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Spoiled bratty child who acts like a baby

Author: schultzclan6 from United States
8 August 2006

I hate to sound so harsh, but it must be said that Caillou has had one of the worst influences on children I have ever seen. Caillou is a 4 year old bald child who is very spoiled by his parents. They spoil him so much, that when they tell him to wait, he breaks out into a tantrum and begins to cry and scream "I want this now!" Honestly, this is something you would expect from a 2 year old child. The parents don't ever get mad at him nor do they teach any good manners. Instead they give him what he wants almost like a reward and he yells "Yay!", then plays like a little baby.He also has a baby sister Rosie, who is pretty bratty too, but she is little so I can understand. The 2 dimensional cartoon's animation is very, very bad. Pictures are drawn sloppily and appears very fake.

Let me close with this as proof that this show is a bad influence. I have a 4 year old brother. Like most 2 year old, he used to break out into tantrums. Then he began to watch Caillou. The only thing that he has matured in his speech. He still has temper tantrums and is a crybaby for a child his age. I recommend this to a to-be parent that wants to know how NOT to raise a child. As far as children go, don't let them watch this. You'll have a brat on your hands in the near future. Put on The Wiggles.

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Kids love it, parents hate it...

Author: gshann from United States
27 September 2006

Both of my daughters (5 and 2) love the show. They will sit and watch it almost mesmerized. It is great to put on when my wife and I really need to get the kitchen cleaned up. However, since they have been watching it with more regularity, their behavior has changed, and not for the better. They now seem to emulate Calliou's impatience, tantrums, and the lack of please/thank you. It's hard to tell if the show is a cause, but since it's been available on-demand, and with a recent DVD rental, it has been on more frequently, and it seems like it has been a bad influence. As a result, we no longer put it on. While it may ACCURATELY depict how a 4 year old would act, remember that 4 year old's do not behave properly. I've met some. Much like all kids (except yours), they are selfish, defiant, disobedient, and often disrespectful unless taught otherwise. In this show there are no repercussions to Calliou's often bad behavior. I'm no developmental psychologist, nor do I have any kind of interaction with children this young other the one's in my neighborhood. I do believe that it has been a bad influence, and would not recommend prolonged exposure.

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Annoying and a REALLY bad example for kids

Author: beeryusa from Boston, MA, USA
22 January 2008

As a 45 year-old parent of a 4 year-old daughter I must say I have to agree with some other reviewers here - this show is terrible. I guess the developers of this show fail to understand that 4 year-olds will see Caillou as a role model and they do not get the character arc. So when Caillou is being whiny or ungrateful and he learns how to behave in the last few minutes of the show, what kids remember is the whininess, not the lesson.

Caillou is a horrible show that teaches kids how not to behave. My daughter actually started to behave much worse after being exposed to this show than she did before seeing it. At one point she even copied Caillou's style of tantrum - where he falls on the floor and kicks his legs while crying - on one level that was amusing but it was clear that our daughter was using the show to learn very bad behaviour. Thanks to the title lock on our DVR this show is now blocked and our daughter has once again become the sweet, well-mannered and happy 4 year-old she was before she saw Caillou.

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Caillou's voice is like Chinese water torture

Author: Aaron G.McCaskey from Roswell, NM
17 August 2001

The little boy, Caillou, teaches children about growing up effectively enough; this without any unpleasant stuff to go along with it like many children's shows that have either unpleasant content (Cow & Chicken) or empty content (Zoom).

Some such shows contantly have things in them parents don't find appropriate whatsoever, yet I cannot object with any of the shows content. It is excellent in that regard.

My only complaint is that Caillou's voice is Chinese water torture. Maybe it's just me, and it strikes a chord that makes me wince, however I do not think that this is the case, as my dog and cats sometimes leave the room (in a full run) when my niece is watching this show.

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Many problems with this show

Author: Kevin Fletcher ( from Burlington, Ontario, Canada
2 November 2003

While my 3-year-old seems to enjoy this show, I think it may be very bad for him to watch.

Among the many problems I have is the child character's constant bad behavior, mostly his complete lack of manners, I have yet to hear a Thank you or please (often it is "I want").. this could be a cultural difference with the French.

The episode in which he gets scared of monsters at night, rather than helping my son; inspired him to become scared of monsters (he never thought of monsters being in his room until he saw this show).

I often see many safety issues brought up in the show, in one episode Daddy leave a newborn baby (Rossie) unattended on a change table.

The "world view" of the show is too politically correct and homogeneous to the point of encouraging conformity in children. In fact I find the nonwhite characters to be portrayed ina very disturping way, bordering on racism... the Chinese family eats only Chinese food, visits China on vacation, has a house decorated in Chinese decor.. in fact every part of their life we see is completely enshrined in Chinese culture; as if they have no identity other than being Chinese. In another episode a Mexican family has a birthday party, and of course it is a fiesta! I hate children's shows that only define multicultural people/families by their race/nationality as if that's ALL that defines them; it is an ignorant view of our world.

