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It's Great

Author: Paul Downie from United Kingdom
5 May 2017

You know, one of the screaming tragedy of Bob Monkhouse's death?

Was that he never got to work on a second series of the gleefully wicked 'Arrrgh, It's Mr Hell.'

If anyone could do a wise cracking devil?

It was him.

Combine all that with some riotously funny, but very adult, sketches? You have a cult show that should've got more airtime than it did.

And a screaming loss for anyone how would've gone for the sort of humour best represented by a cartoon devil who's very voice had THE knowing smirk!

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Author: dbromage from Canberra, Australia
23 July 2001

This is one of the funniest animated shows I've ever seen. It's effectively animated sketch comedy, similar in style to the surreal style of Ren & Stimpy. Definately well worth watching, if you have a slightly warped sense of humour like me.

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weird and hilarious

Author: auryn_12
8 May 2001

I found this randomly on tv one night, and ended up laughing through the whole 1/2 hour. It's got cool animation, and the bits are hilarious, especially the "victorian woman detective" and the giant squid who keeps eating everyone he tries to befriend. Anyway, check it out... it's very odd but definitely worth watching.

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Deliciously negative!

Author: psoftinfo from Toronto, Ontario
20 April 2002

Here's a show about various kinds of evil. Of course, you've got the lead character, Mr. Hell, who delights in bringing suffering to others (provided he can do it with a certain flair). But you've also got the evil that arises from just plain life. The character Josh keeps trying to tell us about reincarnation but, well, always goes on to his next life before he can finish the first sentence. A psychopathic harp seal kills people when he experiences flashbacks of an earlier time. A Victorian lady can't accomplish anything because of her time and place.

In other words, the show doesn't portray evil just to be shocking. Rather, it strips away our blindness to bad things and lets us laugh at them.

Take, for example, the parody of "The Lion King". While the father is telling his son about "The Circle of Life", the other animals (a.k.a. prey) start complaining that the circle seems pretty lopsided. The father tries to justify his explanation, but one animal (who is the process of being eaten) dismisses his argument with a pithy (and necessarily brief) remark.

I liked that parody because it attacked a very silly Disney movie that made snuggly little cuties out of carnivorous beasts. Case in point: note how the son in "The Lion King" eats grubs for most of the movie so the kids don't have to see how lions REALLY eat. The Mr. Hell Show is an antidote to that kind of "let's not think or talk about it" attitude.

The fact is, there are some sucky things in the world, and turning a blind eye for the sake of our comfort doesn't make them go away. However, if we can laugh at the absurdity of it all, maybe we can find the strength to actually DO something.

I think that is a sub-text of this cartoon. One reason I say that is that occasionally something pleasant DOES happen on the show, for no particular reason (e.g. the "Golden Baby" bits). In other words, the show isn't just wallowing in nastiness, but examining it with great deftness.

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Hi! My name is Josh! I'd like to talk to you about reincarnation

Author: devilbunny_75 from Ontario
5 June 2001

THIS IS BAR NONE THE FUNNIEST CANADIAN CARTOON EVER! Josh kicks ass, as well as the ubiquitous mr. hell. Just amazing. Kicks Kevin Spencer's ass! I like the one where he "helps" disillusion the underpriveliged third world kid. Brings a tear to my eye, memories of Ren and Stimpy. Mr. K is definitely paid some kick-ass homage here

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Worth watching twice

Author: higeswhiskers from United States
11 March 2005

Mr. Hell is a TV show that has to be watched multiple times to understand the plot. At the core, it's about a Devilish-looking creature named Mr. Hell. Hes single, has a son, and every episode shows us an assortment of different animated shorts, including Serge the Killer Seal Pup (he just kills anyone and everyone), Josh (a human who dies and always comes back to life in the form of a different animal, just to be killed again and come back again, etc.), Champion the Wonder Snail (saves people, but very slow), etc. One thing can be said, though: This show is not for children. It may poke fun at movies such as The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, but this show is intended to be watched by adults because of the language used in it. So, what else can be said of The Mr. Hell Show? It's one of the best cult-animated TV shows I've ever seen, and whoever viewed it and approved it to be aired on Showtime: I thank you! My rating: 9/10

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far and few between

Author: steevil68 from Australia
24 February 2006

I was first exposed to this brilliant comedy by a friend,unfortunately the season was almost at an has not aired in Australia since its first airing...much to a lot of peoples dismay.The comedy writing is absolutely brilliant and typically British too boot.being a huge fan of the British comedy scene since the days of the goon show,the goodies,not only but also,dave allen etc etc..I instantly feel in love with all the characters,but the favourite would have to Serge The Sealpup..He could have a place in modern politics if he just immigrated to America,especially with his firearm ending I would like to say I cant wait for this stuff to be a bit more available in the local DVD rental store so I can catch up on unseen episodes..Keep on laughing..

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Sick twisted and bad---and I loved it!

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
14 August 2008

This was a great show that unfortunately many people didn't get a chance to see as it played on pay cable. I really miss it and wish that it were available on DVD.

Be forewarned, however, that despite this being a cartoon, it certainly isn't a show for kids--with sexual humor, violence, animal cruelty and all-around bad behavior. The show is a long series of very short cartoons that are strung together by a tenuous plot about a guy named "Mr. Hell" who looks like a stereotypical devil. The jokes are very hit-miss--but they mostly hit and are hilarious. Because it's so wicked and in such bad taste, I advise you to watch it but only alone so your friends and loved ones won't know your secret.

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Bloody Hilarious

Author: IronMaiden_Fan from The Unknown Hell
9 August 2004

Back In 2000, I Used To Watch This Cartoon Every Sunday Night Before School.

I Just Have To Say This Is One Of The Funniest Cartoons Ever. Brilliantly Animated, Great Voice Acting And Hilarious Jokes And Characters. One Such Character Is Surge The Seal (And Always At His Side, Lucky. A Rabbit Foot Keyring). His Parents Were Killed And Every Time He Sees A Human With A "Weapon" He Shouts Out His Line "IT WAS YOU!" And Goes On A Killing Rampage.

After The Series Ended, I Thought They Would Bring Out Another Series. But Now With The Passing Of Bob Monkhouse, I Doubt It Will Be Possible.

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Author: alexmcn57 from essex, england
6 January 2002

i saw this was on in my tv book and watched the whole seris its good loads of cool sketchs like this little seal who kills everyone and an octopus who cant make freinds it got a great photographey and its really funny watch it

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