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Alternate Versions

The DVD release on the 2-disc set of "Rock & Rule" is missing two and a half minutes worth of footage. Missing from this version are the following scenes:
  • The title segment is trimmed down, and the first few lines of "Look Where the Music Can Take You" have been removed.
  • After Jan appears on the cover of "Rolling Moss" there's a scene with her and Wease backstage. Wease tells her that she's headlining the "Roxy Meadow Marathon" as he fumbles with a bottle of champagne -- the cork flies off and pops him in the nose (which explains why he has a bandage on his nose at the Hollywood Bowl).
  • When Jan falls out of the log and the Devil morphs into a fish, there's a longer sequence of him chasing her underwater.
  • When Jan's hiding in the forest, Wease discovers her before the Devil morphs into a tree.
  • After the Devil tells Jan that she has "24 hours to say goodbye to" her friends, Jan returns to town momentarily to seek help from the band, who are loading equipment into a van. They inform her that "the union man says" she didn't pay her dues -- a reveal of Wease implies that he is the "union man" that got them kicked out.
  • During the trial, Dan claims that the Devil's contract is invalid "because she was too small," to which the Devil rebuttals, "She was big enough to sign."
  • The final credit on the film is missing: "Produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."

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