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Rove is great for what he is

Author: big_cheesy_smile from Australia
28 March 2005

I've been reading the past comments from people who have watched Rove Live, and many of that compare Rove with the American talk show hosts - Conan, Letterman and Leno. And the thing is, they're American. Rove is great for what he is because he knows what the Australian public likes in a variety show. Sure, his segments may be stolen from his American friends, but it doesn't make them less funnier. Rove has star quality. He might not be the best comedian nor the best talk show host, but the fact that he is such a favourite of the Australians has to mean something. I think it has to do with the fact that he's young, he's immature, and he's OK about it. Not only that, so much of his personality shines through in the show. He makes all his guests comfortable, and when the interview is boring you to tears, it's NEVER because of Rove - trust me, I've seen too many episodes - it's because of the interviewee. What makes Rove Live such a great show is that it's so spontaneous. You never know what Rove, Pete or Corinne might ad lib, or what will come out of a celebrity's mouth after a bit of chit chat on the couch. ...Just watch it.

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Rove is an Aussie Legend

Author: ozq from Australia
8 February 2005

Rove Live has often been called the Australian version of The Late Show with David Letterman. However every American guest on this late night live TV show tends to say Rove is much better than Letterman! Having watched a lot of Letterman as well as Rove I have to agree.

Rove has an energy and organised spontaneity to him that Letterman lacks. Rove is young (just entered his 30's) and has tended to lead the way in trends and comedy in Australia. He'll be politically incorrect, but never cruel or nasty, nor does he embarrass his guests. He saves that for his constant co-stars, Corinne Grant and Peter Hellier. He has been accepted by virtually every stratum of Australian society, from teenagers to the highest people in the music and film industry.

Rove Live is now a 'must visit' for any overseas visitor who wishes to plug their movie, band, album, TV show or themselves. The majority of Australia either watch it or know about it the next day from someone who did. The guest is also guaranteed a laugh and something a bit unexpected.

Rove's popularity has been reflected in the Gold Logies he has been awarded. Logies are Australia's Golden Globes, and the Gold Logie the highest single award.

Every show includes laughter, jokes, unexpected events (such as random attacks by flying monkeys or a pancake fight between Rove and the live audience), several guests, usually including an international guest, musical acts and comedy skits. Something for everyone.

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Oh, it's Not that bad!

Author: dleask from Australia
1 February 2005

Yes, it does have some content that has been recycled from various other shows but that's the name of the game. Much of it is given the "Ozzy Touch" to make it acceptable to the greater audience at large. I don't watch it religiously but I do enjoy it from time to time depending what's running against it. Rove McManus is a likable bloke with quite a deal of charisma without being totally silly like Conan or predictable like Dave & Jay can sometimes be. It caters well for local taste. Considering that the show has helped Rove get a few "Gold Logie" awards, i'd say that it's been successful! Anyway, it IS funny at times.

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Go aussies Go!

Author: firefly16 from australia
19 January 2003

I would just like to join all those others out there in saying that Rove McManus is one of the best actors/comedians to come out of Australia in recent times. The show is a tribute to what great hosts can bring to a show, and also of the great WA talent that rarely get a mention. i would also like to remind all those that compare him to the American talk show hosts that Rove boasts some of the best international stars on his credits list, while not forgeting the great Aussies! Say hi to ya mum for me!

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'Hey, Hey It's Saturday' II

Author: mrandall-4 from Perth, Western Australia
17 October 2001

Rove McManus's shows fill the void left by the cancellation of 'Hey, Hey It's Saturday!' as a children's show for adults, albeit at a later timeslot than 'Hey, Hey'. The humour tends towards the childish and there are a number of regular silly segments overseen by the boyish Rove. (Often there are greater laughs when a segment bombs than when it works.) A highlight was when standup comedian and author Scott Capurro appeared on the 27 March 2001 and thoroughly disgusted the audience and Rove with jokes covering paedophilia and cocaine. Poor Rove was reportedly in shock and skipped straight to the next segment afterwards. Channel 10 was also deluged with complaints. It seems that the Rove audience likes its humour to be 'naughty' (Rove can say 'boobs' and get a laugh) but when it comes to in-your-face style comedy, things are quite different. Rove has stated that what makes him laugh are the shots of 'people being hit in the nuts' on 'Australia's Funniest Home Video Show'. While this comment may have been said tongue in cheek, it's probably not too far off the mark (no pun intended). 'Rove Live' is not a show for grown-ups, but for those 20- and 30-somethings who grew up with Daryl Sommers and Ossie... and have still yet to grow up.

