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Rolling Stone
A blast of comic irreverence that serves as a starring vehicle for two stoner characters who had previously been relegated to the sidelines.
Chicago Sun-Times
Whether you will like Jay and Silent Bob depends on who you are. Most movies are made for everybody. Kevin Smith's movies are either made specifically for you, or specifically not made for you.
Entertainment Weekly
A hit-or-miss affair that starts out wobbly and then gathers comic momentum.
In addition to being his filthiest, this is his most free-associative movie. In spite of and because of its homemade look, it's also his funniest.
It's gratifying to see a comedy can have no redeeming social value yet be full of hearty laughs.
Boston Globe
Sequels and fun don't often coincide, but this time they do.
Baltimore Sun
It's deliciously warped, deceptively smart and undeniably funny. Isn't that enough?
Philadelphia Inquirer
Frisky, raunchy and frequently riotous.
New York Post
The originality and intelligence that made Smith's "Clerks" and "Chasing Amy" such refreshing pleasures are all but absent.
There are lots of hilarious, off-the-wall incidents, and the film has a likable freewheeling spirit to go with its knockabout plot. But the film isn't as remotely funny as it means to be.
Miami Herald
The movie is sloppy and scattershot, and proud of it. It wears its slipshod, anything-for-a-laugh structure like a badge of honor: Smith is nothing if not self-deprecating.
New York Daily News
Typical of road comedies, it's a pastiche of sketches.

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