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25 Mar. 1973
Open All Hours
Arkwright has only one true love - money. He is also pursuing Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and continues to instruct Granville in the art of getting money out of customers. Granville, however, wants a girlfriend.
1 Apr. 1973
Prisoner and Escort
Career criminal Norman Stanley Fletcher is on a train with prison officers MacKay,a martinet,and the kindly Mr. Barraclough,on his way to serve a five year sentence at Slade prison. An opportunist, Fletch knows he can keep Barraclough sweet but that MacKay is a tough nut to crack. After Fletch has weed in the prison van's petrol tank,meaning it won't start,MacKay goes for help while Barraclough and Fletch shelter in a cottage and have a heart-to-heart,which makes Barraclough feel better. He falls asleep and Fletch tries to escape but ends up back at the cottage.
8 Apr. 1973
My Old Man
Sam Cobbett is a cantankerous,retired railwayman whose house is demolished by the council,forcing him to live in a tower block with his daughter Doris and her husband,whom he sees as posh and with whom there is mutual antagonism. Sam does not like the way that the area has changed and is shocked by Cyril,the camp barman in the local pub. He does however rally to have a pub sing-song when he meets an old mate.
15 Apr. 1973
Spanner's Eleven
Albert Spanners' life is tied to Ashfield Football Club - bottom of the league.
22 Apr. 1973
Another Fine Mess
When Harry and Sydney plan to impersonate Laurel and Hardy, it all gets a bit close to the real thing.
29 Apr. 1973
One Man's Meat
Alan Joyce is a fat,greedy man whose wife devises a plan to keep him off food for a day. She goes out and takes not only all the food from the house but Alan's clothes. He rings the police but to no great avail. He rings a Chinese takeaway but they have stopped delivering. In desperation,when the cleaning lady Mrs. Dawkins comes in,he plans to leaves the house and get some food wearing her clothes.
6 May 1973
I'll Fly You for a Quid
Grandpa Owen dies concealing a winning betting slip. His gambling-mad family is desperate to prove 'you can't take it with you'.

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