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Season 2

25 Mar. 2002
Hamilton Blows His Horn/The Big Cheese/Roll Over Archie
Hamilton is excited when he receives a trombone as a present and plays it incessantly. When Hamilton is forced to stop Maggie comforts him by pointing out that his voice is a lovely musical instrument.
23 Dec. 2002
Desert Treasure/Morning in Nowhere Land/The Missing Sweater
When Hamilton lends his beloved sweater to Nedley, he has a tough time getting it back. Luckily, Maggie comes up with a plan.
3 Jan. 2003
Just a Little Off the Top/Little Pig Lost/The Cecil Bunions Detective Agency
When the Cecil Bunions Detective badges finally arrive in the mail, Maggie, Hamilton and Beast set out to solve some mysteries.
6 Jan. 2003
The Jelly Bean Express/Let's Play Croquet/Little Ducky
Nowhere Land gets its own train as Hamilton, Beast and Maggie lay out the tracks. The Jelly Bean Team become the passengers, and the Express chugs its to San Castle Beach.
2 Jan. 2003
Don't Dump That Junk/Soup Bowls and Roller Coasters/Rainy Day
When a flood whisks away Hamilton's box, our trio sets out on an adventure to rescue it with the help of the Jelly Bean Team.
26 Dec. 2002
Guess Who's Coming to Visit/The Lonesome Traveler/The Home of the Kindly Giant
Maggie, Hamilton and Beast eagerly await the arrival of Beast's cousin Reggie who they are meeting for the first time. When he finally arrives, he turns out not to be what they expected.
9 Jan. 2003
The Funny Smile/Guess Who I Am!/House for a Mouse
Hamilton makes a gingerbread house for his friend Rudy. However, when Rudy invites some friends over to play, things get out of control and the house gets eaten.
10 Jan. 2003
Nothing in the Beach Ball/Picnic Time/The New Rubber Ball
When Beast punctures a beach ball, our trio goes to the beach ball factory where they meet their friend Nedley and try to get a new ball. However, once there they discover that something is wrong so they stay until they get to the bottom of the problem.
13 Jan. 2003
Ride 'Em Cowboy/Right Next Door/Hamilton's Sailboat
Hamilton, Maggie, Beast, Rudy and the Jelly Bean Team all visit Little Dodge City to hold a square dance and find some bad guys.
4 Jul. 2010
The Big Hat/Camping Trip/The Leaning Tower of Carrot
When Beast leans against Nedley's birdhouse, he tilts it and all the birds flee. Unable to straighten it, he enlists the aid of Maggie and Hamilton who get a big potato from the Kindly Giant's patch and use it to right the birdhouse.
14 Jan. 2003
Catch Me If You Can/Strings, Pumpkins and Hats/The Missing Bass
Celebrate the power of friendship with of Maggie and her friends the Ferocious Beast and Hamilton Hocks as their adventures take them beyond Nowhere Land and into your room
7 Jan. 2003
Message in a Bottle/A Visit to Cake Town/Hamilton's Important Letter
Maggie, Hamilton, Beast and Rudy venture off to Cake Town and discover cakes galore! And they taste even better than they look, but is it possible to have too much?
8 Aug. 2010
The Snow Show/School Days/The Nowhere Land Parade
Maggie, Hamilton and Beast make a flag for Nowhere Land and plant it on top of Highest Mountain.

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