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PBS should be ashamed.

Author: naugy_trix from Naugatuck, CT
20 November 2001

My daughter is not allowed to watch this show anymore. Caillou is the biggest brat. He is constantly whining and disobeying. Granted, his parents do correct him eventually, but they are like flower children from hell themselves. My daughter, after watching a couple episodes, started acting like Caillou - whining, calling people "stupid".... So we don't watch this show anymore. I can't believe this show was up to PBS standards. I think they need to reevaluate their program guidelines.

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Whiny Stinkbomb

Author: titus227 from Seattle, Washington
11 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is horrible for a variety of reasons, most notably, Caillou's consistent unacceptable behavior. I actually signed on today specifically to write this negative review of the show and after reading the other comments, I think I know why my son has been whining non stop and throwing tantrums. Let's take it one at a time.

The writing is bad. The characters in the show say everything in the absolute simplest terms that it can be said, and then they will repeat it a couple of times and then the narrator will reiterate the point, just in case you missed it. Caillou, at times, seems completely unrealistic with the frequency and intensity of his bad behavior, ironically, often due to his own actions. (the famous episode in which Caillou thinks today is circus day.) This show is written as if it is a reality show or is somehow otherwise unscripted. In many episodes, the progression of the story is not linear or is completely broken, the two halves of the show not relating to each other. Lastly, much of Caillou's behavior goes unpunished, consistently leaving loose ends at the end of an episode.

The animation is worse. All of the characters are poorly drawn and the 'lines' with which they are drawn are 'Chunky', varying in width, like a bad pen that lightens, darkens and bleeds unexpectedly while drawing. The pallet is much too 'baby' oriented. These colors are what adults think of when a woman is decorating a nursery, not what the palette of an entire show. The backgrounds are almost never completely filled in, giving the impression that either the work was rushed, sloppy, done by a lazy man, or that Caillou's entire life is a dream. I have seen entire backgrounds that consisted of a blue block-like shape with rounded corners. The movement by most characters in most situations is extremely clunky and when objects in Caillou's world are manipulated, they quite often ignore the laws of physics.

The behavior is the absolute worst. Everyone in this show is a douche bag. Caillou is ALWAYS whining about something and often throwing tantrums, yelling, breaking things on occasion, and doing pretty much every unacceptable behavior that you can think of. His parents act like they are on Valium all the time. They often take no notice at all that Caillou is acting out in any way and NEVER punish him or take any action that might result in a lesson being learned. They are so aloof, in fact, that in one episode, the father leaves his 2 yr old on the changing table and exits the room completely, leaving the child unattended on top of the table. Rosie, Caillou's 2 yr old sister, seems to have a better grasp on the language than Caillou and throws less tantrums, however, she does throw objects and food at people, yell, scream, fight with her brother.

Basically, the average 'plan' for the episode is something happens, Caillou responds by acting out, his parents ignore his behavior and a couple minutes from the end, Caillou gets what he has been wanting the entire episode. The problem is that 4 yr-olds do not relate to Caillou the way the writers think they do. Rather, they imitate Caillou's behavior as he spends the majority of the episode trying for a goal and then acting out with every setback. The children don't follow the show close enough to really grasp the plot devices, so they see a kid whining and throwing a fit for 20 min and then getting what he wanted.

HORRIBLE SHOW all the way around.

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Steer Away from this Show!

Author: belacane from Seattle, WA
9 August 2003

I agree with the other comment about how bad this show is. Caillou is a 4-year-old kid and he does and says lots of bad things. It often takes several minutes of watching the show before he is castigated for it, and by that time, the children watching have forgotten that he did anything bad. Plus, the grandma voiceovers reinforce the badness. An example is that Caillou is supposed to go somewhere with his parents, while the grandma stays at the house and watches the baby. Caillou lays down on the floor and starts throwing a temper tantrum. The grandma voiceover says, "Caillou didn't want to go with his mommy and daddy." Then the parent moseys on in, says, "Caillou, time to go!" He cries and whines a bit, and then the parent says something like, "We're going to stop for ice cream on the way home," and Caillou jumps up, all happy, and goes. I feel this is poor programming to show to young children.

My son likes Caillou, but I won't let him watch it anymore. (He's 3, we stopped watching it when he was 2).

I wrote a nastygram to the Caillou email that's given on the PBS website, and got back a response as follows:

"The premise behind CAILLOU and his adventures is that they reflect the real life experiences and emotions of a 4-year-old child. However, we do take your comments seriously and we will share your concerns with the production team and their child development consultants."

