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somewhat truth about the life and children
shiva-maharjan18 May 2006
I am very surprised to see no one has added any comment on this good movie.Actually this movie is about a father and mother who thinks their son as more important then their life whereas son don't have any love toward his parents and even feel asham to call them his father and mother.In this film father role is played by jeetendra who is a simple man and works as chowkidar(guard) in a factory and lives in village.His wife role is played by mausami chatterjee.they have a son which is played by deepak tijori.deepak tijori studies in city collage and is in love with neelam who is a daughter of rich businessman.He has hidden the truth about his father that he is a guard in factory and instead has said that his father is a businessman.He has desire to become rich by marrying neelam and for that he even leaves his parents who always thinks their son as a caretaker in future.By this act of son both of his parents are heartbroken.Due to poverty and tension the mother(mousami) becomes ill and need to be taken out of country for treatment.When father request son for doing the treatment of his mother he refuses and even ignore the ill mother.

So after this problem what jeetendra does to cure his wife and how he manage to get money for treatment is the important part of this film.I like the climax of this movie and to some extend think that it is the right decision taken by the father who spend almost all his life time to provide luxury and education to their children.A most see for the new generation.For this movie I vote 9 out of 10.
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