the hatching of the Gobbledy Gooker (a gimmick played by Hector Guerrero) This was the only appearance of the Gobbledy Gooker until Wrestlemania X-7 in 2001.

The last match feature the the good guy survivors from the previous matches against all the bad guy survivors from the previous matches, so this match was Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Tito Santana vs. Million Dollar Man, Rick Martel, Power and Glory and Warlord. 3 vs 5. In all, this event was one of the best WWF pay per views ever and I give it 10 out of 10
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Mainly a disappointment.
alexanderdavies-9938226 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The 4th Survivor Series event suffers from having matches that are far too brief. Usually with teams of four, you usually got about 20 minutes worth of action inside the squared circle. That certainly isn't the case here. Everyone seemed in a rush to get it all over with and that disappoints me. The way that some of the eliminations took place was also rather stupid. A few wrestlers were scheduled to appear in their respective teams but didn't for various reasons. Ravishing Rick Rude was selected for Earthquake's team against Hogan's mob but left not long after the official photo of all the Survivor Series teams were taken. Haku made for a very good replacement though. Bad News Brown was meant to have been part of The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase's team but he left due to contract issues I believe. His replacement would make himself known and for many years to come. Akeem had been chosen for Sgt. Slaughter's team but he left in October the same year. The opening match shows Legion of Doom squaring up to Demolition (all three members) on their respective teams. The Warriors vs The Perfect Team lasts for all of about 12 minutes - ridiculous! There wasn't enough variety of moves either. The remaining matches rate from being pretty good to lousy. There was a deciding match at the end of the event where all the survivors would battle it out to decide who the ultimate winners were. So much could have been achieved but it wasn't to be.
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A missed opportunity for this Survivor Series event.
alexanderdavies-9938225 July 2017
This Fourth Survivor Series event is a big disappointment in my opinion. The matches suffer from being far too short and the way in which some of the wrestlers are eliminated, was rather lazy and unimaginative. The most stupid thing about this Survivor Series from 1990, is the appearance of some idiot dressed up as a feathered hen! I know it was the holiday of Thanks-giving but even so, it was ridiculous. The match of the Ultimate Warrior's team against Mr. Perfect's team, had some potential initially. The Legion of Doom - still one of the best tag teams in Wrestling history - were having a story angle with Demolition. The two teams were on opposing teams at the 1990 Survivor Series. What could have been a great match, resulted in there being an average one. Ax from Demolition was due to leave the WWE for various reasons and new member Crush took his place. Ax had little to do and was eliminated early. The fact that both members of Legion of Doom and Demolition were eliminated at the same time, was both thoroughly lazy and disappointing. It was left to the Ultimate Warrior to win the match. The next match is quite a bit better. We are introduced to a wrestler who would proceed to become one of the company's biggest names - The Undertaker. He was a last minute replacement for Bad News Brown who had left the WWE not long before the date of the Fourth Survivor Series. The Undertaker was on the team of the Millon Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. The match has some good action and the confrontation between DiBiase and Bret Hart is like poetry in motion. Next is the Hulk Hogan match where his team is pitted against his enemy, Earthquake and his team. The match is not bad and is at least entertaining. It's too brief though and should have been about 6 minutes longer. The match of the Vipers vs. The Visionaries is absolutely terrible. Of all the matches on the card, this one should have been shorter as it is too one-sided. The ending was rather stupid as well. The final match is also lamentable. The whole thing was woefully uneven in the way the wrestlers were eliminated. To conclude this Survivor Series event, all the survivors from the matches gathered to wrestle in a match to decide who would be the ultimate survivors. This match was passable without distinguishing itself. A few wrestlers were due to participate in the Fourth Survivor Series but had left before this could happen. Akeem the African Dream and Ravishing Rick Rude each were part of the official photos that were taken to show who the teams were going to be. Macho King Randy Savage didn't take part and I was disappointed.
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The Gobbledy Gooker Says It All
zkonedog26 February 2017
Towards the end of Survivor Series 1990, a giant egg (that had been percolating all night long) "hatches" to produce a man in a chicken suit who proceeds to dance around the ring with Mean Gene Okerlund. That should pretty much tell you all you need to know about this event.

Clearly, the WWF at this point has no idea in which direction it wants to go. There is absolutely no reason why guys like Texas Tornado, Greg Valentine, Koko B. Ware, Jimmy Snuka, Haku, and Dino Bravo should still be so involved. Perhaps they were great in their day, but they have gone completely stale by this time. Combine this with a complete lack of big star power (Warrior not getting the job done, Hogan stagnating a bit, etc.) and the WWF is a mess at this point.

Two positives (and hence the two stars):

-This event marks the debut of The Undertaker, one of the most iconic wrestlers of all-time. -The push for the Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal), as they are a great tag team.