I am sure that Caillou's "emotions" are pretty close to those of a 4-year-old! I'm just not sure that the Caillou adults handle him in an appropriate manner. I don't want my kids to expect the kind of treatment Caillou gets, when they act like he does.

Trivial thing: one of Caillou's stuffed animals is a T. Rex named (predictably) Rexy. Rexy claims that his favorite food is lettuce. If my son grows up thinking that T. Rex ate lettuce, I'm not doing my job as a parent!!


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This show has been banned from my house!

Author: juli-bachorski from United States
22 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh man, where to begin? First of all, my 2 1/2 year old was incredibly sweet before watching this show. I know a lot of people are saying "I have a hard time believing that a child could be affected so much by a TV show." This IS the case with my daughter. She has been watching the Sprout channel and this is the ONLY show that showcases a whining child with parents who seldom discipline him and let him get away with REALLY bad behavior. We have recently banned this in our home for the following reasons: If I hear my daughter say "That's mine!" "Give it back!" "NO!" "You can't play with it!" "But I don't want to!" "But MOOMMMMYYYYY!" "It's YOUR fault!" or "I want it!" again, I'm going to lose my mind. These are phrases that are NOT used in our house. Caillou says at least two of these in EVERY episode. She also throws herself on the ground, kicking and screaming, in typical Caillou fashion....which you should google if you haven't heard it. It's extremely unique and annoying. I don't care if that is how 4 year olds really act. I don't care if it's "real." My daughter sees him act this way, and since this is her favorite show and he is her role model, repeats it. He is the very definition of a bad influence. The target audience is WHY WHY WHY would this show feature a whiny brat when the group of kids watching is comprised of little sponges?! Children this age are SO why let them watch something that could potentially set them up for thinking they can have everything they demand? While this show has taught my kid some cute things (about magic tricks and subways), the good does NOT outweigh the bad. I am now working REALLY hard to repair the damage that this show has done to my daughter. I seriously regret being tolerant of his rudeness for the sake of my daughter's entertainment. This was her favorite show. This is the worst kid's show I've ever seen!

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What this kid needs is a good long spanking

Author: jediforce10 from United States
29 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you want a show that teaches good morals and is a great role model for kids, then you better avoid this show then. Caillou is as irritating and bad as you can get with a kid's show. The main character, Caillou, is not what I'd call a role model. All he does throughout EVERY episode is whine and complain about everything. He's always wanting something and is so demanding about what he wants. He constantly misbehaves to everyone, including his own parents, and he even goes out of his way to hurt his younger sister, Rosie. It doesn't help that the parents are so lax on how they discipline Caillou and never punish him for doing something wrong.

In one episode, Caillou pinches Rosie, who's a newborn baby, and she starts to cry in pain. What does the dad do? He takes her away and doesn't scold, lecture, or punish Caillou of any wrongdoing. I don't know about any of you, but if I did that to my cousin when he was a baby, I'd get into a lot of trouble.

Another example is how Caillou whines about Rosie having his Teddy shirt since it no longer fits him. He yells at his mom, demands it back, and throws a fit over this. The mom does nothing at all to punish him for how he yelled at her. She even apologizes to Caillou for taking the shirt like as if it's her fault. What she should've done is punish Caillou for all the back talk he did to her and for being so rude to her. Again, if I did this as a child, I'd get into trouble.

By far though the worse thing had to be the fact that in one episode, Caillou was going to the circus, but when he learned it was tomorrow, he threw a big temper tantrum, talks back to his dad, yells at his dad, and throws a big fit. Again, no punishment or repercussions occur as a result and Caillou is let off the hook.

In fact, most of the time, Caillou's parents GIVE him what he wants and ultimately spoil him. What kids learn is that doing these bad behaviors make them think they won't get into trouble and frustrates parents when their child suddenly acts this way. They don't learn any moral or anything, they act up and think their parents will give them what they want.

And as if the bad morals, annoying main character, and terrible parents aren't bad enough, there's this Grandmother who acts as a narrator in all the stories and constantly tells us what Caillou was feeling. Do they think kids don't know when somebody looks upset or sad? Seriously, why have this narrator around when all she does is tell us how Caillou or the rest of the characters are feeling?

The artwork is very poorly done in this show. The sets and characters are terribly designed and look very sloppy. There's also this white border around each scene. There's also so much white in the show. It's dull, lifeless, and lazy. Where's the color? Not to mention that everything looks so sloppy and poorly thought out.Honestly, the artwork looks very rushed and unfinished in many areas. Did the artists not have time to complete the pictures? The animation in general is sloppy as well and has several glaring inconsistencies.

Now to be fair, the ONLY and I mean ONLY good thing in this show were the puppet segments since they were somewhat entertaining. Unfortunately they've been replaced by terrible musical shorts that are horrible and not catchy in the least bit.

But unless you want a spoiled and rotten child who will make you miserable and frustrated, then don't let them see Caillou at all.

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