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Some of the best holiday shows ever
blee11341 October 2001
"Christmas in South Park" has all the Christmas episodes of South Park up to date. And they're all great (of course). There isn't a show better then South Park, and even though there are regular episodes better then the christmas ones, i still can't think of any holiday show as good as South Parks.
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Three Great Episodes Of A Great Series.
gangstahippie14 August 2006
Rated TV-MA for Language,Sexual Content and Violence. Quebec Rating:13+ Canadian Home Video Rating:14A

Christmas In South Park is a DVD which contains three episodes of South Park.Only two of them are actually Christmas episodes though.The three episodes are "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson" from Season 2 and "Mr Hankey Christmas Classics" and "Chinpokomon" from Season 3.Also included is the Going Down To South Park Documentary.The three episodes are good but not the best episodes of South Park.South Park is the best TV show ever in my opinion!First episode is Mr.Hankey's Christmas Classics.This episode is basically Mr.Hankey the Christmas poo introducing a bunch of people from South Park like Kyle,Stan and Mr.Garrison singing Christmas and Hanukkah songs.Funny and good episode.The second episode Merry Christmas Charlie Manson is about Cartman and his friends going to see Cartman's grandma out of town.Stan sneaks off with them because his parents wont let him go.Cartman's uncle has broken out of prison with his cellmate who is Charlie Manson and they are there as well.The police find that Charlie Manson has escaped and chase him.During all this Charlie Manson learns the true meaning of Christmas.The third episode is "Chinpokomon".This isn't really a Christmas episode.This episode makes fun of the popularity of Pokemon.The boys go with the chinpokomon fad and keep on buying the toys and stuff.There slogan is to destroy the evil power.Little do they know the Japanese company who makes Chinpokomon is training kids to destroy America.These episodes aren't the best of South Park but are still very good.


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