Overall, though, Survivor Series '90 is a mess all the way around. Can easily be skipped and you won't be missing much.
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Spawn Devil1 July 2002
Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado and Legion of Doom vs. Mr. Perfect and Demolition Survivor: Ultimate Warrior

Ted DiBiase, the Undertaker, Greg Valentine and Honky Tonk Man vs. Dusty Rhodes, Hart Foundation and Koko B. Ware Survivor: Ted DiBiase

The Model, the Warlord, Hercules and Paul Roma vs. Jake Roberts, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty Survivors: Model, Warlord, Hercules and Paul Roma

Hulk Hogan, Tugboat, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Big Boss Man vs. Earthquake, Dino Bravo, the Barbarian and Haku Survivor: Hulk Hogan

Tito Santana, Nikolai Volkoff and the Bushwackers vs. Sgt. Slaughter, Boris Zukhov, Sato and Tanaka Survivor: Tito Santana

Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Tito Santana vs. The Model, Paul Roma, Hercules, the Warlord and Ted DiBiase Survivor: Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan

Overall Mark: B
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One of the weakest and most pathetic SS
amanwhorocks28 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
1. Demolition/Mr.Perfect Vs. The Ultimate Idiot(WWF Champ) w. new mullet/Road Warriors/Texas Tornado(IC Champ) - I doesn't like when somebody's finisher move is kicked-out and when Warrior kicked-out from Henning-plex and then won - that's ultimate bad. 5/10

2. Hart Foundation/Piggy Rhodes/ Koko B. Ware Vs. Honky Tonk Man/Greg Valentine/Ted Dibiase/The Undertaker! - Taker has unbelievable charisma from first minute. I'm almost fell under table from laughter, when Taker nails and eliminates Piggy :) 7/10

3. Rick Martel/Power & Glory/The Warlord Vs. Jake Roberts/The Rockers/Superboring Snuka - Piper's commentary annoys like fly in the summer 6/10

4. Earthquake/Dino Bravo/Haku/The Barbarian Vs. Hulk Hogan/Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Tugboat/Big Stiff Man - Hulkamania running wild. Again. 5.5/10

5. Nikolai Volkoff/Tito Santana/ Greatest 2 idiots in WWF Vs. Slaughter/Orient Express/Boris Zhukov - Santana and Slaughter were good, but I can't stand match with the Woodcrackers... 4/10

"Schimme Gene dances and tries to be funny" sketch -5/10

6. Rick Martel/Power & Glory/The Warlord/Ted Dibiase Vs. Hulk Hogan/Warrior/Tito Santana - Undisputed pathetic ending 5/10
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how I could change this PPV to make it better if doing so was possible
technoviper7212 September 2008
This Survivor Series is a LOT better than the PRECEDING year's, even though THIS one could have been better than it ALREADY was.

I wish I could go back in time and (THIS is how this one could have been a lot better) help the Vipers win and make it to the Grand Finale (especially Jake Roberts who was outnumbered four to one) and, not only help Sergeant Slaughter of the Mercenaries become the last wrestler to make it to the finale, so that I could have Colonel Mustafa MANAGE him ALONGSIDE General Adnan.

Though I imagine a new WWF video game featuring all forty of these wrestlers including Mustafa and Adnan, as well as some of the wrestlers from the Survivor Series which was in three years time.

Warriors VS The Perfect Team Warrior pinned Ax, Smash and Crush were disqualified, Warrior pinned Perfect and was the survivor

The Million Dollar Team VS The Dream Team Undertaker pinned KoKo, DiBiase pinned Neidhart, Undertaker pinned Rhodes, DiBiase pinned Bret and was the survivor

Hulkamaniacs VS Natural Disasters Big Boss Man pinned Haku, Hulkster pinned Bravo, Earthquake was counted out, Hulkster pinned Barbarian and was the survivor

If I could go back in time and change the results of the latter two matches prior to the match of survival and even include Mustafa, it would possibly be the Hulkster, the Warrior and Jake Roberts against DiBiase and Slaughter managed by Mustafa and Adnan.

I omitted the REST of the results since they were the wrestlers I didn't WANT to see get eliminated (even though in my PERSONAL view, what matters is a wrestler's TEAM survives even if an actual WRESTLER becomes eliminated).
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Debut of the UNDERTAKER!!
romewdn29 December 2003
The 1990 Survivor Series is perhaps one of the best World Wrestling Entertainment (back then, the World Wrestling Federation) events of all time. The Man From the Dark Side, known as the Undertaker, who would later become the Phenom of WWE, made his spectacular introduction in this pay-per-view. And some other things had happened.
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A Thanksgiving Tradition that was the last of the genre
Playa997827 July 2001
When the WWF 4th Annual Survivor Series came out Thanksgiving night in 1990, I missed it by a fraction. Fortunately for me, I rented the video when it was still around(The event is out of print today). The debut of the Undertaker was a phenomenon for everyone that saw it. He was the surprise team member of the "Million Dollar Team" captained by Ted Dibiase. The music, the introduction and the crowd's reaction was an epic to behold. There were other great matches in the event like "The Hulkamaniacs" vs "The Natural Disasters", "The Warriors" vs "The Perfect Team" and the Grand Finale match of survival, which was pretty cool too.

The event lasted just over two hours, and had lots of excitement. I own this Survivor Series feature and a few others. I also own quite a few original copies of past "Wrestlemanias", "Summerslams" , and "Royal Rumbles"
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