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Kayla Started Crying/Sarah's Birthday Party/The New Dress

Kayla Started Crying- Caillou's Brand New Friend's Name is Kayla started Crying because her mom is in the hospital having surgery on her stomach and that is not a good thing to do!; Sarah's Birthday Party- It's Sarah's ...

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The Motorcycle Club

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When I Grow Up
Say "hello" to the little boy named Caillou. He lives with his mommy and daddy, sister Rosie and cat Gilbert and he is getting bigger every day. His imagination is also expanding with help from his stuffed friends Matthew Theodore Bear and Rexie the dinosaur. This episode is all about growing up. What will Caillou be when he grows up? WIll he be a pack-rat like his daddy? What's it like to ride the schoolbus? Does he have to grow up if that means that someday he will be TOO old?
I'm All Better
To stay healthy it takes alot of work. You have to wash, brush your teeth, eat good and get plenty of excercise. As Caillou finds out, you also have to go to the dentist and the doctor for regular check-ups. Even daddys get sick sometimes, unfortunately for Caillou it is on the day when daddy was going to take him to work. That's ok because Caillou has to help mommy take care of daddy. When Teddy gets sick he has Rexy and Gilbert to make him all better again. Those itchy bumps can mean only one thing...Caillou has the chicken pox!
When you're a pet, you must go to the vet. Like humans, pets need to eat well and get exercise in order to stay healthy. Caillou and Gilbert learn that sometimes you even have to rescue your pet. Poor Gilbert gets stuck in a tree, but once he is safe and sound Caillou gets a ride in the fire truck and even gets a tour of the station house. As the family pet, Gilbert puts up with a lot, including playing dress-up, but in the end most of what he gets is love. Even Rexy enjoys the attention that comes with being Gilbert's pet.
My Sister Rosie
Caillou is a big help around the house, especially when it comes to helping to take care of Rosie.
Caillou Creates
This episode, Caillou spends being creative. With grandpa's help he makes a paper hat for his daddy. Later with grandma, he and Rosie make their own instruments so that they can play with grandma in her band. Real kids get get creative and draw, paint and make things out of clay. Caillou, Leo and Clementine put on a show at school. Caillou plays the very important part of the sun. Even Theodore Bear gets into the act, making a collage with things from the garden.
Caillou Cooks
Caillou is making a mess in the kitchen!
Caillou gets to go with his neighbor, Mr. Hinkle to visit a farm and it turns out that "farmer Caillou" is a big help.
It's planes, trains and automobiles (plus a toy boat) for Caillou.
Puppy Love
Gilbert would not like this episode because it is all about puppies!
Best Behavior
It's Mother's Day and for mommy's special day, Caillou's family goes to a retaurant for brunch. Rexie learns from Teddy all about manners and how to behave properly. Caillou gets to be Sarah's little brother for a day and go to school with her. Caillou just wants to play by himself but Rosie won't let him.
Starry Night
Things that go bump in the night, and others that light up the sky, are on everyone's mind today. A family corn roast dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's under the star-studded sky prompts Grandpa to bring out his telescope and introduce Caillou to the constellations, planets, and moon. Grandpa discovers a new planetarium is opening and there's a prize for the best space costume. Caillou is thrilled when the winner turns out to be...a surprise! But fun turns to fear at bedtime when Caillou decides that a monster is lurking in his room. All's well when Mom and Dad unmask ...
Lost and Found
A day of new discoveries! Caillou loses his voice, finds a frog in his throat, and finds other neat ways to communicate, until the frog goes away. Later on, Caillou is missing one of his favorite socks. He searches the house, and accidentally locks himself in the basement. Daddy comes to the rescue - only he locks himself in the basement too. All is well when Mommy saves them both and finds the missing sock. Then, Caillou, Rosie and Julie, their babysitter, go on a scavenger hunt.
Caillou Helps Out
Caillou wants to be an amazing magician - and has Grandma got a trick for him!
After Dark!
