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I need Rove...

Author: qball_82
15 December 2001

...Like I need a hole in the head!

I wont totally bag this show out, because some of it is genuinely funny. Especially the Corinne gal, and her "Tell Us Where To Go" segment-thing. But that's only for five minutes of the show's entire duration. The rest just crawls. Rove McManus, he should get a clue. He's unfunny, plain and simple. The "comedian" comes off as trying way too hard and he's usually upstaged by his guest comedians anyway...what a winner!

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What the?!

Author: Numero Uno from UTS law lab, Australia
2 December 2001

Alright it is not bad for an out of the box late night talk show, but it is not that good either.

The problem is the lack of guests on this show. Not that Rove has no guests, it's more like he has no good guests. Being new and being in Australia Rove must stay alive by picking off the scraps, linking up with satellite to conduct interviews with anybody remotely famous. The guests he does manage to recruit off the street are unheard of, yet Rove manages to make you feel stupid for not having heard of them before.

The skits while amusing at first have quickly become boring and dry and although its in its third year it has yet managed to produce high quality entertainment. Yet for some inexplicable reason I continue to watch this show, probably more out of a lack of alternatives than for any other reason. You see down here in Australia we don't have actors, we just have people who like to think they can act, and therefore we have little need for a show like Rove.

Nevertheless, his titilising yet rare comic mischief is spontaneously refreshing and what the show lacks in depth it makes up in denial. Indeed some segments can, on a good night, be funny. Many viewers tune in simply to watch the so-called 'What-the' segment and switch the tele right off quick-smart. Quite to my displeasment the What-the's have lacked in clarity and humility over the past weeks.

The guests and interview portion of the show does, however, need considerable attention and contemplation. I have often found myself actually feeling embarassed for Rove because his guests are so mundane and he is either unwilling or unable to use them effectively in his show.

Alas Rove Live is an endearing program which appeals to the humoiderous sarmentum of the viewer's heart and attempts desperately to achieve audience oblection.

To have a Roving time? I think not. 5.5/10

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Funny, and a hit in Australia

Author: screamjoey from Australia
6 July 2001

Rove Mcmanus is a mad host for this series everything he says is funny and the guest apperances that come on are funny as well, Always a well known Person like John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Geri Halewell. His Sidekicks are also funnny like every well or so. Viewers tell them where to go, and also WHAT THE is a very funny segment aswell. So to anyone coming into Australia u have to watch this On a tuesday at 9:30 say hello to ya mum for me.

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the best Australian show ever

Author: that_70s_witch ( from Sydney, Australia
25 December 2000

Rove [live] is the best Australian show that I have ever actually watched. Rove McManus is excellent as the host, telling jokes right at the start of the show. Corrinne and Pete are hilarious, but not as hilarious as Dave Callan's "Words That Sound Better When Said By Dave". Rove McManus is one of Australia's rising stars.

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Rove is crap

Author: (mickcos) from Australia
17 December 2004

I'm going to make this long and Moderatly sweet, rove Mcmanus is the worst excuse for a comedian i have seen in my many long years.maybe his show had something when he started but now every Tuesday night he shows us further how sad and poor at being funny a person can be.I think one of his many major folly's was stealing material from "the Simpson's" and using it while hosting the ARIA's, seriously his performance that night was the worst i have ever see, Carson Kressley could have done a better job.His show needs to be canceled before he further embarrasses himself and the foolish goons who voted to award him his ill gotten gold and silver Logie's.

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Rove is a stinky show

Author: president_penguin from Australia
21 September 2005

Geez, I cannot believe all you FOOLS out there who actually think that Rove is something worth watching. Australia is represented by this TOOL??????? He gets to make the media impression to some of the biggest stars? All I can say about Rove's manager/producer/whoever it is that gets all the names is: WELL FRICKEN DONE!!!! Rove is unfunny. He would be right at home at the ever crappy Comedy Inc. Pete H is a tool too. He is only mildly funny on the also crappy Before The Game. Corrin Grant is pretty good... but i'm only saying that after seeing her on The Glass House. Channel Ten should get someone funny on... someone like Adam Hills or Dave Hughes. Stop lowering the perception of Australia for crying out loud!!!

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Funniest Australian Talk show......

Author: squashed_smurf from Australia
12 October 2004

Rove McManus I feel is one of the most talented comedians out. He brings his humour to TV so well, I watch every week and almost cry with laughter. I also like the fact that actors and other famous people always come on feeling comfortable. Almost the entire entertainment industry knows about this show and all enjoy being on it, which I can understand, It is a feel good show, you go on for a good time. Yeah, maybe the "What The.....?"'s have been a bit stupid lately and repetitive, but it is still a great show which I recommend to everyone who enjoys Dry, stupid Aussie humour!!! 10/10! Love you Rove

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Four Years and Still Trying to Find it's Feet

Author: Steve West from Adelaide, Australia
29 March 2004

I first saw Rove on channel 9 back in 1999, I liked the vibe, the people, the grungy-yet-trendy set. Channel Ten obviously saw Potential in Rove and poached him after the inevitable channel 9 cancelling (if it's a comedy variety show on 9, you just know it's going to be cancelled in short order). I preferred the darkly lit channel 9 set to the brightly lit channel 10 set but the show seemed to cross over okay in it's first season on Ten. Rove was the sort of show that seemed okay when it was new, but the trouble is Rove never seemed to build on his experience and grow as a host, if anything he's worse now than in the first seasons. Dave Callan didn't stay around for the second season and I've noticed Peter Helliar and Corinne Grant have much more stand-offish attitudes towards Rove than they did in the past, where they seemed like a closely knit bunch.

Rove just doesn't have things together enough to be host of a nationally televised show. I think Australian audiences can be partly to blame here because the audiences of Rove Live are far too forgiving, if they didn't laugh at everything slightly humorous that Rove did he might have to actually try to be funny. "Tonight Live with Steve Vizard" and "Denton", both on Seven, were a lot better than Rove Live just on the strength of their hosts, who were not self-destructive idiots like Rove.

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Rove Rocks!

Author: sweetchic from Australia
22 February 2004

I disagree with all of these comments saying that Rove is crap!

Rove [Live] is one of the best shows on TV! It is really the only show I watch, and I do it weekly. Not only is Rove funny, but he is an amazing host- he can keep the audience interested throughout the show.

They also get fabulous guests on there- The Rock, Kiss, Jimeoin, Anthony Hopkins, Elton John, Jodie Foster, Will Smith Hattie Hayridge, Bret Hart and Sting, just to name a few. He also has some of the coolest segments on his show, including "Tell Us Where to Go", "2 Minutes at Your House", "What the..?", and even the infamous "Who's in the Swivel Chair?".

What's not to love?

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Don't believe the fools!

Author: edocterces from Queensland, Australia
22 February 2003

This show is definately not the best Australian show ever, best comedy ever, or any of that crap. Obviousualy that have been brainwashed or it's Rove with several different accounts trying to make his show sound good.

The show isn't all bad, just half of it is stuff recycled from America's tonight shows. 'What the' is the most unoriginal incarnation on TV I have ever seen. Can anybody say 'Headlines'. Obviously not Rove.

All in all, semi-enjoyable, but not the greatest show ever. Cough.

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