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Washington Post
In keeping with the Smith rules, the movie is irreverent, self-referential, twisted, cheap and tasteless. And, of course, I mean that as the highest compliment.
Rolling Stone
A blast of comic irreverence that serves as a starring vehicle for two stoner characters who had previously been relegated to the sidelines.
Baltimore Sun
It's deliciously warped, deceptively smart and undeniably funny. Isn't that enough?
Entertainment Weekly
A hit-or-miss affair that starts out wobbly and then gathers comic momentum.
It's gratifying to see a comedy can have no redeeming social value yet be full of hearty laughs.
Frisky, raunchy and frequently riotous.
At times fun but mostly maddeningly uneven, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back feels less like a full-fledged movie than a side project Smith took on to amuse himself and his buddies.
Los Angeles Times
There are lots of hilarious, off-the-wall incidents, and the film has a likable freewheeling spirit to go with its knockabout plot. But the film isn't as remotely funny as it means to be.
Charlotte Observer
I don't know if the new movie is Smith's weakest. It's certainly his most disposable, a warmed-over hash of jokes that will have Mewes fans rolling with laughter and the rest of us rolling our eyes in disbelief.
Een fans of Jay and Silent Bob may find the story too slender and the jokes too repetitive to be much fun.

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