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A good little show
bloomingdale_fan18 May 2002
I am always surprised when people are surprised that Joan Rivers is so bity.....she has spent the last thirty-seven years fine tuning that characteristic....relax, she's only kidding. If you catch reruns of this show, you will find that she brings her trademark sharp wit, one-liners, and curiosity. Besides, the show is diverse to say the least!! One could see anything from guest appearances by the legendary Zsa Zsa Gabor to the man who drove a nail through his tongue!! It was a good little show that took the edge off of those other daytime yawn know who you are/were.
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Joan was at her best!
Syl4 September 2014
Joan Rivers always saw and took the opportunity to have a talk show in the height of the talk show business. This was a New York City based show done for daytime and not late night. This show was her comeback after disastrous late night show disaster. Then she had to deal with her husband's suicide. Joan bounced back with this unique talk show where she has celebrities and entertainment journalists dishing out gossip before the days E! And the Internet. I got to know and see gossip reporters like Cindy Adams, Liz Smith, Jeannette Walls,Sue Cameron and others to stop by to dish. Yes, Joan had short monologues before meeting her guests. I will remember watching her with anticipation. This show was one of many of her gifts to the world. I didn't always approve of her humor at times being mean spirited, one couldn't help but admire her energy. She will be sorely missed!
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She's not funny
Hotoil25 May 2001
Before she made a new career out of ripping apart peoples outfits on the E! Network she was an equally annoying talk show host! This particular series came at about the point where she was beginning to lose her mind. Not taste or timing whatsoever.
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