Things get a little scary today. Caillou and his new neighbours, Jason and Jeffery, are playing hide and go seek in the backyard, until dusk brings out the shadows. A flashlight and Mommy help chase the shadows away. That evening, Caillou can't fall asleep when he hears scary "scratchy monster" noises and thinks there's a monster in his room. Daddy shows him that a tree branch brushing against the window is making the noises and the only monster in Caillou's room is Gilbert. Later, a bad dream about a scary monster leads to a restless night for Caillou. Mommy and ...
Caillou's Grandma is surprised when Caillou tells her he doesn't have any friends. She reminds him about Clementine, Leo, his cat Gilbert, and tells him that even his sister Rosie is his friend. Then, Caillou makes a brand-new friend. His name is Andre and he's big - and also a bit clumsy. Caillou is upset with Andre when he breaks Caillou's favorite chair, but it's soon forgotten when they go outside and play soccer. Later, Caillou and Leo are having a great time playing when Leo trips and falls, hurting his ankle. Caillou is very worried about Leo and thinks it may ...
Grown-Ups and Me
Caillou meets a lot of new people today. He's invited to spend the day with Clementine's family and is nervous until he discovers her family is a lot like his. Caillou's first day at day care is scary until he meets his teacher Miss Martin, and makes two new friends, Leo and Clementine. He has so much fun that when his Mommy comes to pick him up, Caillou doesn't want to go home! On another day, Grandma and Caillou visit her friends in the Seniorsâ€ô Home and Rover goes with them. Caillou meets a lot of Grandmaâ€ôs friends and tries to keep Rover out of ...
Caillou's Neighbourhood
There are more adventures in store for Caillou as he explores his very own neighborhood. From a trip to Grandma's house to the neighborhood rummage sale, a whole world waits for Caillou to explore and discover. Every new day with Caillou is filled with adventure, fun and laughter.
Old and New
While at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Caillou looks for a special hiding place. Grandpa shows Caillou the special place his Daddy used to hide in when he was Caillou's age. Caillou is very excited about the neighborhood rummage sale until heâ€ôs asked to figure out what heâ€ôd like to contribute. Heâ€ôs not so sure he wants to part with any of his toys. But in the end heâ€ôs pretty happy with the new stuff he comes home with. When Caillou's brand new T-shirt is ruined by grape juice Grandma diverts disaster by recycling it and turning into ...
All Wet!
In All Wet!, Caillou learns about having fun with water through fishing, making a homemade water park, playing a laundry game and swimming with a new friend Tommy who happens to be handicapped.
Animals and Me!
Grandma takes Caillou on a special visit to a sheep farm. There, Mary, a 10-year-old girl, takes Caillou on a tour, teaching him about sheep, sheering, and the spinning of wool. When Mom, Rosie and Caillou go to the zoo, Caillou can't wait to see the elephants. They see a parrot, a monkey, a hippopotamus and finally the elephants! Caillou is in complete awe and comes to the realization that animals have families too. Caillou and Dad go over to Mr. Hinkle's house to help him build a dog house. Caillou soon meets Mr. Hinkle's guests, a Mommy dog with her two puppies. ...
Outdoor Adventures
In Outdoor Adventures, Caillou explores nature by taking a canoe trip. Caillou also leans duck calling tricks, befriends a rabbit and encounters a herd of cows during family picnics.
All Around the Block!
When Mr. Hinkle has a tree cut down, Caillou is afraid his swing tree is next! Dad decides to plant a new tree so it's a trip to the Nursery. Caillou learns about the differences between trees with needles and leaves. When Sarah gives Caillou an old toy horn, Caillou wants to blow it everywhere. But he quickly learns, not everyone wants to hear it all the time. But then, Dad brings Caillou to the park where he uses the horn to signal Sarah from afar. There is a time and place for everything! When Caillou dresses up like a mailman to deliver Mr. Hinkle's misdirected ...
Doing It Together!
Caillou and Leo are playing with their rocket ships in the park. Rosie wants to help them build the space station but she accidentally wrecks it. At home, Caillou and Leo continue their space game and are thrilled when Mr. Hinkle gives them a cardboard box which they transform into a rocket ship. On a winter day, Dad and Caillou go over to Grandpa's with their skates. What was supposed to be a skating outing becomes a shoveling chore because of all the snow that has accumulated in Grandpa's driveway. Soon, Caillou finds a way to turn this into a game and has a lot of ...

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