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Chicago Sun-Times
There are moments of sudden truth in the film; Freundlich, who also made "The Myth of Fingerprints" (1997), about an almost heroically depressed family at Thanksgiving, can create and write characters, even if he doesn't always know where to take them.
Wall Street Journal
A small story, a monodrama with a hero but no antagonists.
Boston Globe
The real seduction Crudup pulls off is that he makes it seem possible that the character hasn't actually done all of these awful things.
Entertainment Weekly
Crudup is the best navigator a road movie like World Traveler can have, but even he can't single-handedly transport these goods from nowhere to somewhere.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Iridescent as each of the actors is, the result is like a handful of beads without the connecting string.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
As beautiful to look at and as emotionally disconnected as its central character.
New York Daily News
Crudup gives it his best, but his character is so economically drawn, there's hardly anything there -- certainly nothing likable.
Miami Herald
Crudup is about as effective as anyone could be in the dreary World Traveler, but he can't keep this shallow, pretentious film from wallowing in banality and staggering self-indulgence.
New York Post
Amidst the ennui, there are some fine performances.
A huge disappointment -- the kind of motion picture that makes you actively angry at the filmmaker for subjecting you to it and stealing two hours of your life.
Dreary movie.

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