Sherlock recap: series four, episode two – The Lying Detective

That was proper Sherlock – with hallucinations, heroin addiction, the shock reveal of the third Holmes sibling – and Toby Jones as a Savile-esque villain that must have led to deep unease at the BBC

That was proper Sherlock. A dark, real-life parallel, scores of hidden easter eggs for repeat viewers and Mrs Hudson speeding in a sports car.

Initial praise must lie with the director, Nick Hurran, who also directed the 2014 episode The Last Vow and, according to his IMDb page, a 1991 episode of snooker gameshow Big Break. Sometimes Sherlock’s filming style can look chintzy and tea-timey, but this was shot beautifully, particularly the scenes in which Watson was hallucinating his dead wife, the camera spinning around the room in confusion and mental anguish.

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Nicolas Cage's Generation Game: how to reboot game shows

Jenny Morrill Jun 12, 2017

Jenny has a few tips for successfully rebooting some classic gameshows...

Game shows are one of the few formats that can withstand being rebooted. Some people might even argue that game show reboots are becoming necessary, given the calibre of new ideas being farted out onto the screen. For every Pointless, there's Dale's All Star Celebrity Family Kerplunk On Fire (actually I'd watch that).

See related Doctor Who: Moffat on budget issues, advice for Chibnall Doctor Who: Phoebe Waller-Bridge is now the joint favourite

There are certain shows that could make up a stellar, unbeatable game show line-up, and they should all be brought back immediately. Some brave souls have tried to bring some of these shows back, with varying degrees of success. In some cases perhaps the execution needed a bit of tweaking, but the decision to reboot was the right one.

When a
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Jim Davidson blasts lack of working class comedy: 'BBC are all lefties'

Jim Davidson has criticised the BBC for having a left-wing bias and said that there isn't enough working class comedy on TV anymore.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner and stand-up comic, who hosted primetime BBC shows such as The Generation Game and Big Break in the '90s, said that modern TV is dominated by university-educated talent.

Watch Jim Davidson talk about political correctness, the BBC and Dappy:

"The BBC are all lefties really. If you sliced the BBC in half, the Guardian newspaper would fall out," he told Digital Spy.

"There was a time when I was growing up, when comedy came from the working class streets of the big cities. Billy Connolly, me, Jasper Carrott, Jethro. All working class lads. And now, they all come from universities and all us old guys are old hat."

Davidson added: "And who is the worst? Me. Since Bernard Manning died,
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Fifteen to One, Catchphrase: Which other game shows should be revived?

It's game show heaven on television right now. Not only do we have all sorts of new formats making their way to screen, but some old favourites are getting a second lease of life, too - from Fifteen to One (airing daily on Channel 4) to the second series of the revived Catchphrase (Sundays on ITV.) But it got us thinking - what other game shows would we like to see return to our living rooms?

Well, we asked that very question to Fifteen to One's Sandi Toksvig and Catchphrase's Stephen Mulhern - and then had a bit of office debate about our own favourites...

You Bet! - Stephen Mulhern (Host, Catchphrase)

"This is an easy question: You Bet! It was one of my favourite TV shows and Matthew Kelly was one of my favourite presenters. I love it.

"I can give you some great examples that still amaze me to this day.
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Jim Davidson to relaunch Big Break?

Jim Davidson is in talks to relaunch his '90s game show 'Big Break'. The 60-year-old comedian could be set to bring back the Saturday night snooker-themed series nearly 12 years after it first went off the air in 2002, but instead of returning to BBC One it could move to Channel 5 following his 'Celebrity Big Brother' victory in January. He told The Sun newspaper: ''Channel 5 are keen to work with me and build on the success of 'Big Brother'. We are discussing a couple of formats. The favourite is 'Big Break' and I'd be up for that.'' Jim has also
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TV highlights 10/02/2014

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Winter Olympics | Benefits Street | Jim Davidson: At Least I'm Not Boring | Danny Baker's Rockin' Decades – The Seventies | The Walking Dead | Uncle | The Life Of Rock With Brian Pern | Payday

Winter Olympics

From 6am, BBC2

Live coverage of day three's events from Sochi. Today's highlights include freestyle skiing, culminating in the final of the men's moguls, short track and speed skating, women's luge, and the opening bouts of the curling – always a weirdly mesmerising spectacle – with Britain's men and women both in action. Also, we get a first glimpse of the traditionally dominant Us and Canadian teams in the women's ice hockey, as they face off against Switzerland and Finland respectively. Andrew Mueller

Benefits Street

9pm, Channel 4

How did we reach a pass at which it appears to be widely believed that the people most responsible for society's ills are those with the least power? Benefits Street, of
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Katie Hopkins for CBB's Bit on the Side: 'Linda probably smells of wee'

Katie Hopkins has blasted the contestants on Celebrity Big Brother, claiming that she thinks Linda Nolan "probably smells of wee".

