The WWF superstars jump across the pond and show the Brits No Mercy, American style.




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Credited cast:
Darren Drozdov ...
Duane Gill ...
Himself (as Gillberg)
David Heath ...


The WWF superstars jump across the pond and show the Brits No Mercy, American style.

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Release Date:

16 May 1999 (UK)  »

Also Known As:

WWF No Mercy 1999  »

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Final WWF PPV appearance for Sable until Backlash 2003. See more »


Followed by King of the Ring (2000) See more »

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User Reviews

Recap of No Mercy 1999
23 June 2002 | by (Vancouver, B.C.) – See all my reviews

Match 1: Godfather vs Mideon Viscera comes to the ring with Mideon. Godfather gets on the mic and says since he don't have no farm animals and that he (Mideon) don't want the ho's, he's just going to kick Mideon's ass. Viscera was getting close to the ho's and that distracted the Godfather, so Mideon took advantage of it and knocked him out of the ring. Viscera picks up Godfather and rams his back into the ring apron. Godfather had the pin at one point but the ref had his back turned towards Viscera. Mideon chokes Godfather on the ropes. Viscera gets his shot in. Mideon stomps Godfather down in the corner. Mideon misses an axe handle off the top. Godfather comes back with a clothesline followed by a leg drop for a 2 count. Outside the ring Mideon posts Godfather. Back in ring Godfather with the ho train for the 3 count. After the match the ho's dance with the ref. Winner: The Godfather

Match 2 Fabulous Moolah vs. Ivory Women's Championship Match Mae Young comes to the ring with Moolah. Match starts off with a dropkick by Ivory followed by a leg drop for a 2 count. Moolah with 2 snapmares by the hair on Ivory. Moolah misses a splash from the bottom rope. Ivory goes for the pin when Mae comes in. Ivory knocks both women out of the ring. Moolah throws Ivory over the safety rail. Ivory grabs the title belt and tries to hit Moolah with it but Mae grabs Ivory's hair. Ivory clocks Mae with the belt. Moolah sneaks up with a rollup out of no where and gets the 3 count. Winner and new women's champ: Fabulous Moolah

Match 3 The Hollys vs. New Age Outlaws Match starts off with Road Dogg and Crash going at it. NAO start off with 2 quick tags and a double team on Crash. Road Dogg with the juke n jive on Crash followed by the shake rattle and knee drop. Crash tosses Road Dogg out of the ring. Hardcore gets a few shots in then sends Road Dogg back in the ring. Hardcore with a old British Bulldog type vertical suplex on Road Dogg. Hollys with quick tags keeping Road Dogg on their side of the ring. Hardcore comes off the top but catches a foot from Road Dogg. Crash dropkicks Road Dogg in the back of the head. Hollys continue to keep Road Dogg isolated on their side of the ring. Road Dogg crotches Hardcore on the ropes. Road Dogg goes up top and hits a superplex on Hardcore. Mr. Ass finally tagged in and cleaning house. Mr. Ass with a jackhammer on Crash. Hardcore tosses a chair into Crash. Mr. Ass sees it and hits Crash with the fameasser on the chair. The ref also saw it and disqualified the NAO. After the match Road Dogg pump handle slams Hardcore on the chair. Winner by DQ: The Hollys

