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The original truck from the film is owned by a private collector in Maryland, who keeps it in storage awaiting the filming of JC3.
In the scene with the cat lady, all her cats look through the screen on the windows because of tuna smeared on it.
The Creeper's single line of dialogue was cut from the film.
Victor Salva wrote the main characters as brother and sister in order to eliminate any sexual tension and keep them focused on escaping the Creeper.
At the time of its release this was the highest grossing film to ever be released during Labor Day weekend. The record would subsequently be broken by its own sequel, Jeepers Creepers II (2003).
The scene where Trish and Darry witness the Creeper dumping a body down a well by an abandoned church was inspired by the case of Dennis DePue, a former Michigan Property Assessor who murdered his wife and was seen by witnesses near an old school house with a bloody sheet. Two witnesses also recall DePue speeding past them in a van and eventually tailing them and riding their bumper for several miles. The case was also profiled on a 1990 episode of Unsolved Mysteries (1987).
Gina Philips (Trish) and Justin Long (Darry) were not allowed to meet Jonathan Breck before filming (in order to get a true reaction from them when they actually did see him with his full costume and makeup), nor did they see the BEATNGU truck before the opening scene was shot. When Philips first saw the truck, she said something to the effect of: "Is that the truck? Jeepers, that's creepy."
Director Victor Salva wanted the countryside settings for the film to have an eerie quality about them. However Salva said that the Florida filming locations were so beautiful that often times the footage for the film would have to be darkened down to give the locations a more menacing appearance.
Jonathan Breck shaved his head for the role, inspired by the notion that the Creeper was naturally hairless and would have to "borrow" hair from victims.
The contacts on The Creeper made Jonathan Breck blind whenever he had to wear them.
The original title was "Here Comes the Boogeyman".
The oath "Jeepers Creepers!" originated in the early 20th century as a polite euphemism for Jesus Christ. Jiminy Crickets was a synonym before the latter phrase was co-opted by Walt Disney as the name of a cartoon insect.
There is a short scene after the credits that shows the old truck driving down the road and honking once again.
Jonathan Breck's test audition scared Victor Salva so greatly he cast him almost immediately as the Creeper.
(at around 37 mins) In Jezelle's living room scene, Victor Salva's high school graduation picture can be seen doctored up to look like a record album from the 1950s with "Jeepers Creepers" on it.
Victor Salva originally wrote the role of the Creeper for Lance Henriksen.
Thanks to a slash in the budget, the shooting schedule was cut down from 42 days to 35 instead.
(at around 1h 2 mins) When Darry is looking at the missing person posters in the police station there are several comedic comments such as Tim Sullivan's hair being "dusty beaver" and his occupation being "a butcher a baker and a candlestick maker" among others.
Justin Long's first horror film.
The gear shift in the car was originally in the steering column. It was installed into the floorboard to fit the needs of the script.
Debbi Morgan and Tina Turner were considered for the role of Jezelle Gay Hartman.
(at around 48 mins) When the Creeper is sniffing the beheaded police officer and then starts to eat his tongue, there is a sign behind the Creeper that says "Tastes So Darn Good!"
The Creeper's truck is a 1941 Chevrolet Heavy-Duty COE (Cab Over Engine).
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Trish and Darry's car is a 1960 Chevrolet Impala.
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Trish and Darry interpret the license plates of cars. Their own car has the letters SVM on its license plate. It can be interpreted as "Save Me".
Despite being portrayed as a college student, Gina Philips was actually 30 years old at the time of filming.
Jonathan Breck, the actor of the Creeper, is 6'0. According to the "Jeepers Creepers" wiki page, the Creeper is 6 feet 3 inches tall.
Tom Tarantini portrays the car thief named Roach in the first installment and the assistant basketball coach in the second installment, Jeepers Creepers II (2003). He also stood in for Justin Long in some scenes of this movie.
Was filmed in Dunnellon, Florida in the summer of 2000.
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The Creeper is never referred to as the "Creeper" he's only referred to as "guy, man, he or it".
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At the POHO County Sheriff's Office, the missing person's board has 2 repeating references. The references are: Dusty Beaver and Lady Lake.
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Jonathan Breck: (at around 1h 11 mins) The Creeper, without makeup, appears as a policeman.
Tim Sullivan: horror film actor and director appears on a wanted poster in the police station - a nod from a friend Brad Parker who worked in the art department of the movie.
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Director Cameo 

Victor Salva: Body in The Creeper's "house of pain".


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

(at around 1h 24 mins) It's Justin Long in makeup at the end as The Creeper, not Jonathan Breck.
When Darry and Trish are on the road they see the license plate BEATNGU and take it as 'beating you', but later in the film they realize it can also be taken as 'B eating you'. (Be eating you.)
(at around 56 mins) The Creeper originally had one line of dialog in the film. After he kills the old cat lady and holds her body upright, revealing his true face to Darry and Trish, he originally said "She don't smell too good, Darry..." before tossing her corpse aside. This line was cut and replaced with silence as the producers thought it would be more effective to have the Creeper say nothing. Still, you can see The Creeper's lips move in sync with the line if you look closely.
(at around 2 mins) In the beginning of the film, Darry tells Trish that she once actually did something decent for him and that's a part of history she can't change. This is a strong allusion to the ending of the film where Trish tries to give her life for Darry's, but ultimately fails.
In the end of the film when Justin Long's character, Darry, is heard screaming, it is actually Tom Tarantini, who also had the minor role of car thief Austin McCoy as well as Coach Dwayne Barnes in Jeepers Creepers II (2003). Tarantini stood in for Long, as he was busy shooting Season 2 of Ed (2000), while this scene was filmed.
Body Count: 7.
In the screenplay ending, Darry does not scream as the camera moves through the factory. The camera pans through the place until finally the camera is in the basement. Darry's eyes are sewn shut and he is added to a display of other dead bodies.
(at around 1h 14 mins) When Trisha and Darry first meet Jezelle, she reveals that she hears one of them screaming in the dark. Darry is frantically asking her who she hears. Jezelle turns to Trisha, and the audience is led to believe it's her. However, towards the end of the film, you can plainly tell it's a man screaming. Jezelle may have looked at Trisha because she could tell how scared Darry already was, and simply didn't know how to tell him that his screams were the ones she heard.

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