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Chicago Sun-Times
Like Malick's "Days of Heaven," it is not about plot, but about memory and regret. It remembers a summer that was not a happy summer, but there will never again be a summer so intensely felt, so alive, so valuable.
Christian Science Monitor
Green tells the tale through leisurely, eye-catching shots that allow the young cast members to imbue their characters with striking credibility and intensity.
This dream of a movie is set in such a place; with its delicate shifts of tone, it could be a fairy tale by Faulkner
Austin Chronicle
Director David Gordon Green has made a work of uncommon beauty and intelligence, one that is smart enough to trust its characters and the technical contributions of its crew.
It stands, soars on its own. It moves to a seductive rhythm and vision.
New York Daily News
None of the children are professionals, and their uncontrived performances lend a painfully real quality to what becomes a rather lyrical story.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Although rough, it's a gem.
New York Post
For those willing to work a bit at it, this is the sort of artistry many American independent movies aspire to - but rarely achieve.
Charlotte Observer
He (writer/director David Gordon Green) fired his arrow straight at a worthwhile target, but it fell a little short.
Stylized to the point of poetry.

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