Match 4 Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett Good Housekeeping Match JJ comes to the ring with Miss Kitty. JJ also brought the kitchen sink with him. Chyna comes to the ring with a trash can and a push broom. Match starts off with Chyna pulling JJ out of the ring before she even steps into the ring. In the ring Chyna hits a clothesline follwed by an inverted atomic drop. Chyna hits JJ in the head with a trash can. Outside the ring Chyna clotheslines JJ with the push broom then hits him with a frying pan and a toilet seat. Chyna takes a banana and shoves it in JJ's mouth. Chyna then gets the whip cream out then hits him with the trash can lid. Chyna places JJ on a table and then she gets on the ring apron and comes off but going through it by herself as JJ moved. JJ finally starts to fight back as he hits Chyna with a trash can then tosses her back in the ring. JJ and Kitty are mixing up eggs, milk, and flour in a pot. Chyna comes over and hits JJ's hands making it go in his face. Chyna then dumps the contents of the pot over Kitty's head. JJ comes back in the ring and locks on the figure four on Chyna. Chyna gets to the ropes and the hold is broke. Chyna grabs a pair of tongs and gets JJ right between the legs with it. Chyna throws two pies in JJ's face. Chyna then picks up the kitchen sink and hits him in the head with it for a 2 count. JJ catapults Chyna right into Teddy Long. Ref is temporarily out. JJ hits Chyna with the IC belt and gets the 3 count. After the match Teddy Long says the IC belt is not a household item so the match is restarted. JJ puts the figure four on Teddy Long and Chyna comes in and hits JJ across the head with a guitar and gets the 3 count. Miss Kitty leaves with Chyna. Winner and new IC champ: Chyna

Match 5 The Bulldog vs. The Rock Match starts off with both men trading punches. Quickly they both go outside the ring and Bulldog hits Rock in the head with a chair. Bulldog throws Rock into the steps. Bulldog tried it again and Rock reverses it throwing Bulldog into the steps. Back in ring both men fighting in the corner. Rock with a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count. Bulldog with a standing vertical suplex on Rock for a 2 count. Rock with a back body drop on Bulldog. Rock with the ddt for a 2 count on Bulldog. Bulldog hits the powerslam but Rock gets his foot on the ropes. Bulldog tries it again but Rock pushes him off and hits the rock bottom followed by the people's elbow for the 3 count. Winner: The Rock

Match 6 New Brood vs. Christian and Edge Terri Invitational Ladder Match Gangrel comes to the ring with Matt and Jeff. Match starts off with all 4 men going at it. Edge and Christian leave the ring to go get the ladders sitting in the entrance way but are cut off by Matt and Jeff. Gangrel tries to bring the ladders to the ring but the ref ejects him from the arena. Christian gets one of the ladders and tries to get the money but Jeff stops him. Christian speared Jeff in the corner with the ladder then dropkicked him. Christian hits a reverse ddt from the ladder on Jeff Hardy. Christian suplexes Matt off the ladder. Edge powerbombs Matt off the ladder. Jeff hits a senton bomb on Edge on the ladder. Matt and Jeff clothesline Christian with the ladder. Jeff leapfrogs over the ladder from the top hitting Christian with a leg drop. Matt tries a moonsault on Christian but hits the ladder instead. Edge throws a ladder right in Matt's face in the corner. Edge climbs the ladder and Matt knocks him off of it by hitting him with the other ladder. Edge and Christian dropkick both legs of the ladder into Matt's crotch. Edge and Christian with a vertical flapjack on Matt into the ladder. Edge with a downward spiral from the ladder on Jeff. Matt with a neckbreaker on Edge off the ladder. Jeff jumps off the top rope hitting the ladder for a teeter-totter type action hitting Edge and Matt both in the face. All 4 men climbing the ladder. Both ladders fall crotching Matt and Christian on the ropes. Jeff Hardy finally gets the money after Matt and Edge were on one ladder trying to get it and Christian was on the other ladder when Matt was knocked off by Edge into the ropes then he bounced back into the ladders knocking Christian and Jeff off one ladder. Jeff gets back up and knocks Edge off the other ladder and finally gets the money. Unbelievable match. Tons of high spots. Winners: New Brood

Match 7 Val Venis vs. Mankind Val comes to the ring carrying Mankind's book. When it was time for Mankind to come out he didn't come out immediately. He was in the back checking on The Rock. Finally Mankind comes out carrying one of the tag team belts. Match starts off on the outside with both men trading punches. Mankind drops Val neck first over the safety rail. Mankind puts Val on his ass in the corner and hits the running knee to the face. Mankind pulls Rocko out of Val's pants. Outside the ring Mankind hits Val with a clothesline. Mankind grabs a chair and rams Val's face into it. Val with a belly to back suplex on mankind on the chair. Mankind puts the claw on Val. Val posts Mankind's head twice on the ring post. Val brings the chair into the ring and Teddy Long takes the chair away from him. Val hits a side russian leg sweep on Mankind on the chair. Val takes Mankind's head and slams it to the mat four times for a 2 count. Val with a knee drop to the back of Mankind's head. Val with a running clothesline on Mankind followed by a bulldog and a elbow drop from the top. Val goes to the top again and misses the money shot. Mankind with a double arm ddt for a 2 count. Mankind calling for Mr. Socko. Mankind puts the claw on Val at the same time Val put the testicular claw on Mankind. Both men fall to the ground with Val on top of Mankind. Val gets the 3 count on Mankind. After the match Mankind attacks Val. Mankind got Rocko and his book back. Winner: Val Venis

