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See it!

Author: Snoopy1 from Watertown, MA
28 July 2004

"The Sight" turned out to be a delight! It was a suspense movie about a serial killer...with a supernatural twist. The protagonist helps find the killer by utilizing his "sight", given to him by a dying woman. He has the ability to communicate with the dead. What better way to find out who the killer is than to talk to his victims?

This movie was entertaining throughout the entire duration (which was only 90 minutes). The acting was superb, the entire movie was fast-paced, and the plot played with my mind and kept me at the edge of my seat. The last fifteen minutes left me saying "holy sh!t" , while the clever comic relief left me giggling.

One of the best surprise endings I've seen, aside from "The Sixth Sense" and "The Others".

I am extremely picky about the types of movies I enjoy...and this one was great. Don't let the fact that it was made for TV scare you's better than most Hollywood blockbusters.

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If This Attractive Film is a Pilot, Please Let me Know Where I Can Find the Series

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
28 October 2005

The American successful architect Michael Lewis (Andrew McCarthy) travels to London with his partner and friend, the builder Jake (Kevin Tighe), to refurbish an old hotel. Michael is having successive nightmares, and once in London, he realizes that twenty-one spirits are trying to contact him to solve murders of a serial killer. Michael, with the support of Jake, Detective Pryce (Amanda Redman) and the ghosts, try to avoid the ninth crime and find the serial-killer.

I saw "The Sight" on video, and it seems to be a pilot of a series, since the story has a "hook" for a sequel. If this film is a pilot, I would like to know where I can find the series. The story is a kind of supernatural mystery movie in the same line of "Haunted", "The Others", "The Sixth Sense" and "El Espinazo del Diablo", and I really liked it. There are some flaws in the screenplay, like for example when Michael pays a visit to the lawyer in the burned building with his friend Jake, or why the ghosts do not simply tell him who the killer is, but anyway it is an enjoyable entertainment, working perfectly on video or DVD and being a promising TV series. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Visões" ("Visions")

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A promising pilot of a series that never was...

Author: C A Durlston-Powell
2 February 2004

Although billed as a 'TV movie' this screams out that it was a pilot for a tv series. There are some reasonable 'make you jump' moments and some creepiness, but this is a supernatural drama rather than a horror show or even tense thriller. Whilst the plot 'twists' in the main story were obviously signposted, the final references to a whole new layer of plot showed promise. Shame that it doesn't seem to have been picked up as a series for that to be delved in to - with luck, there will be at least a second 'movie' to wrap up that 'ghosts of the ghosts', matrix type of thing that they seemed to be heading for...

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Good solid "I see dead people" movie.

Author: Step Wallace from Canberra, Australia
14 January 2007

This isn't a stand out film, but I caught on late night TV, and I was hooked enough to stay awake the couple of hours that this film took to watch.

The acting is good, the story feels original (even though there's nothing particularly special about it).

It feels like the movie length premier of a brand new supernatural series (think the Dead Zone). There are hints that there's more to the story than we get to see in this film, not a bad thing, but I'm at a loss as to why you'd hint so clearly at there being more stories than the one we're shown, if you had no intention of telling them.

Worth a couple of hours if you catch it on TV, or pick it up as a weekly rental. Don't buy it.

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A real surprise! Prime Suspect meets Ghost Whisperer

Author: Agro from Sydney, Australia
15 January 2007

I watched "The Sight" on late night TV and was surprised by the quality of this made for TV movie. I had never heard of this film before and wasn't expecting much. It was definitely wasted in such a late time slot on Australian TV. The TV network and film would have benefited from an earlier time slot.

It had great atmosphere, sets, locations and an excellent British supporting cast. This gave the film an eerie atmosphere reminiscent of the British "Prime Suspect" series.

I was surprised by the American casting although Andrew McCarthy was likable and vulnerable as the lead.

The script and direction were very good and the British cast were superb. I was hooked on the story and for a change I didn't work out who the Killer was till the end.

I hadn't I seen or heard of this film before?

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An intriguing supernatural thriller.

Author: misbegotten from United Kingdom
20 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The pilot movie for a proposed series, 'The Sight' is written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, and was an American/British co-production between Sky and Fox Television.

Andrew McCarthy plays American architect Michael Lewis, who's in London to help renovate an old building. As he's driving through the capital one night, an elderly woman steps in front of his car and is killed. Lewis subsequently discovers that the woman was not only suffering from terminal cancer, but was also the owner of the building he's working on. Later, the woman (Honor Blackman) appears to him, reveals she had 'the sight' (the ability to interact with the dead) and that he has it too. It had laid dormant within him, but has now been activated by her death (which, together with his arrival in the UK, she had engineered). Lewis is now the earthy agent of all the ghosts wandering unnoticed among the living, unable to find rest until those responsible for their deaths are punished.

The remainder of the episode has Lewis investigating the murders of several children, leading to the discovery of a copycat serial killer and climaxing with a quite exciting confrontation in the cavernous London sewers. Other cast members include Amanda Redman, Alexander Armstrong, and a scene-stealing performance from Jessica Oyelowo (who would later have a recurring role in the British horror/supernatural series 'Hex') as Isobel, a flirty and teasing ghost who acts as Lewis's main contact with the spirits.