During an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side to be aired tonight (January 7) on Channel 5, Hopkins slates every housemate apart from controversial comic Jim Davidson.

In the episode, Hopkins says of Linda: "Boring old woman! Probably smells of wee. She is revolting. Her knockers are somewhere near her ankles."

Meanwhile, Blue's Lee Ryan is labelled "out of shape, not beautiful" and "unfit and greasy", while Dappy is supposedly "'just revolting". Hopkins adds of the N-Dubz singer: "I'm not one for short people, ginger people or fat people."

The Daily Mail's Liz Jones has "a very flat face" and "looks like she's walked into patio doors" according to Hopkins, who is joined by The Xtra Factor's Matt Richardson and 5ive star and former housemate Abz Love on the show.
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Celebrity Big Brother: Your quick guide to the new housemates

The rumour mill has closed down, we now know the full lineup for the latest Celebrity Big Brother, and we at Digital Spy are rather chuffed, as we got quite a few of them right in our predictions!

There are a couple of surprises in amongst the usual dose of models you'd never heard of, American stars who have probably never heard of Big Brother, and talent from yesteryear desperate for some kind of comeback.

While the celebs get used to their new surroundings, here follows a quick guide to your new friends for the next couple of weeks.

Casey Batchelor

Say it with me now. 'Whooooo?' Here's your token glamour model that you're totally forgiven for never having heard of, unless you're a regular reader of Nuts or Zoo magazine.

Apparently, according to the Channel 5 press release, Casey is "most known for her 34GGs". Most likely in there
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Celebrity Big Brother: Who is in the lineup? All the latest rumours

There's only one more day to go before we can all sit down in front of the telly and shout, 'Who's that?' and, 'Never heard of them!'. Yes, Celebrity Big Brother returns on Friday night (January 3) and a fresh batch of (so-called) celebrities are getting ready to head into the famous Elstree compound.

But who exactly will be heading in tomorrow evening? Reality Bites has looked at the most likely list from rumours online and here are the 12 people we suspect may be taking part.

Lee Ryan

The boyband quote machine ("If you go on the internet and type in 'Lee Ryan one-liners', I think I'm on par with Gandhi", "Margaret Thatcher would get it") has been linked to the show numerous times. According to various tabloids, this could finally be the year. All rise for Lee Ryan of Blue-shire.

Evander Holyfield

This year's big American
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Jim Davidson 'turned down Celebrity Big Brother offer'

Jim Davidson has claimed that he was offered a chance to join Celebrity Big Brother.

The comic was the subject of a £150,000 deal to star in the new Channel 5 reality TV show, reports The Sun.

The offer allegedly arrived soon after it was reported that Operation Yewtree detectives were dropping all sexual abuse allegations against him.

Davidson appeared on stage for the first time since the charges were dropped last night (August 23), the same night that Celebrity Big Brother 12 launched.

The Big Break star was arrested back in January and later in March in relation to historical sexual abuse allegations involving several women.

However, the charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service due to "insufficient evidence".

Jim Davidson was linked to the January edition of Celebrity Big Brother, just before the initial allegations were made public.

Louie Spence and Dustin Diamond are among this year's celebrity housemates.

Celebrity Big Brother
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'Catchphrase' is back: Five other cheesy gameshows that should return

Mr Chips is back! The cheeky snake-charming, animated golden robot is back on primetime TV for the first time in over a decade this weekend, as ITV revives the classic gameshow Catchphrase.

Roy 'say what you see' Walker is out and Britain's Got More Talent's Stephen Mulhern steps into his hosting shoes, but other than that it's business as usual with the cheesy, fun-for-all-the-family quiz.