Match 8 Bradshaw vs. Faarooq vs. X-Pac vs. Kane Four Corners Match The match starts off with both Acolytes double teaming Kane. Xpac now tagged in to go against Kane. Kane clotheslines Xpac. Xpac with a version of the x-factor on Faarooq. Bradshaw tosses Xpac to the outside. Faarooq slams Xpac into the steps. Faarooq with a backbreaker on Xpac for a 2 count. Bradshaw locks on a bear hug on Xpac. Xpac gets out of it but Bradshaw puts him back down with a big boot. Xpac hits a tornado ddt on Bradshaw. Kane eliminates Bradshaw with a chokeslam. Xpac eliminates Kane with a spinning heel kick. Outside the ring Xpac hits a ddt om Faarooq. Xpac stomps Faarooq down in the corner. Faarooq with a spinebuster slam on Xpac. Faarooq comes off the top with a clothesline but Xpac catches him right into the x-factor for the 3 count. Winner: X-Pac

Match 9 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H World Wrestling Federation Championship Match- No holds barred. No DQ. As Triple H was coming to the ring Vince McMahon comes out and takes the sledgehammer away from Triple H. Triple H pushes Vince down and then Austin comes up and attacks Triple H. Austin hits Triple H with a trash can. Austin sends Triple H into the safety rail. Austin used the steel railing to stick in Triple H's face. Austin and Triple H fighting all through the crowd. Austin picks up a fan's crutch and uses it on Triple H. Austin uses the camera boom to hit Triple H in the face. Austin suplexes Triple H in the aisle then follows up with a clothesline. Austin crotches Triple H on the safety rail. Austin goes for a piledriver but Triple h reverses it into a backdrop on Austin. Austin counters the pedigree and catapults Triple H into the ref. Triple H throws Austin in the ring then starts choking him. Into the ropes and Austin hits the stunner on Triple H. No ref. Austin trying to pull the ref in the ring. Austin goes for the stunner again but Triple H shrugs him off right into the ref knocking the ref off the ring apron. Earl Hebner comes down and takes the ref's place. Austin with the Lou Thez press on Triple H followed by an elbow into the heart for a 2 count. Outside the ring Austin slams Triple H's head into the announce table. Triple H is busted open. Austin chokes Triple H with JR's headset. Back in ring Austin with 10 right hands to Triple H's head. Austin throws Triple H out of the ring again. Austin throws Triple H into the ring steps. Triple h hits Austin with the ring bell. Triple H suplexes Austin on the spanish announce table. Back in ring Triple H stomps Austin down in the corner and chokes him with his foot. Austin fights back. Triple H with a chop block right on Austin's injured knee. Triple H wraps Austin's leg around the ring post. Triple H with an elbow on Austin's leg. Triple H with a facebuster on Austin for a series of 2 counts. Triple H brings a chair in the ring. Austin kicks the chair out of Triple H's hands. Austin superplexes Triple H for a 2 count. Austin nails triple H in the head with the chair. Austin now wearing out Triple H with the chair. Shades of Summerslam. The Rock comes to the ring carrying the sledgehammer. Rock accidently hits Austin with the sledgehammer. Triple H pedigrees The Rock then makes the cover on Austin for the 3 count. After the match Austin runs after Triple H and attacks him all the way to the back. Triple H gets away in a limo that Chyna had waiting for him. Winner: Triple H

This pay-per view deserves a C

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