It's been seven years since I saw 'The Sight', but some sequences remain lodged in my memory: the ghost of a little girl attending her own funeral, casually walking along the lid of the coffin in her wellington boots; Lewis's encounter with a young woman (played by Helen Lyons) who died in the Blitz and has been riding the Underground ever since; Lewis watching a group of children playing in mudflats next to the Thames, and realising with a shock that they're all the killer's victims; and the little girl ghost's reluctance to tell Lewis what the murderer said to her as he killed her, "because it's rude." Throughout the pilot, Lewis starts receiving visions - psychic flashes showing the world either dead or in ruins - and the final scene has a man and a woman (the former played by the marvellous actor Jason Issacs, a regular in Anderson's films) watching Lewis from a distance and commenting that "he doesn't know how special he is." Clearly all foreshadowing for the series to follow.

The pilot obtained good ratings for Sky, and a series was indeed green-lit. I remember an interview with Amanda Redman in which she mentioned that she'd signed a contract to be a regular cast member. But something went wrong and it never happened. If it had, 'The Sight' would have been Sky's first homegrown fantasy series, an honour that instead went to 'Hex'.

The pilot episode of 'The Sight' still gets repeated occasionally on Sky's various channels. It's worth watching, if only to wonder what might have been, if the series had proceeded.

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Good film. Very good cinematography!

Author: NoName1989 from Belgium
4 October 2006

I watched this movie because the story seemed interesting and because the director was Paul W.S. Anderson. He is the director of Resident Evil. I'm very glad I watched this TV-movie, because the direction was excellent, especially the cinematography. But also the music by Jocelyn Pook was very good! The acting was pretty good too and the story (also written by Paul W.S. Anderson) was interesting. Only the end might be a bit confusing. But as I said, the cinematography is excellent and the special effects are very good (certainly for a TV-film). For example the post-apocalyptic scene in New-York was excellent! The music is perfect for this movie and brings it to an even higher level.

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Good Halloween Film

Author: whpratt1 from United States
17 March 2006

Found this film to be quite enjoyable, considering it dealt with the spirit world and spirits that need a place called home. There is a serial killer loose and Andrew McCarthy,(Michael Lewis),"The Orphan King",'05, gets himself involved with the restoring of a very old Mansion and opens up boxes which contain all kinds of problems he has to face. Michael eventually gets assistance from Detective Pryce,(Amanda Redman),"Sexy Beast",2000, who resents Michael and thinks he is nuts and needs a shrink to solve his vision problems. If you like tales about the supernatural and spirit world this is a good film for you.

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Spooky doings

Author: xredgarnetx from Connecticut
15 March 2006

THE SIGHT is a TV movie wherein former '80s teen heart throb Andrew McCarthy helps track down a serial killer by using a newly developed gift of second sight and the help of some friendly spirits. McCarthy, a decent and likable actor, here portrays an American architect on assignment in London who can't believe his own eyes as the dead begin to contact him for help. This amiable knockoff of THE DEAD ZONE and THE SIXTH SENSE has some very clever visuals and terrific set design, courtesy of director Paul Anderson of "Resident Evil" notoriety. A satisfyingly violent climax makes up for the general flatness of this British/American TV pilot for a series that evidently never was. Anderson employs lots of well-done CGI to create a nightmarish mood rare for a TV movie. Two moments worthy of special note: McCarthy sitting in a playground full of kiddie ghosts and later surrounded by his spirit friends after a church service and funeral. A word of warning: The TV broadcast ending is different than the DVD ending. Ignore the DVD ending; it makes absolutely no sense.

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Not too bad....Not too good...But not too bad...

Author: patent_pandemonium from United States
3 July 2006

I enjoyed this movie. The cinematography did add to the eerie feeling, and helped create suspense, although a bit overly used at times. The waviness of the very first scene in the film started to get on my nerves very quickly. That wasn't a good sign for being the first few minutes of the movie. All in all however, the style in which this was filmed really did add to the enjoyment of the movie. The story was good, and the screenplay was decent, some dialog seemed clunky, that might have been the acting.

It obviously was a pilot for a never to be seen TV show, which might have turned out to be REALLY bad if it had made it on the air. It's too bad that it couldn't have been slightly tweaked to get rid of the foreshadowing for future episodes at the end, filmed it in widescreen with at least one good actor, and this could have been a pretty good movie at the box office.

Now for the criticism...the movie really didn't seem to flow, it was kind of tumbling around, then finally got to a point, which was a pretty good twist at the end that made the movie worth while. However there are some rough times getting to the end. My biggest complaint, (I seem to be disagreeing with a lot of reviewers on here with this one;) THE ACTING WAS AWFUL! There wasn't a good actor to be found in that whole film, I think that "Isobel" was pretty good, but I might be biased because I think she is gorgeous! (I don't care if she is a ghost, I'd peek too!) Now when Andrew McCarthy is the best actor of the bunch, i mean Andrew McCarthy! This guy helped make movies like Less then Zero..Uhm..Less then Zero! The guy can't act his way out of a wet paper sack, but some of the "Brittish" cops managed to do a worse job.

If you want to watch a great show with the same idea but is carried out MUCH better, watch "Medium" ,Patricia Arquette's somewhat wooden acting is balanced out by the rest of the cast! OK so there you have it, this movie excelled at mediocrity.

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