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Another Aussie comedy program I never miss an episode of!!

Author: truckinaintforsissies from Brisbane, Australia
18 January 2003

This is easily one of the greatest comedy programs on television!! I've seen Leno, Letterman and O'Brien, but NONE of them can compare to Rove. He's just too good. Combine great looks, a hilarious sense of humour and comical attitude, and you've got yourself the best host, for an equally great show.

Rove, Pete, Corinne ... you are awesome!! Keep it up!!

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responsible for the death of Aussie comedy

Author: thecosmicjester from Melbourne, Australia
31 January 2005

Rove was a young comedian when he got his big break on channel 9 in 1999, his show only lasted for a few weeks but was quite funny. Afer that show flopped 10 picked him up do do a variety comedy show. Instead of trying to come up with good material and sketches it strives to be an Aussie Letterman, but falls way short. The problem with this show is it doesn't have an original idea, his "what the" Roving with Rove" "John call Rove" and various other bits are direct copys form Letterman, Conan and Leno. But this show will rate well as it is the only variety show for big name movie stars, bands and pop stars to appear on when they come for a promotional tour of Australia. So while the jokes will always be stale and unfunny, people will continue to watch it for Kyle, Travolta, Clooney, Jackman and all the other celebs that appear on the show. And no other network will attempt at making another comedy, sketch or variety program while this one is still successful, i guess they think there is only room for one. Oh well it cant last for too much longer.

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Hey Hey it's Rove

Author: Catherine (sn0w_wh1te_) from melb, 0z
2 May 2003

Rove's humour is that annoying office guy humour. he is a smart ass and, well... just a guy that you either love or hate. i used to love him. i would watch the show religiously every tuesday night, but after a while, the novelty wore off and it seemed that his jokes were just being repeating over and over.

Rove is often compared to the hilarious david letterman. not really compared but accused of copying. but what people need to think about is that letterman is accommadating for an american audience and rove for an australian one. the type of humour for both are very different. sometimes i watch letterman and dont understand his comments and i know that if an american watched rove they wouldnt get everything either. but i have noticed some similarities between the late show and rove:live.

1. rove introduces short segments with a daggy 80s style openings

2. the titles of there little segments are pretty much stupid. eg 'whos in the swivel chair?' or 'tell us where to go' in comparison to lettermans 'will it float' type segments.

3. his regulars corinne and pete go out and annoy the general public just as biff's job on lettermans is.

4. lettermans top ten is sometimes used in rove but not under that name (he has a top ten of something sometimes though)

rove has a lot of good points too! his "what the..." segment is original and so funny and the m&m's on the coffee table are A+ (according to his guests anyway). the only thing rove is missing is an in-house band... and i wouldnt be surprised if he suddenly got one too!

it may seem that im criticising rove... and basically i am. but it doesnt mean i hate the guy. he seems like a good guy and im glad there is an australian talk show such as roves since the good old 'hey hey its saturday' stopped airing.

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I feel embarrassed for Rove

Author: rooboy84
27 June 2002

Rove, I hate to say it, is a try hard David Letterman. Every time he tries to be funny he isn't and its so bad it embarrasses ME! He just isn't TV material and dosn't have enough segments in this show. He might come out with one pearler every few months but thats it. I tried to like this show. I really did.

Shame rove! Pick up the comedy lines!

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A Bloody Good Australian Show!

Author: anthonybyrne83 ( from Sydney, Australia
3 January 2002

Rove can make almost anyone laugh. His guests are the top of the crop, there is a big celebrity on almost every week e.g John Travolta, Emma Bunton, Rene Zellweger etc.

Rove has an excellent supporting cast and amusing segments that have absolutely no meaning. His is a bundle of laughs and if you don't like it then you have to lighten up!

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Over-rated and unoriginal

Author: mistah_blak
12 July 2003

I'm going to have to disagree with the popular opinion of everyone that has posted here that Rove Live is a great show. In fact Rove Live is nothing short of joke. Rove manages to rip off the material of other late night hosts, most notably, that of David Letterman. For those of you who think he's is completely original, heres something for you to think about. His 'lists' which he does each week, as well as being not funny, is a complete rip off of David Letterman's top 10. In a recent interview he exclaimed "In my pants!" while looking at the camera, this was repeatedly done by Dave as he wanted it to be his catch phrase. Dave regularly calls the people voted of the show 'Suvivor', the 'lastest Survivor loser' when they appear on his show. And wouldn't you know, thats what Rove calls the Big Brother evictees too! Unbelievable.

His jokes are lame, he manages to screw up every interview he does, his co-hosts Peter Helliar and Corrine Grant are totally unfunny. Their jokes are over-exaggerated, they deliver their punchline and wait for a reaction. The most they get is a few chuckles.

In conclusion, this show is beyond lame. The only reason this show rates well is because there is nothing on tv at the time. Although, it's success is not a surprise to me, as the Australian public seems to eat up whatever Australian tv channels give them(eg. Big Brother and Popstars) no matter how bad it is.

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Author: MMiicchheellllee from Australia
29 July 2005

Of course Rove Macmanis is the most talented comedian around today. Of course he brings hummer into everything! He's Australian! What the...? has been getting a bit repetitive lately, I do agree, but Rove does make up for all that faulty hummer by expressing natural hummer, and making people laugh! I, personally, never miss a show! I find it hilarious! My kids (who are only 7, 10 and 14) also watch the show with me, and despite their ages, find it easy to know what he means, because he makes it so understandable! He's a fantastic host, and has really made that show what it is today! Thanks...


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I want to put What The..? but its too unoriginal

Author: i_am_not_blonde from Sydney, Australia
28 March 2002

This is a great little show, very funny people. Rove's always nice to look at, and he is funny, and Pete's good. The real fun comes from Corinne, she is great but they never have enough of her. I agree that this year is lacking a lot of what last year had especially in the "what the...?" department which is really disappointing because what the was one of the best parts last year. They don't seem to be so funny anymore just old and not funny. But i won't stop watching it (and not just because Rove's cute) because i live in the hope that one day it'll be as funny as it used to be.

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Best Show Ever!!

Author: future_famous from Australia
5 March 2005

Rove stands out from the usual rubbish on television as his charisma and wit are unmatched on Australian television. He is funny and a great host. Anyone who watches this show would agree and i think that everyone should watch it and i will happily recommend it to anyone who has never seen it before. Rove has an original interviewing style and cracks the funniest jokes. Pete Helliar is a complete crack up, although he sometimes starts laughing at his own jokes. My Rove Live favorite moments include the Hunt for Howard, which had me rolling around on the floor, The Showering Monks/ Sharon Munks joke, Rove as Sean Connery, Rove as Shannon Noll, Rove as the Pope, Pete as a koala, Pete as Cruz Beckham, and last but not least, Ron Stewart. This new addition is just as funny as it gets. I would recommend Rove Live to anyone who has a sense of humor as it is good light entertainment and a television highlight every episode!

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Awseom Show

Author: peter_hollingworth from melbania... *melbourne
24 May 2003

I find this show to be uplifting and hilarious! Several humerous moments every episode and I love it.

Too bad it has only been going for a few years, I wish I had more memories of it, because it is such a great show. Extremely original! Extremely funny! I doubt anybody else but Rove could write and direct such an intentionally funny show! Not like bad TV shows that are unintentionally funny, Rove tries hard. And he suceeds to the last minute where he says the hilarious line, 'Say hi to you're mother for me'. However he may say mum, I am not totally sure about that. I'll check up on it.


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