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Whether you think Rove is funny or not...

Author: andddss from Australia
31 May 2006

As pretty much the only variety talk show on a commercial channel Rove consistently gets good guests. Notable segments include 'flick the switch' and just generally getting people to do things for money. That said, there are many things about this show which simply call for criticism.

Firstly, the humor lacks wit and sophistication, as well as poor delivery. Now its fine when a comedian screws up his monologue, and we will never hold that against them. However, when monologues are neither topical nor really that bold to make a joke (usually at someones expense), that's when we hit our heads and wonder how this guy ended up with a television show.

In Australia, talk shows are not a big thing like they are in the US. Most Australians have never seen the likes of Conan or Leno (cable TV gets it something like 2 weeks late). These are just 2 shows which air 4-5 times a week consistently coming up with better material than Rove's once a week show.

There is a very good reason for this. These shows target totally different age groups and audiences. There is much more political content in Leno and Conan and thus,the smug wit about it. Rove's show is generally very general humor shown at a family timeslot and therefore never is allowed to make(not necessarily dirty) jokes that really lampoon the day's events.

I'm fine with Rove's show and do watch bits of it occasionally. I just think we should be accepting that it appeals to the lower intelligent side to us. I see it as only a notch or 2 above hey hey its Saturday. That summarises most of Australian production of television really. We just can't produce a smart show AND have it popular. I just think we as Australians think we're better informed than the rest of the world (USA esp.). Well to think that we should act that too and not say "i want to watch something brainless", because that would be hypocritical of us.

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So funny!!

Author: colunga13 from United States
18 June 2009

I love this show!! It's so funny and amazing!! Even though I can't see it on TV I can still see it online and I laugh a lot! It's just too funny! My favorite parts are"The best of things we love" "who would you turn gay for?" and "Hughesy loses it" it's just too funny. I was watching it once when I was kind of gloomy and I watched a video and it cheered me right up and I completely forgot why I was so gloomy!Gooooooo rove!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ROVE AND CREW!!! I've been watching this show since it first came out and I expect it to be just as good as it's been since the first episode aired on TV and online!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I MIGHT AS WELL GO TO Australia SO I CAN SEE IT ON TV!!! GO AUSSIES GOO!!!

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Pretty Good Entertainment

Author: kelc_mishthegreat_02 from Australia
3 July 2007

Now that Rove has moved to a better time slot I have become a regular viewer. Not that I didn't always want to be, it was just on too late.

This show is always entertaining. It's great to see someone as committed and energetic towards his profession as Rove. Every week he attempts to up the entertainment factor (whether it includes slipping rather awkwardly into Lisa Mcune's dress for example).

Rove is a confident performer. It makes the viewer feel at ease. If Rove slips up, he covers it with some quick and witty humour. He's really good at what he does.

Every week there is a string of cool guest stars, which sometimes come back for a second stint on the show. Rove is a natural interviewer. This man is an Andrew Denton in the making.

I love this year's set-up. It's paced but leaves you feeling satisfied. Rove has a new homier set (complete with a couch). He also has better segments from comedians like Peter Helliar (love that PeteSpace!).

All in all this show is one that I make sure I tune into, and I'm not a television addict (except for The Simpsons, I LOVE that show).

Good, all round entertainment.

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Some posters think they are so smart here.

Author: zo_catz from New Zealand
18 May 2007

The man is cleaver as, and the negative posters in here who draw comparisons to other comedian shows such as "The Tonight Show" etc etc. It reminds me of the Tall Poppy syndrome and the fact is if they had thought of doing it first they would have. Rove is very cleaver and good on him for sourcing successfully material or formats for his show as it works..... The ratings speak for themselves and the fact remains that the majority love the show and get a tremendous amount of quality entertainment from the show. I watch it every week and only wish for the return of "What The" but more than just 3 entries per session..... It is Blatantly obvious to me that Rove uses formats from Letterman, because I watch that show too, but it's all good IMHO..... :^)

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Rove live

Author: milly briant from Australia
10 October 2006

Gold and sliver Logie winning - Rove McManus hosts one of Australia's only talk shows, along with co-host Peter Helliar (ex co host were Corinne Grant and Dave Callan) Rove Live attracts an abundance of international Actors/singers-bands/comedians as well as Australian Actors/singers-bands/comedians and just anyone who has an interesting tale to tell.

Rove live is now in its 6th year of Australian and New Zealand TV and is still going strong. With the new set and a house band every week.

Rove's good nature and sense of humor makes this light entertainment talk show a great watch. 9/10

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