Bringing back cheesy TV gameshows is currently on trend for TV execs. Later this year, Keith Lemon will be reviving Through The Keyhole (!) and Sky brought back Blockbusters at the end of last year. But what other classic TV shows from the '80s and '90s do you think deserve a second chance? Here are five of our suggestions:

Supermarket Sweep

Dashing around a fake supermarket to collect a couple of hundred quid and an inflatable banana with Dale Winton watching on was
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Jim Davidson signs up for Celebrity Big Brother?

Jim Davidson has reportedly signed up for Celebrity Big Brother. The stand-up comedian has agreed a deal to be a housemate in the upcoming series on Channel 5 in January, according to The Sun. If the former Big Break presenter were to appear, it would reunite him with host Brian Dowling, whom he fell out with while both were contestants on Hell's Kitchen in 2007. Davidson caused controversy by calling Dowling a "shirt-lifter" and a "poof" during the show. "Jim often says what he thinks, even if his views are at odds with most people," said an insider. "He got himself (more)
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Review: Hello Quo!

My dad would love this film. He raised me on a diet of Status Quo, Queen and Gloria Estefan (no really), so this documentary was practically made for him. Naturally, if you’re a fellow Quo fan you’ll love it too.

But what if you’re not? What if you don’t miss long hair, making denim look good, and Brian May talking music instead of badger culls? In short, what if you’re a young person – are the life, times and reunion of this supposedly seminal band really for you?

For legal reasons: absolutely. How else would you discover that Status Quo once sued the BBC after Radio One quit playing their records on the grounds they were “too old”?

In all seriousness, it’s anecdotes like that which make Hello Quo! a treat for anybody. The rags to riches tale – following the band from grimy East End
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Bullseye: which other gameshows deserve a live comeback?

As a live tour of the darts show proves you still can't beat a bit of bully, do you think Blind Date or You Bet should return?

Bullseye, perhaps the best ever darts-based gameshow to be co-hosted by an obese glove-wearing cow in an unflattering polo shirt – is back. Sort of. The revived version won't be classic ITV Bullseye, with Jim Bowen and Tony Green and speedboats that nobody ever won. Nor will it be the revived 2006 Challenge Bullseye, with Dave Spikey and Tony Green and holidays sponsored by unpronounceable websites that nobody ever won. Nor will it be the once-rumoured Justin Lee Collins-fronted Channel 5 Bullseye, which thankfully still doesn't exist.

Instead Bullseye is being revived as a touring regional theatre show. From Friday 14 October to Sunday 20 November, a makeshift Bullseye crew comprising Eric Bristow, Bob Anderson and John Lowe – along with new presenter Neil Wheatley – will traipse up
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Jim Davidson: 'Comedy is too safe'

Jim Davidson has taken a swipe at the UK comedy scene, describing it as "too safe". The ex-Big Break host and stand-up comic claimed that young comedians are too worried about upsetting people and scared about "telling jokes". "New comedians tend to not [cover] subjects that might be deemed as racist, sexist and homophobic and all those other 'ists'," he told BBC's Newsnight. "I (more)
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Jim Davidson: 'I'd say sorry if I could' | Sarfraz Manzoor

Jim Davidson has written a play about a bigoted, middle-aged comedian – and it's only loosely based on himself

The young black comedian fixes Jim Davidson with a contemptuous glare. "I grew up feeling inadequate because of your comedy," he says. "You old-school guys got laughs from feeding people's prejudices." Davidson, chunkier than we remember him, bespectacled and grey-haired, listens on as the comedian continues to berate him. "Has it ever occurred to you that all the stereotyping you do is negative? You just don't get it – you're such a fucking prick."

It is an extraordinarily dramatic moment, rendered even more remarkable when one learns that the entire encounter is in fact a scene from a new stage play written by the target of the abuse: Jim Davidson. The play Stand Up and Be Counted sees Davidson playing a bigoted, middle-aged comedian who envies and despises the new generation of politically
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Comic Jim Davidson fined for speeding

Former Big Break presenter Jim Davidson has been fined £130 for speeding. Davidson denied that he was behind the wheel of his black Range Rover when it was spotted doing 96mph on a dual carriageway in Devon last year. However, he accepted the punishment at Newton Abbot Magistrates, claiming that he didn't mind paying because everyone is "having to tuck their belts in" at the moment. Speaking about the filmed footage, he said: "I recognise the bald bloke but, hand on heart, I don't think it's me driving. "Enough is enough, I will pay. I will accept the court is (more)
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