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Silent death...
Frank Markland17 June 2006
Michael Dudikoff plays against typecasting, as he is cast a cold blooded assassin who helps a framed FBI agent Jason Wells(Brennon Elliot)against his employers. Seems Dudikoff hates his job and seems to want a normal life(Indeed his girlfriend is a teacher, who he practically begs to keep seeing him.) make this an interesting feature. I saw this on HBO when this came out and thought of this as a very above average entry in the straight to video market. However the story is somewhat implausible and there are a few plot holes but generally this is involving stuff that makes this a lot harder edged than you would normally expect. Also Dudikoff and Elliot share good chemistry that develops momentum even in the smaller scenes.

* * * out of 4-(Good)
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* * * * Out Of Five
bronsonskull7218 March 2006
Michael Dudikoff stars as Quinn Simmons, an assassin who is starting to hate his job and is recruited to teach a new guy Jason Wells (Brennon Elliot) the tricks of the trade however Wells is an undercover FBI agent, what Wells doesn't know is that his company is setting him up as a patsy and when all hell breaks loose, Well's only friend seems to be the same assassin who trained him in this unbelievably intense thriller which has lots of suspense and finally a worthy role suitable of Dudikoff's talents. This is easily one of Dudikoff's best roles in his entire career and this time he's backed up by a good story and good actors. The Silencer is a surprise due to it's story's texture and because that everything that happens is plausible. Of all the Dudikoff movies out there, this is the one that deserves the most credit.

4/5 Matt Bronson
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Dudikoff with a solid story
MichaelM2411 April 2002
This is probably Michael Dudikoff's best-written movie. The story has some good twists and turns, and is at times a bit hard to follow, forcing you to pay close attention. Dudikoff is the title character, a hitman who does the dirty work for a mysterious organization. A young FBI agent, Brennan Elliott, fakes his death in order to infiltrate the group and identify the guy calling the shots, and ultimately makes some startling discoveries about the circumstances surrounding his father's death. Dudikoff's character really isn't that bad, and we learn that he does have a conscience after all, and Elliott is good as well. The film does tend to drag in a few places, but for the most part, it's a pretty well-written movie that may surprise you with the fact of just how good it is for a B-movie.
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Actually, a good low budget movie.
Miss_MiChiMi11 March 2005
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Considering the quality of the movies Dudikoff had been in at that time, I was going in expecting very little. This movie suckered me. It had a good plot, the characters were more developed than most in low budget films, and the movie had a nice pace.

Dudikoff turned in one of his best performances in this flick. He is more vocal and physically expressive in this role. His acting had come a long way by the time he did this film. This role also blended with his age and persona moreso than other films he did in this time period. He wasn't trying to play the young hero, this was a middle aged, world wise man and he captured the look very well. Brennan Elliot did an OK job, although he tended to overact in some scenes. Also, his "bad guy" is totally unconvincing.

If you have a few hours to kill, this movie is a good way to do it.
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Dudikoff saves the day- in more ways than one!
sarahcannon15 April 2002
While this film may not be award-winning fare, it does have its moments-which, coincidentally, happens each time Michael Dudikoff's face appears on the screen. The high quality of his acting ability is obvious, especially when pitted against the co-stars of this movie. His character is a professional, living in the shadows, trying to find a place in the sun. Dudikoff gives much needed realism to the role and affords this film its only saving grace.

I would definitely recommend this film, thanks mostly to Mr. Dudikoff's efforts. It's a pity the producers stopped short of hiring quality actors after enlisting his talents. It had potential. But, hey, what do I know? Check it out for yourself!
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Not a bad movie !!
Mike28 March 2002
I have seen much worse. This movie is a typical 'B' movie, but it does have some good plot twists near the end. Michael Dudikoff does his usual brooding, action packed, 'do the right thing' hero. The supporting cast does a good job. Worth watching!
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Was I ever wrong in not expecting very much!
JoySparks17 June 2002
Had not planned to watch this, it came on before I could switch channels from the one I'd just seen. Having liked Gabrielle Miller so much in "The Inspectors 2: A Shred of Evidence" with Louis Gossett, Jr., Jonathan Silverman, and Michael Madson, I decided to give it a try when I saw her name in the credits.

She was very good and so were Michael Dudikoff and the other actors. Not only was it entertaining, it also touched my heart. This is one I want to see again!
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Slow action... bad lines.
chuckydorn14 November 2000
This is yet another bad movie that you should probably avoid watching. The plot could be a lot "thicker" than it actually is and would be better made as a blockbuster type movie.

The acting leaves something to be desired, though you can not quite place your finger on what it is.

This is one of those that you watch on late night TV, perhaps on USA, simply because you can not get to sleep. Watch it if you want but do not expect too much from it.
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Fairly simple and easily watchable
mark-5552 December 2001
I sat down with the wife and watched this one on Satellite TV. It was quite a decent film, easy to watch and little to complain about.

I particularly enjoyed the plot but I think a lot more could have been made out of the story. i.e. the film could easily have been longer, more involved, there could have been a lot more scenes and involvement between the two main characters - but this did not spoil the film.

Certainly worth more than it's current average mark.
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Entertaining, but nothing special
vitachiel17 January 2008
Average movie. Well, better than a lot of like-minded low-budget trash anyhow. Two factors that helped a lot were the rather interesting plot and the acting skills of Elliott. Why so many reviewers applaud the efforts of Dudikoff so much remains a mystery to me; his face never shows any flexibility whatever and he only creates distance for himself and for the audience. In The Silencer his flaws aren't a problem because he plays a cold-blooded killer, although when he needs to show some emotional depth, he fails miserably. Again, this is not much of a problem, because the acting skills of Elliott and the other actors involved make it all believable enough. The invention of Division 5 was creative.
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