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Season 2

11 Oct. 1999
Spud the Spanner
Spud decides being a Scarecrow is too much like hard work - he wants a different job! When he finds Bob's toolbox lying in the road, he has an idea. He is going to be a builder - just like Bob. He persuades Lofty to become his builder's mate - after all, every builder needs a Machine to help him. After fixing some window frames in Farmer Pickles cottage, Spud decides to mend the barn roof. When Bob discovers his toolbox is missing and Muck sees Spud and Lofty with it, they put two and two together and rush to the cottage to stop Spud before he hurts himself. Too late ...
18 Oct. 1999
Wallpaper Wendy
Mrs Broadbent's new 'granny' flat needs decorating before her mother arrives, but the decorators have not turned up. Ever helpful, Bob rashly offers to do it for her, even though he's never done any wallpapering. Wendy has been decorating his kitchen, so Bob asks if he can borrow her brushes etc. Wendy is not sure that it's such a great idea, but Bob is convinced putting up wallpaper can't be that difficult...until he starts work that is! Wendy goes to see how he's getting on and finds a terrible mess. Tactfully, she suggests he take a lunch break, whilst she 'tidies ...
25 Oct. 1999
Runaway Roley
After a particularly hard day at work digging a trench, Bob and the Machines reTyre for the night and a well deserved sleep. The following morning Roley - still asleep - begins to roll out of the yard. Roley 'sleep rolls' towards Spud's field where he nearly runs over Travis. Bird (Roley's ever faithful friend) flies off in search of help. Meanwhile, back at the yard, the team discover that Roley is missing. Bird arrives and tells them that Roley is heading towards Town. Bob, Wendy and the Machines rush off to find him and guide him home. Roley trundles along, leaving...
22 Oct. 2005
Bob's Big Surprise
While Wendy is away, Bob and the gang give her garden a make-over.
8 Nov. 1999
Dizzy'a Statues
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15 Nov. 1999
Lofty to the Rescue
Lofty, Scoop and Muck are clearing some land near the new bridge, while Bob, Dizzy and Roley repair the pavement in the town centre. Lofty's scared of heights so, rather than cross the bridge, he goes the long way round, past Spud's field. The naughty Scarecrow, looking for some fun, decides to follow Lofty. Despite Spud teasing him about his fear of mice and heights, Lofty helps to clear the site by piling up some logs. When he's finished, the disheartened Crane returns to the yard. Back at the bridge, Spud is causing more havoc, hurling mud pies at Muck, and Scoop. ...
15 Jul. 1999
Wendy's Big Match
Wendy and the team prepare a football pitch for a big match. Meanwhile, Bob tidies up his yard for the Brightest Building Yard competition.
29 Nov. 1999
Tea Set Travis
Bob and the machines are picking up the Town's rubbish, ready for recycling. Roley is excited - he gets to crush anything that can't be reused. At the farm, Farmer Pickles is going through his possessions, putting junk aside ready for Bob to collect. He comes across a box containing his Gran's tea set which, he explains to Travis, is very precious. Just then, the phone rings and Farmer Pickles is called away to attend to some escaped sheep. As he rushes off, he asks Travis to take special care of the tea set. Spud arrives at the Farm looking for someone to play with. ...
6 Dec. 1999
Dizzy's Birdwatch
When Bob and Lofty move some stacks of tiles in the Yard, they make an exciting discovery. A bird's nest containing a solitary egg is nestling amongst a pile of old Tyres. Although the nest is not in the safest of places, Wendy explains that they cannot move it because it will frighten the mother bird away. Just as the Machines are starting to wonder where the mother is she returns. It becomes Dizzy's job to 'bird watch' whilst Bob and the other machines are at work repairing a roof. After a couple of days of - almost - continuous bird watching, the egg hatches and ...
13 Dec. 1999
Clocktower Bob
Bob is doing some work on the Clocktower when Lofty, frightened by a bat, knocks over the ladder leaving Bob stranded on the scaffolding. He decides to call Wendy on his mobile, and then realises that he's left it at the bottom of the Clocktower. Meanwhile, Muck, Scoop and Dizzy are clearing a field whilst Wendy checks the answerphone in the office. Muck misunderstands something Scoop says and goes off in a sulk before Dizzy can stop him. Meanwhile, a frightened Lofty has got completely lost and is wandering the lanes trying to find his way back to the yard. Muck is ...
28 Dec. 1999
Pilchard Goes Fishing
Bob has a busy day ahead of him so, to help out, Wendy has decided to clean out his fish tank. Pilchard, naturally, is taking a keen interest in the proceedings. In his hurry to get to work, Bob has forgotten the cement and sends Muck back to collect it. Muck races into the yard, and is forced to brake sharply to avoid hitting Bird. He skids into a lean to at high speed, badly damaging it. Hearing the commotion, Wendy rushes out of the house carrying the bowl with the goldfish in it. At Muck's pleading, she decides to fix the lean to herself. She absent-mindedly ...
20 Dec. 1999
Wendy's Tennis Court
Bob, Wendy and the Machines are building a tennis court. The court has been dug out and rolled flat ready for its special asphalt surface. Wendy, Roley and Dizzy head off to finish it while Bob stays at the yard to build the umpire's seat and scoreboard. Dizzy is in heaven mixing the lovely green asphalt - she pours it on to the court and Roley rolls it flat. They do a lovely job and head back to the yard with Wendy to pick up the fencing. Meanwhile, Travis and Spud arrive at the court with the tennis net. Spud, as usual thinking of his stomach, decides if he helps ...
27 Dec. 1999
Bob's White Christmas
Bob is to dress up as Father Christmas for the local school carol concert, but loses time when Farmer Pickles gets snowed in.

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