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Very Unique. A real filmmaker.

Author: san_ata_1 from United States
14 October 2007

I saw this in Austin (SXSW) a few years ago, and saw it again recently on TV. I thought this film was great. Funny in a very subtle way with unique watchable characters. The writing was fresh and its formal style was reminiscent of Wenders' Paris, Texas, another place-name film. This film definitely has a transcendental quality. I've never been to Red Deer, let alone Canada, but this film was more about the universality of theme rather than a specific place. The characters' feeling of entrapment in this characterless place is something that people could relate to the world over. Loved Sara's character...why haven't we seen more of her? Would like to see what Couture does next.

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Great Performances, Great story.

Author: flygyrl from Toronto, Canada
17 January 2001

I would like to say that I really enjoyed this film. I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival and I thought that it was amazing. I thought that Sara was amazing. The way that all the story lines came together in the end was interesting. but my favorite story line was the one between Sara and her boyfriend. Marions was a little interesting, but sad. He was good as well. It is not that often that you will go to a film and it is a little slow paced and a lot of silence and you don't get bored. In this film though, there was a lot in all of the characters expressions and reactions, which to me is priceless. I think that the acting in the movie was great, I am interested in seeing more of Sara's (Amber Rothel)work. Where is the movie going to be next???

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best film at toronto that year

Author: su_f_ragettecity from Manitoba, Canada
14 October 2007

Saw this film in Toronto in 2001 and I remember it standing out as one of the better ones that year. It's been on City TV a few times over the past year and I managed to catch it again a few months ago. I thought it was really good when I first saw it and I thought it was even better when I saw it again. I can see how it might not be for everyone (see some of the other reviews), but if you love cinema you're probably going to love this film. I loved the performances. I loved the dialogue and I loved the overall tone. It's just a simple little film with really big themes; love and loss with a touch of comedy.

If you like Antoninoni, or Wenders or Jarmusch this one's definitely for you.

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Loved This Film

Author: carl-gordon from Canada
17 October 2007

I saw this film one night on TV, and laughed my ass off. The cops were hilarious. The paranoid hotel clerk was priceless. The failed magician, tragically good. I liked the highway, always a reminder to these losers of the world happening outside of this place. The style took some time to get used to, but after the first half hour, I was locked in. The American character was a real contrast and the relationship he develops with the young girl was very memorable. Not totally sure what happens at the end though. I guess that's OK. The music was incredible. Really created a feel for this insular world. Great how the three different story lines come together at the end. The landlady was a natural. She looks familiar. Has she been in anything else?

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Author: angus-116 from Canada
27 June 2007

This wasn't as much a movie as it was a reason to disband the CRTC. There are two things going on here: A fairly personal... character driven story, although there is very little character development, and a barely connected backdrop... Oh, also inciting incident? Why am I watching this? Why do I care? Why Red Deer? Oh, excuse me, "red deer".

There wasn't a Red Deer prospective, let alone a western Canadian perspective in this at all. No thought to why it was set in Red Deer other then that Red Deer is in Canada. But by watching it you wouldn't know which part of Canada. The character of the city wasn't portrayed in the film. Take out the one reference to "working the rigs" and this film could have been shot anywhere. Not important unless you are going to... I don't know? Call the Movie Red Deer... sorry "red deer".

If there was a pop art reference it had to be a Canadian reference... Leonard Cohen? Ask four Canadians in a row and see if you get that answer - this Canadian moment brought to you by untalented Canadians with a chip on their collective shoulder.

The money spent on this movie would have been better spent on a week in Red Deer. At least then Anthony Couture would have been aware there are not city police in Red Deer... The city is policed by the RCMP, OOPS! Not important, unless you call the movie Red Deer.... "red deer".

It's important to point out that what this film forgets, as do a lot of amateur Canadian films, is that the American influence in Canadian culture is an important element of being and growing up Canadian. This film fails to reflect that and therefore it tries to show the audience what Couture thinks it should be like to be Canadian.

This is Anthony Couture's voice and it's not an Albertan voice. Of course that's irrelevant for Anthony Couture and his intended audience, Toronto. If he ever directs or writes a movie like this again he should call it "Anthony Couture" because that's the only thing that is apparent about the movie. Couture should try and use the province the same way that Holly Wood does. Alberta is a beautiful backdrop and an added character to any film. I didn't see Alberta's character or culture in this film. This film rates one notch below Sylvan Lake Summer.

One last thing: Cowboy hats on the bar band and steel guitar - in the afternoon at that. TACKY!!

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typical pretenious Canadian crap

Author: gittes98 from Vancouver BC
21 September 2002

This drek is the kind of product that gives Canadian features a bad name. Incredibly slow and pointless with endless scenes of boring people walking. Must have thought they were doing a Canadian version of an Altman-type film but with the pacing and arty-pretention of a Bergman. James Hutson does have a presence however and look forward to seeing him in much better product. This is a prime example of how Ottawa spends our hard-earned tax dollars on finiancing slop that even the most die-hard festival goer must have had trouble sitting through.

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